Could the Deep Blue Sea Be the...
KEY to Healthy Blood Pressure and Better Circulation No Matter Age or Family History?
The Answer is YES, and the solution has been found by the most renowned heart doctors in the world
Special Report
I'm Dr. Mindell...

High Blood Pressure and devastating heart problems plague YOU and millions of families just like YOURS. You are most likely flooded with hundreds of lotions, potions and solutions to this American epidemic.
But Let Me Ask You a Question…

What if there was a 100% Natural and safe breakthrough that worked to prevent your heart from overworking, wearing out and even delivered much needed energy as you age?

What if you could have the best circulation of your life?

This means you can finally enjoy family activities, your kids or grand kids, and even sex again. All without losing your breath and running out of energy.

And Finally,

What if this breakthrough came directly from Top Scientists at the Top Ivy League Heart Program in the world? Imagine getting a good night sleep knowing you were on the path to normal blood pressure and heart health – backed by the most impressive research seen in the last 100 years.
Well, I have tremendous News For you…

You are about to discover a new, natural breakthrough that will give you healthy blood pressure and ageless circulation.

In addition, over 300 of your body functions will operate like when you were decades younger.

How do we know? Because one of the leading Ivy League Medical schools spent 15 years and tens of millions of dollars on ground breaking clinical research.
What are we discussing? Rare deep sea nutrients, that instantly optimize bodily function and promote a Nobel Prize winning Miracle Molecule.
No Longer Live in Fear About Your Heart Health... 
The research is mind blowing...

What if I told you it was the Most Researched Blood Pressure solution in Human History.  In fact, it’s discovery led to the coveted Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998.  It was also named the "Most Significant Development" in heart science research.

It has been clinically proven to regulate blood pressure by dilating the arteries.

Keep in mind, it is not a SMALL amount of research.  This discovery has been tested in over 60,000 clinical studies dating back over 50 years.

It has been shown to dramatically help those with atherosclerosis, diabetes, and of course high blood pressure.

And There is More...

In a breakthrough placebo based blood pressure clinical trial, the discovery was shown to significantly decrease systemic blood pressure at 20 and 60 minute intervals.

It lowered blood pressure immediately.

After 30 minutes participants saw significantly improved vascular compliance and augmentation index.

Significantly improved endothelial function after 4 hours of a single dose.

All Aspects of Blood Pressure Were Improved Over All of the Test Subjects

And It Doesn't Stop There...
Harvard Medical Called This The Future of Heart Related Medical Devices

What is it? A NEWLY Discovered heart improving technology named Deep Sea Infrared.  FAR Infrared is an invisible light wave that nourishes every cell in the body and stimulates the Nobel Prize Winning “Miracle Molecule” Nitric Oxide.  This has particularly dramatic effects on the heart.

This miracle molecule is the key to normal blood pressure and effortless circulation no matter your current age.

Effortlessly Normalize Your Blood Pressure

Deep Sea Infrared induced Nitric Oxide is the breakthrough. Imagine a single molecule that effortlessly relaxes your blood vessels, stimulates blood flow and normalizes your blood pressure nearly instantly.

Nitric oxide is a molecule that our body produces to help its 50 trillion cells communicate with each other by transmitting signals throughout the entire body.

In fact, its heart benefits are so profound, its discovery and function won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for Medicine.

Nitric Oxide's Role in the Heart is Crucial...

Nitric oxide has gotten the most attention due to its cardiovascular benefits. Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, was prescribed nitroglycerin over 100 years ago by his doctor to help with his heart problems. He was skeptical, knowing nitroglycerin was used in dynamite, but this chemical helped with his heart condition. Little did he know, nitroglycerin acts by releasing nitric oxide which relaxes narrowed blood vessels, increasing oxygen and blood flow.

The interior surface (endothelium) of your arteries produce nitric oxide. When plaque builds up in your arteries, called atherosclerosis, you reduce your capacity to produce nitric oxide, which is why physicians prescribe nitroglycerin for heart and stroke patients.

