Foot Pain Miracle Revealed
Fast and Lasting Relief From Neuropathy, Nerve Pain and OVER 30 Other Leg and Foot Issues 
And YES, it is Even More Effective if you are Over 50
The Secret: The Place Where Foot Pain NEVER Existed
Most people don't know that one of the biggest PAIN research studies in the world centered around the absence of foot pain in one ancient Japanese colony. Members of the colony had walked up to ten miles per day, 70 miles per week, shoeless for decades.
In the Japanese culture walking hours a day was normal, that is how they communicated from village to village.


However, one thing AMAZED leaders of Western medicine, NONE of these colony members had reported lower body pain or circulation disorders. 

This was ravage American feet and skyrocket our already mounting leg and foot problems.

Miles and miles of walking, day in and day out for decades and their feet remained totally healthy and pain free.
How is THIS Possible?!
Doctors flooded the region. This question was exactly what doctors set out to evaluate. After spending nearly a year with the colony, watching their routines, interviewing members and reading their documented history, one doctor made a discovery that has changed foot pain forever.  

A discovery that Harvard Medical has called...

“The single greatest breakthrough in medical devices and sports apparel in the last 100 years”.

Over the Next 5 Minutes you will learn about this discovery and how it can be used by the common man to ERASE foot pain and boost your daily productivity.


I’m Dr. Earl Mindell.  

America’s favorite pharmacist and author of the best selling The Vitamin Bible. 

Over the years I have been no stranger to pain research but NONE is more stunning than what you are about to read regarding foot pain.

Millions and millions are affected.  The pain that keeps you from enjoying walks with your wife, or playtime with your grandkids.

The pain that makes golf more about dealing with your pain  thresholds than enjoying one of the greatest game known to man.  

Let’s face it, being in a DAILY PRISON of constant foot and leg pain is terrible and it ruins lives every single day.

Not to mention it makes your legs LOOK and FEEL older than they should.

If this is YOU or SOMEONE You Love,  I urge you to KEEP READING

Dr. Earl Mindell
After decades of research, medical science is NOW on your side and it is backed by one of the most extensive Foot pain clinical trials in human history conducted by none other than Harvard Medical School.

Even more incredible it is based upon research that won a Nobel Prize in medicine.  
A Tremendous Breakthrough!
From what started as a simple Japanese discovery has turned into a way for you to take your life back and erase pain!
  •  Imagine walking up without numb feet or constant pain as you simply walked around your house. 
  •  Imagine walking with your friends, playing outside with your grandchildren or simply being able to take a romantic walk with your wife.
Thousands “In The Know” Are now doing it after YEARS of being pain ridden It is time to STOP being a pain statistic and begin living a happy life, enjoying the ones that you love.
No More Harmful Drugs
P.S. This technology is SO POWERFUL, you can even WATCH IT WORK
NO FOOT PAIN... Will Change Your Life...
What you are about to read has helped 100% of the people that have used it. 

YES, that’s right 100% - totally perfect.
                          Imagine a Life without Foot Pain!

That's right a life where you can wake up, be active and enjoy yourself without being held down in constant pain.

The fact is, we use our feet more than any part of our body, it is time to give them relief.

You are about to discover a new natural breakthrough that will INSTANTLY restore blood to your feet, revitalize your nerves and Accelerate healing.

In addition, it will fill your body with “free radical” killing Anti Oxidants. All without taking pills or liquids…  
What Are We Discussing? 
Get Rid of Foot Pain Once and For All
Industry Changing Research

Nobel Prize winning technology so powerful, you simply have to place in your shoes, just below your feet...THAT'S IT!

What if I told you Harvard Medical called this technology the “future of medical devices and sports apparel”

It has been clinically proven to relieve foot and nerve pain, boost circulation and boost functions such as strength, flexibility and muscle endurance.

Keep in mind, it is not a SMALL amount of research.  This discovery has been tested rigorously for the past 50 years.

It was also discovered by one of the Greatest Scientists to EVER live.

It has been shown to dramatically help those with Osteo bone pain, nerve pain, circulation related problems, nerve and Diabetic Neuropothy.

Do you Remember Years Spent Without Foot Pain? 
Or Is it a Distant Memory?

You are about to discover a new, natural breakthrough that will give you give you renewed strength, energy and balance – all while increasing circulation and easing pain in your lower body.

Best of all, the solution is WEARABLE! 

No more lotions, potions or pills that you hate taking.

NOW is the Time to Feel Decades Younger

How do we know?  This patented technology we are about to reveal was developed by one of the leading scientists of our time, elaborated upon by our US Military and studied extensively by Harvard Medical School.

Past that, it has gone through multiple placebo based, double blind clinical trials as well as being clinically lab verified in one of the top medical labs in the world.

We are discussing the MOST ADVANCED natural medical device technology in the world, NON THERMAL FAR INFRARED.

This is Your Path to NO MORE FOOT PAIN

Literally Wave upon Wave of Pain Killing, Circulation Boosting Molecules Nourishing and Revitalizing Your Feet

Sound Far Fetched? Not at all, actually. It is the same as walking out into the sun, we don’t feel it but our body is receiving light rays which include wave after wave of Vitamin D.

Specialized rare earth minerals emit wave after wave of Non Thermal FAR Infrared, which soothes your tissues, increases blood flow and kills years of built up pain. 

Restoring your feet to the shape they were in years ago.

You can WATCH IT WORK instantly

This is Science based medicine

And not just based on any medicine, it is based on mounting research from Harvard Medical School.  

