2018 Medical University Research Unveils a Heart Discovery...
Hidden Cardiac Hormone REGENERATES Damaged Heart Tissue Instantly Lowering Blood Pressure.
What you are NOW reading about is the MOST POWERFUL heart active ingredient in the world.
Yes, it is even more powerful than dangerous and expensive “wonder” heart meds.
I am Clint Winters, Pharm Origins Founder, medical author and natural health expert. 

This page and the information contained on it is very near and dear to my heart. 

A few years ago I was diagnosed with a heart abnormality named “Atrial Fibrillation” (AFIB). From the day of diagnosis, my life was changed, FOREVER.

From going to the ER and being strapped to a hospital bed with all kinds of wires on my chest, to the plethora of “lifetime” meds I was prescribed. 

All in all, everything was suddenly different. 
If you have ever entered the hospital with a heart condition, you know how scary it can be. I did not want to die and I surely did not want to be a slave to medication my whole life. 

What you are reading today is a direct result of my continued research and almost daily analysis of on going cardiac clinical trials. 

This dedication to research uncovered the greatest heart ingredient the medical world has seen in last 100 years.

Best of all, it was JUST discovered this past January, so you are on the Cutting Edge.

I am seeing it CHANGE LIVES on a daily basis. In fact, it is the ONLY known biologic that works to repair previously damaged cardiac tissue.

You are NOW learning about a substance that can change your life. Once I personally learned the information, I do not go a SINGLE day with supplementing. 

My activities are no longer limited. I am not classified as the “guy with the heart condition”. I now function just like everyone else around me, many times better. 

I am NOT limited, I am empowered by this information. 

My Life depends on it, and you will understand why in the NEXT 5 Minutes. 
Your Heart is Slowly Dying Because of This...
If you start by reading this, the rest of this information will make sense.
After hours and hours of research, pages and pages of documentation, and thousands of clinical trials, the next paragraph summarizes how and why we prematurely die from cardiac events.
Our heart is a muscle, and like any other muscle, it atrophies and breaks down with age. In a “weakened” state it becomes MUCH more susceptible to disease and sudden failure.
The entire page is how to SIDE STEP the cardiac aging process. As you will read, there is a natural hormone that will keep your heart beating strong, well past its prime.
In fact, is it the ONLY clinically studied active ingredient that physically restores and repairs lost tissue, PHYSICALLY taking years of damage off of your heart.
You can read this page with HOPE! You now have a clinically proven way to REVERSE cardiac aging and live a longer life.
Everything you need to know is contained below.
Imagine Rebuilding Your Damaged Heart Tissue, and NORMALIZING Blood Pressure.
The American way of Life is Brutal on our Heart. This is how you REVERSE the Damage and ADD Years to your Life.
Pollution, bad diets, pharmaceuticals… all of these these elements CAUSE cell level inflammation and tear down our precious heart tissue. 

This is why we are on the verge of a total heart epidemic. 
It is getting worse by the day...
But, what if you could erase all of your past damage and rebuild those crucial heart fibers. 
Imagine having a solution that would instantly go to work, repairing years of damage, boosting your heart function and normalizing your blood pressure.

This is not a fairy tale! This is now sound and proven science discovered by a top cardiac University. 

This research broke in January, and I have worked with my research team day and night to bring this heart building hormone to fruition. 

It has been 8 months and your wait is NOW over. In the next few paragraphs, you are going to learn about a hormone VERY few in the United States know of..

I personally use this daily to rebuild my heart and outperform people half may age.

It is my cardiac secret weapon and we are sharing it with the world. 
Did you know 50% of the United States NOW has High BP?
Be honest, how is your blood pressure? As more and more drugs are released our numbers keep getting higher and higher. 
In January of 2018, the American Heart Association dropped some astounding news. 

More than 103 million US adults have high blood pressure. This in over 50% of ALL adults in the United States.
“With the aging of the population and increased life expectancy, the prevalence of high blood pressure is expected to continue to increase,” 
- epidemiologist Dr. Paul Muntner
In fact, heart health is becoming such an epidemic that federal guidelines rated hypertension as any number higher than 130 Over 80. The guidelines used to be 140 over 90. The national change was implemented so patients would begin getting help sooner.

Once this change was enacted, the number of Americans with “high blood pressure” has shot up. 

Even worse, the death rates are getting OUT OF CONTROL. 
Death Rates RISE, As Disease Progress Stalls
Simply put, your heart drugs are NO LONGER working. You need to find solutions “out of the box” before it is too late.
I will be honest, these stats are not going to make sense. It is counterintuitive to believe the cardiac death rates are SEVERELY rising, even though more and more heart drugs are being invented and distributed.
Here are some sobering facts:
  •  From 2011 to 2015 cardiac related deaths rose by 38%
  •  The rise from 2015 to 2018 has not been fully factored but it is substantial. 
  •  Cardiac Events are the leading killer in the United States.
So, what are these stats telling us? Newly invented heart drugs are doing NOTHING to curb the cardiac problem. More people are dying than ever.