The Deep Sea Held a Secret – The MOST Potent Heart Health Booster in the World

Ivy League research has confirmed that Nitric Oxide Producing Deep Sea Far Infrared is created because of the ocean pressure on specific “infrared producing”

 ...deep sea minerals found deep below the surface.

The untampered ocean floor is the most fertile soil on the planet and it produces mineral rich sea based green plants.

In turn, these plants mineralize the water, creating the most potent liquid source of FAR infrared producing minerals in the world.  

Imagine filling a sponge with ocean water based minerals and allowing it to sit in a glass of water.

Within an hour, the water would also be mineralized, providing the health boosting qualities to those that drink it. This is the exact simple process that happens inside of sea water. 

Best of all, they are naturally ionic, which means the mineral molecules carry a positive or negative charge. This is exactly how the cells in the human body work - allowing these minerals to absorb in the body at a rate of 99%.

These pressurized minerals emit extremely potent FAR Infrared, which makes them the most potent Nitric Oxide producer in the world.

Imagine ingesting a liquid that immediately went to work stimulating nitric oxide flow throughout your heart and entire body, completely improving your heart health.
It is Like Adding Jet Fuel to Your Heart Health.
But, here is the best part...

These rare deep sea minerals induce Nitric Oxide without the need for L-Arginine, the amino acid that many have trouble absorbing.

You see, for years L-Arginine has been a stimulant for Nitric Oxide, but it has significant drawbacks. The human body can only absorb so much L-Arginine before it is rendered ineffective.  Also, millions cannot absorb or are allergic to this amino acid.

This means millions are missing the heart boosting effects of Nitric Oxide.

The Deep Sea Infrared minerals fully dissolve, so as soon as these blood boosting nutrients are consumed, your blood vessels naturally relax and operate more efficiently, pumping more blood and safely lowering your blood pressure and boosting heart health.

Deep Sea Nitric Oxide is Known as the “Miracle Molecule” and Is The Most Potent Form of Nitric Oxide in the World

You are now “In the Know”.  Deep Sea induced Nitric Oxide is the single most important bodily substance for healthy blood pressure and heart health. Stimulating Nitric Oxide is the first step in a healthy heart.

Overall, NO promotes the healthy dilation of veins and arteries so blood can move freely and do it’s job – healing your body.

Additionally, NO ensures Red Blood Cells DON'T stick together to form dangerous and fatal blood clots.

Keep Reading for Important Information
Silent Threat # 1 

When you have poor circulation you are depriving your heart, brain and lungs from the precious oxygen that keeps you alive.  This directly leads to slow downs in function and healing.

High Blood Pressure causes poor blood circulation. Blood Circulation is one of the most important functions in the body.  It supplies oxygen to the brain and other organs.  It’s what makes our bodies work. It can also promote healthier skin and help cell growth.

Silent Threat #2  

Many people believe it is normal to have body numbness as you age,  THIS IS YOUR BODY DYING.  

The numbness leads to dangerous blood clots that travel to the heart, lungs and block major veins and arteries.  This will lead to amputations and eventually death.

Here is what It Did for Me ...
  •  Normal Blood Pressure for the first time in years
  •  Perfect Circulation All Over My Body
  •  Complete Reversal of my heart condition AFIB
Why Am I Telling You This? To Be Frank, This Molecule Saved my Life…

All red blooded Americans deserve the right to live a happy and healthy life.  And like most people, I thought I had it all. Family, great friends and an overall enjoyment of life.

Then one morning, it almost came to a halt...

I woke up into my fourth day of an unexplained racing heart and exhaustion like I had just run back to back marathons.

It finally hit me!  I needed to go to the Emergency Room right away.

When I got there it was every person's nightmare.  Being rushed into a room, heart technicians everywhere and a heart rate way above 100.