They conducted one of the largest clinical trials and clinical trial reviews in modern medical history.

  •  Their review spanned 50 other FDA certified clinical trials encompassing hundreds of patients.
In one particular pain study, chronic foot pain sufferers, patients defined by having chronic pain for over 7 years used non thermal FAR Infrared for six weeks with astounding results.
  •  Their pain on the NRS fell from 9 out of 10, to 3 out of 10, in just six short weeks. That’s almost 100%!

This was relief like they hadn’t experienced in years and it was only getting better with time.
In another trial researchers from Germany found that...

  •  FAR Infrared significantly improved circulation, blood viscosity and oxygen supply to damaged tissues. 

This reduced chronic joint and muscle pain as well.

Promoted relaxation, comfort, relieved stress and induced sleep.

All of the data is far too comprehensive to list but non thermal FAR Infrared not only eased pain significantly but it also helped with...

  •  Reduced the Effects of External Radiation on the body
  •  Allowed the Body to Absorb Water Easier 
  •  Healed Open Wounds Faster
  •  Helped Kill Cancer Cells
  •  Helped Reduce Blood Pressure
And So Much More...
Based on this extensive research Harvard Medical School stated that...
“Non Thermal FAR Infrared is a significant discovery in terms of medical devices and sports apparel” - Harvard Medical School
And THEN there was MORE Ground Breaking Research 
The John Hopkins Medical School has a history of making headlines. 

And with over twenty Nobel Prize winning researchers and scientists on staff, it comes as no surprise. They are, undoubtedly, the greatest collection of medical minds that the world has ever seen. 

And whose research has paved the way for groundbreaking discoveries in medicine and medical devices. 

But none may be as important as their most recent, which stands to help over 80 Million People find true relief in their legs and feet... especially from the painful burning, tingling, and numbness that’s caused by neuropathy. 
Research Confirmed – There is a Single Source of ALL Leg and Foot Problems 
So, what did they figure out? A vast majority, over 90% of foot and leg pain is caused by nerve disruptions. This holds ESPECIALLY true for those with Diabetes and Neuropathy.

Nerve pain is VERY painful, but FAR Infrared naturally reverses this condition. FAR Infrared allows more blood to get to the damaged areas effectively reversing the condition and relieving pain. 

This research left top medical scientists in awe! 

80 Million People will be Helped

Johns Hopkins calls this a “Nerve Pain Miracle”

Imagine life with a brand new set of legs that give you the balance, coordination, and strength that you had when you were moving at your best, allowing you to stay active and pain-free, finally enjoying your life. 

It’s now possible thanks to Non Thermal FAR Infrared
Johns Hopkins has called Non Thermal FAR Infrared a new science-based breakthrough that delivers powerful and lasting relief from nerve pain by renewing and repairing millions of damaged nerve cells in your legs and feet. 

By supplying your body with waves of FAR Infrared that enact the Nobel Prize winning “nitric oxide” molecule which is vital to nerve health. 

FAR Infrared has relieved the worst recorded foot pains, whether from neuropathy, diabetes, or even just an injury.

Studies reveal stunning results...
  •  50% decrease in painful burning, tingling, and numbness in just a few weeks.
As Well As...
  •  90% decrease in overall pain, too! 
Studies reveal a stunning 50% decrease in painful burning, tingling, and numbness in just a few weeks. As well as 
Heal Your Painful Nerves and FIX Your Foot Pain
What causes nerve pain? For as long as medicine has been recorded, this question has stumped even the most brilliant medical minds.  

But thanks to a flash of insight from the researchers at John Hopkins Medical School, we have a definitive answer. 

The origin of all nerve pain comes from damaged nerves and nerve cells (neurons), which are incapable of healing themselves.  

When your nerves are damaged, your legs and feet are in constant pain. 

Damaged nerves stream non-stop pain signals to your brain, bringing on feelings of burning, tingling, numbness... stabbing and shooting pains... among others. 

This damage is often the result of the protective coating surrounding your nerves, called myelin, getting too thin, making your nerves exceptionally vulnerable to injury and sensitive to even the slightest touch. 

Damaged nerves ruin your circulation, too. Nerve damage causes the tiny blood vessels at your nerve endings to restrict, preventing healthy blood flow to your legs and feet. This slow moving blood causes your legs to swell and makes them feel like they weigh a thousand pounds! 

FAR Infrared INSTANTLY Goes To Work

Fixing these damaged tissues and making sure your feet and legs get the nourishing blood they need to flourish .
Your Legs Look and Feel Young Again PLUS Get Your Confidence Back...
Let’s face it, veiny legs can be very embarrassing
Along with pain, nerve damage can make your legs look and feel unhealthy. When your nerves are damaged, blood flow drastically slows to your legs and feet. This is what causes your veins to protrude, clot, and spider. And can even cause your ankles to swell! FAR Infrared fixes this very common leg issue fast by repairing and renewing your nerves.
  •  Varicose Veins 
  •  Spider Veins 
  •  Deep Venous Thrombosis 
  •  Venous Insufficiency 
  •  Edema 
  •  Gout 
  •  Plus 30 other leg issues!
The ONLY Diabetic Neuropathy Solution !

Let’s face it, diabetes is ravaging our nation, affecting millions and millions of people. As toxic sugar flows through your veins and attacks your body, our circulation suffers. 

The SAME circulation that is our “healing life blood” is being compromised because Diabetes and the FIRST area affected is always the feet.

You see, the feet are furthest from the heart so they are sacrificed first, leaving them under nourished and in CONSTANT PAIN

Even worse, an extended time with poor circulation can directly lead to amputation and death.