In the end, I had AFIB and it nearly killed me.

Then the Reality of a Prescription Based Death Sentence Set In.

I was alive but my options seemed limited. Like everyone else I was destined for a life of toxic heart medication that would eventually kill me in other ways. Not pleasant.

Until my Doctor Stopped me as I Was Walking Out the Door.

I have been blessed with an amazing doctor that stays up to date with cutting edge medical research, both pharmaceutical and natural.

He pulled me to the side and told me there was ground breaking research being conducted involving deep sea minerals that were naturally inducing heart saving Nitric Oxide.

He gave me the links to a couple recently published clinical trials and I went to work.

I Paid An Arm and A Leg for a Bullet Proof Heart...

The research my doctor told me about was 100% on the money, and all of the clinical data ranged from impressive to down right astounding.

However, Deep Sea excavation is NOT CHEAP and my only option was to pay hundreds of dollars to get my hands on this life changing substance.

I did! And it forever changed my life.  I am now going on three years with normal blood pressure and ZERO recurrences of AFIB Symptoms.  I have changed nothing in my life and I am now “Heart Healthy” because of this deep blue sea secret.

And It’s Not Just Me.. It’s my Friends and Relatives Also.
My entire family has high blood pressure and we thought we were doomed to the terrible life of prescription medication. Then my friend told me about Deep C and a private trial. I was reluctant to try it, but finally gave in. All I can say is I feel dumb for waiting! My numbers have never been lower and I haven’t taken harmful meds in three months. This is truly a natural miracle
I thought it was impossible to lower my blood pressure without changing my diet. It turns out I was wrong!! and I could not be happier. I was a test subject of Deep C and the results were amazing. My blood pressure is now normal and staying there! Thank you for putting this information out there for people like me who really really need it.
I have been struggling with high blood pressure for over a decade. I have tried natural and pharmaceutical options. Nothing has worked like Deep C. All of my numbers decreased and my doctor even physically shook his head at me in amazement. Thank you! I could not be happier. P.S. My overall health is better than ever.
I Looked Younger, Healthier and more Fit than I had in Years.

But the problem of cost was STILL a major issue.  The phenomenon that created this very cutting edge heart boosting liquid IS only found extremely deep below the ocean surface.  This happens to be the most expensive place on the planet to excavate.  The weight of the ocean and water pressure is what naturally creates the Infrared emitting qualities of this Deep Sea Heart solution.

Many considered it a miracle, but couldn't afford hundreds per ounce.

But I couldn’t buy the world a free bottle.

I was fortunate enough to be able to buy my own heart boosting supply and some for friends and family, but I only have so many resources to throw around.

I started to feel guilty because my phone was blowing up with questions from other friends and colleagues who were scared about their heart and heard about my successes.

One Marine Researcher May Have Changed Heart Health and Saved Millions of Lives.

And Now is the Crux of why you are reading this.  Scientists from one of the largest marine institutes in the world were comparing deep sea environments with inland salt water environments to draw comparison charts.

They found something simply astounding

The Great Salt Lake, located right here in the United States has identical conditions as the very deep, dark sea.

In a twist of scientific fate, the Great Salt Lake ended up losing it’s “out flow” when our lands masses shifted.  This means, fresh salt river water flows into the lake, but it can never leave.

In a very specific region of The Great Salt Lake, this salt water mineral compounding effect has the SAME outcome as sea water pressurization.

Net Result: Small batch quantities of Deep Sea Infrared can be excavated from the Great Salt Lake.

This life saving liquid is now officially licensed through a single source worldwide. It is even FULLY patented.  Based on all of the clinical research, my personal results and the results of my friends and family, I could not resist. I acquired the world wide rights, along with one of the largest natural health companies in the world to handle mass production.

So, What Does This All Mean To You...
We asked ourselves, Does this liquid need anything else?
And the Answer was YES.

We didn’t just want to aim for the most advanced blood pressure formula in the world, we wanted to guarantee it was the best and add every element that your heart needs to thrive.

After two years of research, that ingredient was identified as naturally ionized Magnesio (MG2110), which happens to be the rarest and purest magnesium in the world.

This element absorbs into the human body at a rate of 99% and immediately boosts hundreds of your biological functions.

Your body and especially YOUR HEART thrive with this substance coursing through your veins.

In fact MG2110 plays an important part in….

  • Creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of your body
  •  Relaxation of blood vessels
  •  Muscle and nerve function, including the action of your heart muscle
  •  Proper formation of bones and teeth
  •  Regulation of blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, which is important for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Most Importantly, the addition of MG2110 allows Deep Sea Liquid Infrared to absorb, activate and work EVEN BETTER

So, we added it and created the most advanced human health substance the world has ever known.

It Cut Sudden Cardiac Death by 70% (Let that Sink In)

This year, after 12 years of ongoing trials, one of the largest heart studies in the world concluded and results were tallied.

  • MG2110 Can Literally Save Your Life…
  • This study included the nations leading heart hospitals, including….
  •  Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  •  Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  •  Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
  •  Cardiovascular Health Research Unit, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  •  Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 

Their Results…

Individuals in the highest quartile of serum MG2110 were at significantly lower risk of SCD in all models. This association persisted after adjustment for potential confounding variables, with an almost 70% reduced risk of SCD (HR=0.62, 95% CI=0.42–0.93) in quartile 4 vs. 1 of serum Mg observed in the fully-adjusted model.

So, What Does All This Mean for Your Blood Pressure?
  •  Stable and Normal Blood Pressure Like You Were a Young Adult
  •  Better Heart Health Than You Have Had In Years
  •  Optimized, Full Body Circulation
  •  More Youthful Daily Energy
  •  Faster Body and Muscle Recovery
  •  Better Circulation for Sex and Intimate Activities
  •  Increased Mental Focus from Increased Circulation
Introducing, The Most Potent, Patented Heart and Blood Pressure Formula in Human History

For the first time, these two POWERFUL HEART NUTRIENT FORMULAS have been combined INTO One Super Formula

It has never been done before and it is fully patented. The formula includes Deep Sea Liquid Infrared and Powerful MG2110 so Your Heart is Strong and Healthy

Why did we combine these Super Ingredients…

They boost each other perfectly…

To Give Your Heart and Blood Pressure MORE Intense Rejuvenation & Repairing POWER!

Research shows that these life-saving nutrients plays a key role in maintaining health in nearly every major system in the body...especially your heart.

In fact, one long-term study conducted by leading heart hospitals showed a 70% decreased risk in sudden cardiac failure and a greater chance of having healthy arteries.

70%! That’s an overwhelming majority.

SAFE is Not Enough,These are the Purest Liquids to Ever be Sold in the United States. (Certifications to Back it)

It is a well known fact that, natural and safe, non pharmaceutical products are not regulated by the FDA, which can be downright scary..

We did the unthinkable and self regulated for the benefit of our loyal customers.

That is why if you are aging.. .
  •  And Would love Perfect, Normal Blood Pressure
  •  Solid Heart health that allows you to rest easy
  •  And an overall boost in your energy and health
Then you are reading the right information. You are discovering the most advanced blood pressure solution in the last 100 years. So advanced it has a Nobel Prize in Medicine due to it’s human clinical trial results.

You are about to experience circulation like you have never experienced in your life. Naturally relaxed blood vessels that move blood to where it needs to go.

This formula is so proprietary and unique it is covered by a world wide patent.

Luckily for me and for you, you’ll have this formula in your possession in about 1 minute and 30 seconds from now... and you will once again experience waking up in the morning with normal blood pressure.   

I urge you to act quickly because the supply of this special extract from the Deep Sea is extremely limited and...
Once It is Gone, It is Gone!