This technology, used on the feet is a virtual “miracle” for Diabetic patients with Neuropathy. When applied, blood vessels gently expand, delivering blood to the undernourished tissues, killing pain and delivering healthy tissue longevity.

Finally, there is a solution

Imagine reversing neuropathy and getting off deadly and expensive medication. Imagine a life without pain, without even having to simply change your diet.  

So Powerful – It Improves Circulation in Seconds

Scientists have watched it happen, in test after test. Once you apply it, your blood vessels gently expand allowing critical, nutrient rich blood to the site of your pain, killing and soothing the discomfort.

What is this amazing technology?  

A NEWLY discovered "pain killing" device - Non Thermal FAR Infrared

FAR Infrared is an invisible light wave that actively nourishes the body, provides free radical killing negative

ions and stimulates the Nobel Prize Winning, circulation boosting “Miracle Molecule” Nitric Oxide. Just wait until you feel this device healing from the inside out.
Just Slip It In Your Shoes ...
  •  Non Thermal FAR Infrared and Nitric Oxide is the key to increase “pain killing” circulation that nourishes, heals and restores your painful areas.   
  •  It even provides a constant supply of natures super anti oxidant – “Negative Ions” that constantly kill roaming free radicals that terrorize our health.

When it comes to your body, free radicals can be like cell-level terrorists, inducing age, damaging cells and increasing pain and inflammation all over.

These free radicals feed on your healthy cells killing them, leaving you feeling terrible. The more your healthy cells die, the more your body breaks down and the older and worse you feel.

Non Thermal FAR Infrared INSTANTLY Kills free radicals and allows your body to circulate healing, pain killing blood.

Non Thermal FAR Infrared waves soothe every tissue in your body, actively restoring damage from aging, toxins and free radicals. It is especially effective on restoring youthful, pain killing circulation. When your blood flows healthily, your aches and pains just fade away.

Restore YOUR Balance, Strength and Flexibility No Matter Your Age

Are you concerned that you have lost “your edge” when it comes to your physical performance?

Or are you simply worried about falling and REALLY hurting yourself?

Have you conceded that those functions are no longer what they used to be?

If so, keep reading…

A secret was found 50 years ago, when non thermal FAR Infrared was still under wraps – it produced a constant stream of body nourishing negative ions.

Every cell in our body carries a positive or negative charge – just like we learned in science class growing up. Negative ions carry a negative charge (which is good) and Free Radicals carry positive ions (which are bad).

Negative ions literally cancel out positive ions, killing them on the spot.

What does this do?  Restores body functions such as balance, strength and flexibility almost immediately.

But how? Unless you live under a water fall or in the middle of a forest, away from technology, our bodies are receiving pollution and Free Radicals on a daily basis. This can come from the food we eat, cell phone radiation and anything that ever ends up on our skin.

They are IMPOSSIBLE to avoid...

These free radicals disrupt the core brain synapses that fire and communicate with our muscle system affecting balance, strength and flexibility.

Imagine a Cell Phone with Bad Reception

When these synapses are not firing correctly, neither does our body. 

As we age, absorb more free radicals, our systems react worse and worse.

As severe as this is, negative ions can provide a substantial fix. They go to work quickly killing free radicals and restoring these systems to a higher, nearly PERFECT capacity – 

They Have An Immediate Effect

But We Needed More Proof
And boy did we get it! In the form of a “gold standard” FDA Board Certified clinical trial. This trial was double blind and placebo based ensuring extremely accurate results.

The trial participants used non thermal FAR Infrared for 7 days and underwent a series of tests. They were then randomly given a non thermal FAR Infrared device and a placebo device, during random weeks.
The Results Were Nothing Short of Astounding
  •  72.1% Decrease in Pain after 7 Days
  •  99% Increase in Daily Energy
  •  66.7% Increase in Balance
  •  27.4% Increase in Max Strength
  •  15.9% Increase in Flexibility
  •  66.1% Increase in Muscle Endurance

Most Notably – 100% of the participants saw improvement in all categories.

Dr. Albert Kruger, famous doctor for the University of California did extensive research on the “miracle like”effects of negative ions for over three decades.

"The negative ion has the unique ability to kill free radicals and heal bodily tissues. The uses are far reaching and mostly undiscovered. This is truly a modern medical miracle”
What is this Amazing Foot Pain Technology?
Well, Harvard Medical Called in the Biggest Advancement in Medical Devices and Sports Apparel in the last 100 years.

A NEWLY Discovered foot circulation improving technology named Non Thermal FAR Infrared.  

The Strongest EVER Tested

Specifically FAR Infrared that is released WITHOUT a heat source. 

FAR Infrared is an invisible light wave that nourishes every cell in the body and stimulates the Nobel Prize Winning “Miracle Molecule” Nitric Oxide.  This has particularly dramatic effects on pain and circulation.

This circulation boosting "miracle molecule" is the KEY to normal circulation and pain relief as your blood is your natural healer.

Non Thermal FAR Infrared induced Nitric Oxide is a massive breakthrough. 

Imagine slipping something on your feet that effortlessly relaxes your blood vessels, stimulates blood flow and reduces pain INSTANTLY

Nitric oxide is a molecule that our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

In fact, its circulation benefits are so profound, its discovery and function won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for Medicine.

Watch Circulation Improve INSTANTLY

In this LIVE Lab Test you can see a Non Thermal FAR Infrared device placed on a patients hand, their capillaries expand nearly instantly, allowing for healthy healing circulation and pain relief.