And I won’t know how long I’ll be able to resupply with a fresh order.

Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Product

Like I said, there’s not enough bottles to go around for every single person reading this page. So please only order if you’re deadly serious about restoring your heart function.

It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order 1, 3 or more bottles and never do anything with the product. 

Are we clear? If so, great because I have some exciting news.

The regular price for Deep C is $120 per bottle- which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration:

1. The active ingredient has been proven as the most effective blood pressure management tool in the world with patents, clinical trials and a Nobel Prize.

2. Every single bottle is manufactured in the USA and goes through strict purification procedures, as well as being manufactured in an FDA registered facility under GMP Practices- the gold standard in manufacturing.

3. Deep C is NOT available in any stores until later in 2017 due to the difficulty of extracting this Nitric Oxide enhancing formula from the Great Salt Lake. Then, it goes through a long process of purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA.
But You Will Not Pay 
You Won't Even Pay

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And if by some small chance that it is not everything you thought it was, you are protected by my triple guarantee!

ONLY $67
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You are Probably Wondering Why I Would Give you Such a Drastic Price Break?

Even given the fact that hundreds of human clinical trials have been performed- the science community wants more and more research. That way we can add to the impressive body of clinical studies that already exist. It will help us to bring the product price down and make it more affordable for every man and woman who may be struggling with heart health. 

In the meantime, I have instructed the lab to set aside additional raw material so we are able to grow the already vast body of evidence to show the long term advantages of Deep C.


For only $1.63 cents per day- way less than you pay for a coffee- you can enjoy the best blood pressure readings of your life, better heart health, and more energy so you can enjoy friends and loved ones.

Are You Ready To Experience The Power of Deep C
You do not even have to make a decision today.

What do I mean by that? 

I am so confident that Deep C is going to be a Godsend to you, I am going to do something that goes against the normal rules of business. 

You can try Deep C- not just for 1 month or even 2 months – but for 3 FULL MONTHS and if, for any reason at all you are not thrilled with the results, simply return the bottles, even if they are empty and I will buy them back. 

My intuition tells me that you really need these nutrients. And, if your blood pressure does not improve (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money. 

So let’s summarize one more time... 

Deep C helps to nourish your body with a clinically proven circulation boosting deep sea FAR infrared, which induces Nobel Prize winning Nitric Oxide 
  •  Normalize Blood Pressure
  •  Increase Healthy Circulation
  •  Improve Heart Health
  •  Promote Healthy Arterial Function
  •  Boost Daily Energy
Deep C is Completely Different Than The Low Quality Supplements You See on Store Shelves

Most of these other companies pack in fillers and low doses of the active ingredients to save on cost- that’s why they can sell these supplements for $29 or $39. And I ask you? How did they work for you?

I thought so! 

Deep C uses an FDA Registered facility that is GMP certified. I know that may not mean anything to you…yet it means that you can have the added protection that all Deep C is made in the USA and FREE of All Contaminants.

That literally limits the supply of this amazing ocean water extract, because the supply of raw material is limited.

PLUS: the production process used to extract the active ingredient and then purify and certify it takes several months.

Yet, I am about to show you how you can reserve your own personal supply today ( as long as you act quickly)

Which Is Why You Must Take Action NOW!

Imagine never having to worry about your heart or blood pressure again, a mind full of confidence, plus an energy and vitality second to none… 

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When They’re Gone...
They’re Gone.

So Right NOW You Have Two Options, As I See It…

Option 1…

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Option 2…

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I’m so confident that Deep C will work for you that I’m willing to put my butt on the line whether you order 1 bottle, or the most popular 3 bottles. It doesn’t matter.

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As you continue to use Deep C, you will notice some changes…

1. If you don’t notice a heightened sense of circulation and more energy, just simply send back the bottle with a little note saying it didn’t work.

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You Are Part Of An Exclusive Group

Not everybody has access to Deep C.