Imagine Feeling the Foot Pain Relief You Wanted for Years

24/7 Circulation Boosting Relief
As you can see, FAR Infrared is an extremely powerful solution that has amazing effects on circulation, healing and human performance. In fact, “thermal” FAR Infrared devices have been used with great success for years, however it has two major drawbacks. “Thermal” FAR Infrared is not portable and it costs upwards of $10,000 per device. 
People Say it is Worth Every Penny, “Non Thermal” FAR Infrared is as powerful and portable at a fraction of the normal cost.
Nitric Oxide's Role in Circulation and Foot Pain Relief is Critical
Nitric oxide has gotten the most attention due to its cardiovascular benefits. 

Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, was prescribed nitroglycerin over 100 years ago by his doctor to help with his circulation problems. 

He was skeptical, knowing nitroglycerin was used in dynamite, but this chemical helped with his circulation and heart condition. 

Little did he know nitroglycerin acts by releasing nitric oxide which relaxes narrowed blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow. This is a key to reducing pain – body wide.

The interior surface (endothelium) of your arteries produce nitric oxide. When plaque builds up in your arteries, called atherosclerosis, you reduce your capacity to produce nitric oxide, which is why physicians prescribe nitroglycerin for heart and stroke patients.
Just imagine, your vessels opening up pumping healthy, healing blood all through your veins.
Silent Threat #1
Your Feet CAN’T HEAL without blood

Poor Circulation is killing our feet and keeping us in constant pain. Our blood is made to bring vital, tissue repairing nutrients to injured parts of our body.

This is why “heat” and “ice” is commonly prescribed – all that does is manipulate blood flow so the blood can bring in nutrients and shuttle out inflammation.


Over 90% of Americans suffer from poor circulation because of diet and lifestyle – putting their vital organs (heart and brain) and bodily tissues in harms way.

Poor Circulation Locks You in the Prison of Pain and Inflammation

Silent Threat #2
Lower Body Amputation

Free Radicals are terrorist cells that have a sole goal of killing your healthy cells and causing illness and pain. Every second of every day our bodies absorb these compromised free radical cells due to our food and environment.

If your body is not protected by Anti Oxidants you are going down the path of pain, illness and pre mature death.

Can a Nobel Prize Nominee Cure Foot Pain?
Nikola Tesla, a name we know very commonly today due to the Tesla motorcar is the father of ionized electrical currents. He invented what is now the lithium ion battery. 

However, he had a secret for many years. 

He lived in a great deal of pain. 

He could solve some of the world’s greatest scientific challenges, yet he could not heal himself. Until he started corresponding with Japanese doctors, who had been working extensively with rare earth minerals and their effects on human circulation.

Chronic pain sufferers were becoming pain free and he needed to know the secret.
RememBer the Colony Without Foot Pain?
Nikola Tesla Sprearheaded That Research

And what he found was truly ASTOUNDING

The villagers had learned a simple, but INCREDIBLY effective trick. 

They would wrap their feet with black tourmaline on a nightly basis to ease swelling and heal tissues.

But Why?  Why would this simple trick eliminate foot pain across an entire population of people?

The Big Breakthrough

What he found was mind blowing! After months of research he figured out that the black tourmaline was naturally emitting negatively charged air molecules into the body - healing and relieving pain.

This wasn't pseudoscience, THIS WAS REAL RELIEF

Imagine 24/7 anti oxidant flow killing pain and healing tissue. These villagers had stumbled upon a secret that would eventually change the world of pain medicine.

But he questioned, what was ACTUALLY creating the negatively charged ions? The research secret resided in the specialized rare earth minerals that naturally emitted a low level of heat called FAR Infrared

This natural heat not only soothed the body but it deployed negative ions which actively repaired Free Radicals.

This breakthrough is STILL used today in high level medical device applications.

The Rest is US Naval History

The US Navy began looking heavily at Nikola Tesla’s research and military scientists expanded upon negative ionization for their submarines and human recovery. FAR Infrared research was then expanded upon and tied into on-going Nitric Oxide Research

Nikola Tesla Changed the Face of Pain Relief

Why am I Telling you This? 
Because I Almost Lost my Feet

At the end of this story you will learn how I...

  •  Finally got circulation back to my feet
  •  Stopped Pain I have been suffering from for years
  •  Saved my tissues that almost needed amputation

Ok, before we get too far into this story I want to clarify that I am not perfect.... 

As a man in my fifties I have led a good life with a great family. I honestly have tried to live healthy but I’m a self proclaimed “foodie” and WELL, that got me into trouble. 

At at 42 I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes due to my love for sugary foods. God knows I am not alone in this love as diabetes is the top disease affecting American’s and it is getting worse everyday.

But, here was the worst part MY FEET HURT.  When I say hurt I mean pain to the point to where I wanted to cut them off to make them feel better.  There was more irony in this than I knew

I would wake up daily and my feet would hurt so bad I could barely walk out of my room to get my morning coffee.

I NEVER thought anything would keep me from my morning coffee.

Slowly, throughout the day I would start to feel better and then I would go to sleep and the process would start all over again.


Slowly but surely the tie of “feeling better” shrank and shrank until I was never out of pain.


I knew neuropathy was a thing that affected diabetics and I knew how serious it could be, but I never thought it would affect me

I don’t have it “that bad” I would say.

Well, one trip to the doctors rocked my world and scared me to my very core.

“You are at risk of losing your feet” .. I remember the doctor saying this as clear as day.

That would mean a NEW life in a wheelchair, not being able to enjoy my life. Sure, I know people in wheelchairs still LIVE but that isn’t the life I wanted..

I was selfish, I wanted walks with my wife and time to play in the yard with my grandkids.

All of that was about to go away if my doctor didn’t have a solution.

The eternal prison called Prescription medication

His solution – Prescription Drugs

He wanted me to immediately start a regimen diabetic drugs that would help my feet and stop any further damage.

At what cost?  A life time dependency and side effects. I knew better, once you start diabetes drugs, you never come off and they ALSO lower your life expectancy. 

This was ALSO not the life I wanted.

BUT what choice did I have

Then, I found a solution in a very unlikely place – Popular Mechanics

You see I was reading about the US Military and how their special forces units were using a NEW therapy called FAR Infrared to enhance healing and injury recovery, getting our American warriors back

The results were astounding, but then I read closer

They were discussing naturally inducing circulation to heal tissue and nerve damage.  This was a way to recover and kill pain.


The article discussed research done at Harvard University, I followed the link and found the public press release they had issued on this rare and effective technology.


I figured they would laugh at me, but to my surprise they didn’t.  In fact, one of the researchers was nice enough to explain how they conducted the tests, he even explained the rare earth mineral mixture that was being tested.


First, I personally sourced the proper rare earth minerals from Okinawa, Japan and imported them into the United States. This was a chore in itself.

Then, I had to figure out how to administer them to my body in a simple fashion. 

I used cotton sacks, nearly like socks, to hold the rare earth minerals together and on my skin.  Something Miraculous happened,  IT WORKED 

For me, I felt a tingling sensation as new found blood pulsed through my feet. My joints that once hurt, didn’t, and even my knees felt healthier.

Essentially, it did everything the research told me it would and I was finally experiencing a life without foot pain.


The research I read was 100% true, and all of the clinical data ranged from impressive to down right astounding.

My personal results were beyond my comprehension as I had lived with this pain for years now. 

However, rare earth mineral excavation in Japan is NOT CHEAP and my only option was to pay hundreds of dollars to get my hands on this life changing mixture. 

So I paid it, and it forever changed my life and the life of my family.  I am now going on three years without pain and I am more active than ever.  

Once my friends and family saw me with my weird pack of minerals and new found foot pain relief...

So, I Let Them Try it and Their Results were Astounding.
Better Then Orthotics
“I have a bone spur in my right foot from many golf years pushing off the right side. I went to a Podiatrist and paid $400 for a custom orthotics—didn’t work half as well as the Foot Kur. From now on, these will be everyday additions and I’m letting friends know as well! Many thanks 
Loving the Fusion Foot Kur’s
“Now, after wearing the Foot Pads for almost a month now, the arthritis in his feet and the pain in his knee have almost vanished. There are still a few days here and there, but he said it’s a million times better and much more tolerable with the Fusion Ions products. He was definitely a septic before, but not anymore. This stuff works! The Fusion brand is definitely the best one out there. Get it, or keep denying yourself the benefits. Thanks Fusion, keep on making great products so I can keep buying them. ”
Helping with Legs
"I am 65 years old and I ride a road bike. Where I live there isn’t any flat riding. I put the Foot Kur in my bike shoes and it made it easier to climb up the hills. My legs didn’t get tired and I could breathe easier. Thank you for making this product. "
No More Foot Pain.
My feet are a mess of pain without the Foot Kur. But when I wear the pads in my shoes I can go 10 – 12 hours before my feet say quit. I have been wearing the shoe pads for about two months and even when I go an extended period of time without them, say on weekends do my feet go back to the debilitating pain I remember. So I believe there is some carry over effect even after taking them off, my feet feel better for a while. Then as soon as I put my shoes back on, the pain soon subsides. I recommend people to try the products as NO PAIN is GAIN!
Pain-Free For Once in My Life ...

And my friends knew it, they could not believe how mobile and full of energy I was.

But the problem of COST was STILL a major issue.  The phenomenon that created this very cutting edge pain killer IS only found in Okinawa, Japan, in the ocean.  This happens to be the most expensive place on the planet to excavate.  The way the minerals live in the Japanese environment is what cultivates them as “active”

Not to mention they are called “RARE” earth minerals because the minerals themselves are extremely limited.

IT WORKED but it was just too expensive.
I Really Wish I Could Afford To Buy One For Everyone

But the reality is, the rare earth minerals are far too expensive. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my own pain killing supply but I only have so many resources to throw around, and I had friends that were in need.

I started to feel guilty because my phone was blowing up with questions from other friends and colleagues who were scared about their heart and heard about my successes.
Military Technology RELEASED to the Public

I was beginning to feel guilty having such amazing results without being able to share with the world.

Until a small news article discussed the Non Thermal FAR Infrared US Military Supplier and the impact they had made on military medical technology.

This was the key to affordable mass distribution

In fact, this company owned the patent, to the most potent Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology in the entire world. 

It came down to several factors:

#1 Their patented mixture contained a combination of 13 individual rare earth minerals in a composition only their scientists know. This combination has been scientifically tested as the strongest Non thermal FAR Infrared output in human history.

#2 They had exclusive excavation rights to rare earth minerals off the coast of Okinawa, Japan.

#3 They used a patented micronization system that micronized the rare earth minerals even further – boosting their output.

#4 They made their devices under FDA guidelines using surgical grade silicone.

Here Is the Best Part!
They developed a wearable delivery system by mixing these potent minerals into pliable silicone molds. It was durable enough for special operations but wearable enough to never take off – The Best of Both Worlds.