When I say that the supplies are limited, I am not just saying that- supplies are truly limited- It is very difficult to excavate the liquid infrared because it resides in a very specific part of the Great Salt Lake or the deepest parts of the ocean.

Once the sea minerals have been extracted, they are sent to the laboratory for purification, sterilization, and extraction of the active ingredients and finally, bottling in an FDA Registered facility.

We are very likely to be able to offer you up to 1500 bottles at this time!

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Can You Imagine Energy Like You Had 10-20 years Ago- with Full Confidence that your Heart and Blood Pressure was Normal

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Do NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years. All without the fear of high blood pressure.

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It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with your friends and family.

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If you want to experience normal blood pressure and
If you want to experience for yourself the wonders of Deep C… and feel with your own body why scientists say this is “The Most Substantial Blood Pressure Breakthrough in Our History”-

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Frequently Asked Questions...
Please Note: High Blood Pressure can be the result of an unhealthy diet, being stressed or overweight, taking certain prescription drugs, bad blood flow and brain health issues. So everyone needs to check with their doctor before they try any supplement program.

Where is Pharm Origins Deep C Manufactured?

  • Pharm Origins Deep C is a "Grade A" [This grading is usually for Food, not Dietary Supplements] Product made exclusively in a USA GMP-Compliant facility that is FDA Registered, Inspected, and passed. The active ingredients are cultivated from the Great Salt lake and inspected for strength and purity before being used in the product.

How does Pharm Origins Deep C formula compare to prescription drugs, and other heart and blood pressure medicines?

  • Pharm Origins Deep C formula is nourishment for the body and gives you nutritional support. Drugs treat the symptoms directly and not the whole body. Prescription drugs only work when you take them. With Pharm Origins Deep C formula you have constant protection against high blood pressure and other heart related issues that affect your overall health.

What studies have been done on Pharm Origins Deep C Formula?

  • The Key ingredient in the Pharm Origins Deep C Formula is Ionic Magnesium which is excavated exclusively for Fusion IONZ from the Great Salt Lake.  Magnesium has been linked to relaxation of blood vessels, heart muscle action, as well as being responsible for the function of over 350 enzymes in your body.

What kind of results are people reporting with Pharm Origins Deep C Formula?

  • By taking Pharm Origins Deep C Formula on a daily, regular basis you are boosting your body’s natural ability to produce nitric oxide, which is a Nobel Prize winning technology that allows your blood vessels to expand and relax, thereby, enhancing circulation without the need for stimulants.  As well as helping with circulation, there are many other benefits of taking the Pharm Origins Deep C Formula including increased cognition, and pain relief.

How do I take it?

  • The recommended dosage is 40 drops or 4mL per day.  Each dose includes about 500mg of Ionic Magnesium.  Always consult a physician before beginning any supplement program.  Individual results will vary. 

Should I take with food?

  • You can take the supplements with or without food, but many experts take your dosage just before a meal for maximum absorption.

Can I take this with my other medications?

  • There is no research that shows any reactions to any medications. However, it is always advisable to consult your doctor before beginning any new routine. 

Are there side effects to taking Pharm Origins Deep C Formula?

  • Pharm Origins Deep C Formula is an all-natural product, and many clinical trials show no adverse side effects. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not use without consulting a physician.  If you are under a physician’s care or taking medication, consult your healthcare professional before using this product. 

How long before I notice a difference?