This company had effectively created a portable, pain killing, wearable device that was MORE powerful than heat induced FAR Infrared at the weight of only ounces.
The "Foot Pain" Miracle

After much deliberation and conversation this company has made a civilian product – now openly offered to the public. It contains the exact same pain killing, military technology but it is publicly available.

The Rare Earth Minerals are Still Extremely Limited

This pain killing breakthrough is now officially licensed through a single source worldwide. It is even FULLY patented worldwide.  

Based on all of the clinical research, my personal results and the results of my friends and family, I’m totally convinced this is one of the biggest breakthroughs in natural medical device history.

So What Does All of This Mean For You?
  • Reduces Foot Pain
  • Takes Away Burning and Tingling
  •  Eliminates Numbness
  •  Fixes Itching and Cramping
  •  Reduces Swelling and Heaviness
  •  Takes Away Restlessness and Tiredness
  •  Fixes Unsightly Veins
  •  Reverses Cold Extremities
  •  and SO MUCH MORE
Amazing Pain Relief
BOOST Your Feet with the “Strongest” Foot Pain Device EVER Developed.
(Fusion Foot Kur - Covered by a Worldwide Patent)

For the First time “Circulation Boosting” Non Thermal FAR Infrared shoe inserts called, Fusion Foot Kur are available to the public for immediate use.

BOOST your foot circulation and kill your foot pain - FOR GOOD

All you do is slip in your shoes begin receiving wave after wave of pain killing, nourishing FAR Infrared.

Finally, you have access to an “all natural” medical device that is clinically proven to reduce foot pain and boost circulation and tissue repair.

Why Should you Wear These?

Well, you want to get rid of foot pain, right?

It is the easiest way in the world to reduce foot pain, promote tissue healing and finally enjoy activities on your feet.

The world’s top athletes and military warriors use this de-classified technology on a daily basis to gain “the edge” they need.

Clinical research shows that by using this device your blood will flow better than ever, leading to the “least pain” of your life.

In addition, extensive clinical trials have proven it’s ability to assist with healing, balance, strength and muscle endurance.

So Powerful – It Has its Own Section in a Book!
Dr. Earl Mindell, one of the most famous and respected medical authors of our time, has authored and published the definitive book on FAR Infrared and negative ionization technology, The Happiness Effect. 

Dr. Mindell took over two years researching this science to lay it out for the reader.

After reviewing years of research, clinical trials and lab tests from around the world, he concluded that Fusion Health and Vitality and their patented Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology was by far the strongest in the world.

This is the technology of the Patented 
Fusion Foot Kur
Extensively Lab Tested and Certified

The nice part about Non Thermal FAR Infrared technology is that it can be tested in a scientific laboratory to absolutely prove its output.

Fusion Health and Vitality products are tested and certified by the Wuhan Product Quality Supervision and Test Institute. This institute is the leading test center for FAR Infrared in the entire world.

The Enhanced Fusion Foot Kur scored .87 during the standard FAR Infrared emissivity test out of a maximum number of 1. This tested the strongest of any portable device ever tested.

Live Ionization Test
Strongest In the Word

Negative Ion Output can also be tested. Here is a recording of a live test using the COM Systems PRO laboratory testing device. 

As you can see, the Fusion Foot Kur was tested at emitting over 10,000 negative ions per second which makes it the strongest portable FAR Infrared device in the world.


Once Again, In this LIVE Lab Test you can see Fusion Foot Kur inserts expanding capillaries and boosting circulation instantly, allowing for healthy healing circulation and pain relief.

Imagine Feeling the Foot Pain Relief You Wanted for Years

The Fusion Foot Kur inserts are the strongest way to boost your foot circulation and end your foot pain.
Strongest in the World

Fusion IONZ’s patented Non Thermal FAR Infrared producing mineral mixture is mixed directly into a silicone mold so you can wear it on a daily basis, in every pair of shoes you own

The silicone used is ONLY THE BEST. It is medical grade, meaning it is approved by the FDA to use in medical devices.

That is Why If You Are Sick of Pain...
  •  And You Would Love “Pain Free Feet"
  •  Normal, Healthy, Healing Circulation to your lower body
  •  Boost in Energy as well as Balance, Strength and Flexibility
Regardless of Your Age 
Then you are reading the right information. You are discovering the most advanced pain killing solution in the last 100 years. So advanced it is backed by a Nobel Prize winner, decades of Ivy League research, the US Military and an actual Nobel Prize in Medicine.

You are about to experience circulation like you have never experienced in your life. Naturally relaxed blood vessels that move blood to where it needs to go, healing your tissues and making you feel great.


This mineral formula is so proprietary and unique it is covered by multiple world wide patents.

Lucky for me and for you, you’ll have this technology in your possession in about 1 minute and 30 seconds from now... and you will once again experience waking up in the morning pain free, with energy and renewed sense of your powerful self.

I urge you to act quickly because the supply of these rare earth minerals is very limited and…
Once They are Gone, They are Gone…
And I won’t know how long I’ll be able to produce these devices, as the minerals are rare.
Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Wear the Product.. Others Need them

Like I said, there’s not enough inserts to go around for every single person reading this page. So please only order if you’re deadly serious about restoring your body functions and killing pain.

It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order 1, 3 or more Fusion Foot Kur's and never do anything with the product. 

Are we clear? If so, great because I have some exciting news.