  • Everyone's body is different, and how quickly you see results will depend on your diet and lifestyle. Some customers have been reporting immediate or significant results within one or two days while others need longer for the ingredients to build up in their systems. In many clinical studies, maximum benefits are reported in 4-6 weeks.
Harvard Medical School Synopsis – FAR Infrared Technology: Biological effects and medical applications
FIR Radiation is a wavelength on the electromagnetic scale. FIR energy is not only absorbed by the body but is also emitted by the body. FIR is a type of thermal radiation that has been used over time to treat different ailments. As research has grown, so has the usage of the FIR radiation for different ailments and diseases. FIR radiation is absorbed by the body and effects overall body function at a cellular level depending on the frequency/strength emitted. One of the main benefits of FIR infrared wavelength is the effect it has on the body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide. It was also found in certain laboratory testing to quicken the healing processes when applied to wounds. It was also found to increase the cellular functionality and life over time. In another study, FIR technology was applied to certain cancerous tissues and was found to be an effective medical treatment in for some types of cancers. 

Tourmaline used as an FIR emitter was found in clinical studies to not only help with blood flow, but to increase cell health as well as treat and reduce inflammation. FIR also helped with cell repair and cell strength over time. FIR wavelength has been found to help sleep, treat pain, as well as improve cell reproduction and quality.
Magnesium and Blood Pressure
Magnesium is an essential mineral that is responsible for over 300 enzymatic reactions in the body. When it comes to heart health, magnesium is essential to how the body processes other crucial health centric minerals such as potassium and calcium. Calcium works to contract muscles while magnesium helps muscles relax. Without the proper amount of Magnesium, your blood vessels cannot relax to ensure proper blood flow, which results in high blood pressure.
The Health Benefits of FAR Infrared Therapy
FAR Infrared rays are used to gently heal, soothe, stimulate and detox the physical body. They can penetrate all layers of the human body including inner most regions of the tissues, muscles and bone. FAR Infrared therapy uses these waves of energy to elevate the surface temperature of the body. When there is a slight temperature increase, we can enhance our body’s functioning on multiple levels. Far Infrared therapy very gently increases blood flow by expanding the capillaries that carry blood. It also increases oxygenation and regeneration of blood, which helps detoxify blood and improve functionality of all major organs in the body.
FAR Infrared Radiation (FIR): Its Biological Effects and Medical Applications
In one set of studies, Ting-Kai Leung showed that cermamic - emiited FIR could increase the generation of intracellular nitric oxide in breast cancer cells and inhibit growth of murine melanoma cells. The same research group studied rheumatoid arthritis, and found those treated with FIR noticed a significant decrease in inflammation.  
The Effects of FIR on Human Body
FIR promotes oxygenation operation of the body, which prevents fat from being stored and promotes general well-being. FIR also gives energy that stimulates metabolism and removes fatigue. FIR can be used as a physical therapy for muscle and nervous system problems. It balances the operation of the nervous system by relieving muscle pain.
Nitric Oxide – Your Natural Guard Against Hypertension
Nitric Oxide is a powerful vasodilator, relaxing blood vessels and increasing oxygen and blood flow. One study found that people with atherosclerosis, diabetes or hyper tension often showed impaired nitric oxide pathways. Nitric oxide also increases performance and endurance and protects blood vessels from vascular aging.  
Nitric Oxide in Hypertension
Increasing nitric oxide in your blood can open constricted blood vessels and lower your blood pressure. Evidence suggests that nitric oxide plays a key role in regulating blood pressure and that impaired Nitric Oxide bioactivity is a key component of hypertension. Mice with disruption of the gene for endothelial nitric oxide synthase have elevated blood pressure levels compared to control animals, suggesting a genetic component to the link between impaired nitric oxide bioactivity and hypertension.
Acute Effects of an Oral Nitric Oxide Supplement on Blood Pressure, Endothelial Function, and Vascular Compliance in Hypertensive Patients
Nitric Oxide is naturally produced in many kinds of cells and organ systems. It is an integral molecule in regulating blood pressure and maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. Specifically, nitric oxide is the endothelium-derived relaxing factor first described by Furchgott in 1980. It is produced or generated in the vasculature then diffuses into the underlying smooth muscle causing these muscles to relax. This helps with a reduction in the systemic blood pressure and increases blood flow and oxygen delivery to specific vascular beds.
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