The regular price for The Fusion Foot Kur is $120 per pair- which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration:

1. The active mineral ingredients have been proven as the most effective pain management tool in the world with patents, clinical trials and a Nobel Prize. It was even called a “significant breakthrough” in the world of medical devices and sports apparel by Harvard Medical University.

2. The rare earth minerals all come from the most exclusive place in the world – the ocean bottom of Okinawa, Japan.

3. The Fusion Foot Kur is NOT available in any stores until later in 2017 due to the difficulty of extracting these non thermal far infrared producing minerals from Okinawa, Japan. Then it goes through a long process or purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA as a medical device.
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And if by some small chance that it is not everything you thought it was, you are protected by my triple guarantee!

ONLY $67
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If you truly want to commit to stocking up, then you can get 6 pairs at only $39 each
You are Probably Wondering Why I Would Give you Such a Drastic Price Break?

We are on a mission...

Even given the fact that hundreds of human clinical trials have been performed- the science community wants more and more research on this cutting edge technology. That way we can add to the impressive body of clinical studies that already exist. It will help us to bring the product price down and make it more affordable for every man and woman who may be struggling with foot pain.

In the meantime, I have instructed the lab to set aside additional raw material so we are able to grow the already vast body of evidence to show the long term advantages of wearing the Fusion Foot Kur.


For less than one prescription fill up- you can enjoy reduced pain, better health, and more energy so you can enjoy friends and loved ones.

Are You Ready To Experience The Power of the Fusion Foot Kur?
You Do Not Even Have to Make a Decision Today.

What do I mean by that? 

I am so confident the Fusion Foot Kur is going to be a Godsend to you, I am going to do something that goes against the normal rules of business. 

You can try the Fusion Foot Kur- not just for 1 month or even 2 months – but for 3 FULL MONTHS and if, for any reason at all you are not thrilled with the results, simply return it, even if it is worn, I will buy it back.

My intuition tells me that you really need this device. And, if your pain does not improve (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money.   

So let’s summarize one more time... 

The Fusion Foot Kur helps to nourish your body with a clinically proven circulation boosting Non Thermal FAR Infrared which induces Nobel Prize winning Nitric Oxide and Free Radical Killing Negative Ions.
  •  Increased Circulation
  •  Decreased Pain
  •  Increased Balance
  •  Increased Strength
  •  Increased Flexibility
  •  Increased Daily Energy
The Fusion Foot Kur is Completely Different Than The Low Quality "Foot" Medical Devices You See on Store Shelves

Most of these other companies use inferior technologies that are not clinically proven that’s why they can sell these devices for $29 or $39. And I ask you? How did they work for you?

I thought so! 

The Fusion Foot Kur uses an FDA Registered facility that is GMP certified. I know that may not mean anything to you-…yet it means that you can have the added protection that all Fusion Foot Kur inserts are made with surgical grade silicone and FREE of All Contaminants.

How these “rare earth” minerals are exactly that – “rare”. That literally limits the supply of this amazing mineral mixture, because the supply of raw material is limited.

PLUS: the production process used to extract these rare earth minerals and then purify and certify, takes several months.

Yet, I am about to show you how you can reserve your own pair of Fusion Foot Kur today ( as long as you act quickly)
Which Is Why You Must Take Action NOW!

Imagine never having to worry about bone or joint pain again, a mind full of confidence and adventure, plus an energy and vitality second to none… 

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When They’re Gone...
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Option 1…

You can keep wasting hundreds of dollars on the latest pain meds, fad diets, and store bought supplements, and try to make it on your own with ZERO results.

Option 2…

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Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process is simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.

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You Have Absolutely No Risk With Our Triple Guarantee!

I’m so confident that the Fusion Foot Kur will work for you, that I’m willing to put my butt on the line whether you order 1 bracelet or the most popular 3 bracelets. It doesn’t matter.

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Be sure that you do not miss a single day of wearing the pain killing, body nourishing device…especially the first week so you give your circulation a chance to build up again.

As you continue to use the Fusion Foot Kur, you will notice some changes…

1. If you don’t notice a heightened sense of circulation, Reduced pain and more energy, just simply send back the inserts with a little note saying it didn’t work.

2. Or if you simply have 2nd thoughts and you have decided it is not for you, send it back!

3. Or, if you do not like the design or the way it looks, send it back!

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I don’t believe you should pay for something if it doesn’t work. Although I highly doubt that will happen.

As you can see, you truly have nothing to lose at all. I’ve removed all the risk off your shoulders and placed them on mine.

You Are Part Of An Exclusive Group

Not everybody has access to a Fusion Foot Kur

When I say that the supplies are limited, I am not just saying that- supplies are truly limited - It is very difficult to excavate the rare earth minerals because they reside in a very specific part of Okinawa, Japan.

Once the sea minerals have been extracted, it is sent to the laboratory for purification, sterilization, extraction of the active ingredients and finally molded in an FDA Registered facility.

We are very lucky to be able to offer you up to 1500 pairs at this time!

You can choose the , 3 or 6 -pair option on the next page. Most people choose the 3-pair option, because they are afraid of running out.

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And if you’re not comfortable with ordering over the computer, feel free to call in at (888) 964-5327 to place an order right away.

Can You Imagine Living "Pain Free" Like You Did 10, 20 or 30 Years Ago? With perfect circulation and the Balance, Strength and Flexibility of Someone Much Younger?

Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you slip on the Fusion Foot Kur … you start noticing the difference in how you feel…

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You’ll have less pain, more drive, life passion and well-being.

Plus, your energy levels could skyrocket in a matter of days or weeks.

Do NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime.

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years. All without pain or impaired performance.

And when you can finally perform and be active again like you did when you were 10-20 years younger, you truly will feel like a young stud again… full of confidence and excitement.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with your friends and family.

The good news is with the Fusion Foot Kur, you can reclaim this ability you once thought was a distant memory. It’s not out of the question.

With just wearing them in your shoes, you can take back your health and ability to participate when your friends and family want you to be active.

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Instant Results!!
And Remember Our Triple Guarantee!
If during this test period your pain does not decrease— if you feel tired or fatigued for a single minute

If within just the first 90 days you not only feel and act like you’re 20 to 30 years younger... and also start to have a whole new confidence and swagger..

Then please send back the inserts and we will send you an immediate refund of the product price.  If you want to experience normal circulation and

If you want to experience for yourself the wonders of Fusion Foot Kur… and feel with your own body why scientists say,

 “The Most Substantial Breakthrough and Medical Devices and Sports Apparel in History”

And why, when it comes to the ability to perform, the continuation of more youthful years, the quality of your life and the newfound confidence… then click on the link below to try this new wonder pain killer and circulation booster and prove to your own satisfaction why Doctor Mindell hails Fusion Foot Kur as the most powerful pain killing device in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions...
Please Note: Pain and Poor Circulation can be the result of the unhealthy diet, being stressed or overweight, taking certain prescription drugs, bad blood flow and brain health issues. So everyone needs to check with their doctor before they try any supplement program.
Do they have to be directly against the skin?
No. They can go under your sock or against bare feet. 
What size pad should I order? 
There is no sizing. These pads are ONE SIZE FITS ALL. The pad is approximately the size size of a credit card and easily slips into your shoe.
Can I wear it all the time?
Yes, you can wear your bracelet at all times. 
Can I use Fusion IONZ™ Foot Kur with open toed shoes?
We highly recommend you do not use the Fusion Foot Kur Insert with open toed shoes. They are very likely slip out of your shoes and be lost and the lost Fusion Foot Kur Insert can not be replaced. 
Do I wear one in each shoe?
Yes. They come in pairs to wear one in each shoe. 
Far infrared radiation (FIR): its biological effects and medical applications
Preparations containing tourmaline powder have been applied to the skin with the aim of affecting the blood flow.  FIR irradiation improved cell viability and prevented lactate dehydrogenase release under hydrogen peroxide (H2O2)-mediated oxidative stress, and also elevated the intracellular levels of NO and calmodulin. It can be proved that non-heating FIR has real and significant biological effects, the possible future applications are wide ranging. Not only could bandages and dressings made out of NIR emitting fabrics be applied for many medical conditions and injuries that require healing, but there is a large potential market in lifestyle enhancing applications.
Research Confirms Diverse Healing Effects of Far Infrared
Far infrared and its therapeutic properties have been studied in China and Japan for over 30 years. Researchers have found far infrared can be helpful for enhancing blood circulation, reducing pain, strengthening the cardiovascular system, easing joint stiffness and inflammation, and revitalizing skin cells.  Questionnaires to more than 500 users of far infrared devices revealed that the majority reported an overall improvement in health. The effects appeared to be triggered by far infrared-induced increase in body tissue temperature, as well as enhanced blood circulation in human skin.
FIR Reduces Pain and Stiffness
Far infrared boosts your immune system through subtle heating, which increases the number of white blood cells and killer t-cells. It has also proved to be a promising method of healing—reducing muscle spasms, muscle soreness, and relief for rheumatoid arthritis. According to Clinical Rheumatology, infrared shows short-term improvement of pain and stiffness in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and ankylosing spondylitis. Studies have found that these methods are efficient in lowering chronic pain without the need for medications. In a 2005 study, researchers from Nishi Kyusyu University in Japan found that infrared sauna heat therapy boosts mood and well-being — when coupled with other holistic treatments (such as exercise rehabilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy).
The effects of repeated thermal therapy for patients with chronic pain.
Far-infrared ray therapy was performed once a day for 4 weeks during hospitalization. We investigated the improvements in subjective symptoms, the number of pain behavior after treatment and outcomes 2 years after discharge. RESULTS: The visual analog pain score, number of pain behavior, self-rating depression scale, and anger score significantly decreased after treatment in both groups. After treatment, the number of pain behavior was slightly smaller (p = 0.07) and anger score was significantly lower in group B than those in group A (p = 0.05). Two years after treatment, 17 patients (77%) in group B returned to work compared with 12 patients (50%) in group A (p < 0.05). CONCLUSION: These results suggest that a combination of multidisciplinary treatment and repeated thermal therapy may be a promising method for treatment of chronic pain.
Far Infrared Ray (FIR) thermal technology
Far Infrared Ray (FIR), is the 'warm' energy in humans, animals and plants, emitted from sunlight. The intensity of Far Infrared produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When the intensity is high, we feel healthy and better equipped to deal with physical challenges. When the Far Infrared begins to decline, we are subject to becoming unwell and tend to age more quickly. We can be exposed to pure Far Infrared heat for hours and it will not cause our skin to burn, in fact the Japanese use it to promote healing from sunburn. Far Infrared heat is completely healthy and safe for all living things. FAR infrared revolutionized thermal technology to an effective, safe, natural, hygienic, and efficient approach to thermal treatment. Today there are multiple health and medical professionals internationally who rehabilitate and look after numerous physical challenges by using heat therapy for humans and as well as animals. Relief for sports injuries via thermal therapy is one example, whilst detoxification is another (research for worldwide medical citations).
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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