If you were to look to your right or to your left, one of you will be gone within the next 10 years from a cardiac event.

It is TIME for you to think outside the box and do something that actually repairs old damage, fortifying your heart for the future. 

You NOW KNOW a heart secret, before ANYONE else in the country.
Armed with THIS information, you can begin to REBUILD your heart and REDUCE the chances of sudden cardiac death. 
I can tell you that I don't gamble because I don't like the odds. Well, our heart death odds are WORSE than ever. I am not sitting idle, I am changing the odds.
“The World Doesn’t Need a New Wonder Heart Drug, We Already Have One Right Here”
This is the Famous quote from Dr. Tadeusz Malinski that lead to the Greatest Heart Ingredient EVER Released. 
Best of all, it was discovered in January of 2018. This is late breaking information that the general public does NOT know. 

A new study from the world renowned Ohio University Center for Cardiac Health has pinpointed a natural hormone that is a “game changer” against heart attacks, high blood pressure and heart disease.
This world leading team developed unique methods and systems of measurements using nanosensors. These sensors are about 1,000 times smaller in diameter than a human hair. 

These sensors can track individual hormonal effects on single cardiac cells.

Their nanosensors are able to pinpoint and find the EXACT nutrients or hormones that are beneficial for the heart.
Their research discovered ONE in particular that rebuilds damaged cardiac tissue, at the cell level. It literally erases heart cell damage and aging. 
Here is what they found in a Nutshell:
These studies, are the first to identify a natural hormone named Calcifediol and its
ability to restore damaged endothelium (heart tissue) in the heart structure. 

While these studies were performed using a cellular model of hypertension, the implication of Calcifediol on dysfunctional endothelium is much broader. 
In layman's terms: It not only worked to lower blood pressure, but it was also available to rebuild damaged cells.
The dysfunction of endothelium, meaning "damaged heart tissue" is a common denominator of several cardiovascular diseases, particularly those associated with ischemic events (Sudden Heart Failure)

If you can repair past cardiac tissue damage you instantly FORTIFY yourself from life ending cardiac events.
What they found changes Heart Treatments Forever...
"Professor Malinksi has an international reputation for outstanding and innovative research related to the cardiovascular system," Ohio University Dean of Arts and Sciences Robert Frank said. "This latest work is yet another example of his impact on this field."
“Cardiac Hormone” Discovery Regenerates NEW and Healthy Heart Tissue
There is not a Single “High Dollar” Medication that can Actually Repair Old Damage. This Discovery Changes Everything for MILLIONS facing Cardiac Events.
When you erase old heart damage, you DRASTICALLY lower the risk of life ending cardiac events. 
These Events Include:
  •  Death from Heart Disease (Our Leading Killer)
  •  Heart Attacks
  •  Sudden Congestive Heart Failure
According to the medical research on this page, you can avoid all of these events by giving your heart daily nourishment and rebuilding past tissue.

Imagine beating the odds. Imagine being the ONE person in your community not affected by cardiac issues because you know a SECRET

Armed with this knowledge, you can regenerate damaged heart tissue and restore lost function.

This is NO LONGER a “what if”. This is NOW proven medical science and it is AVAILABLE, RIGHT NOW without a prescription.
Once this Pure “heart nourishing” hormone enters your bloodstream it goes to work repairing cardiac tissues and normalizing blood pressure.
Many clinical trial patients have reported feeling almost an INSTANT energy boost as their heart operates more efficiently. 

This is exactly what I feel on a daily basis, my energy and well being has never been better. 

Day by day, week by week, this nourishing hormone REPAIRS your cardiac damage, leaving you with a renewed, healthy heart, and the feeling of absolute well being.

Let’s face it, your heart health is EVERYTHING! 

It is time for you to REGROW a YOUNGER heart and put cardiac risk behind you. You NO LONGER have to be a statistic. You can fight back using cutting edge technology, which is JUST NOW being released publicly. 
How would it feel to NEVER worry about Heart Disease again?
Life ending Heart Disease is the leading killer in the United States. You can have the peace of mind making a SINGLE decision that gives you the medical "Leg Up".
I wake up daily and my heart condition is NO LONGER on my list of concerns. In fact, it is no longer in my top 5. 

How can I be this confident? You will be as well after reading this page in full. Unlike many things in life, medical science operates as fact. 

Certain substances and medications do certain things to all human tissues.
Well, this cardiac hormone discovery rebuilds damaged tissue. That is NOW PROVEN using nanosensors! I rest easy at night and operate "care free" during the day because I know my heart is being preserved.
I know my old cardiac damage is being reversed and I KNOW my heart will operate YOUNGER and more effectively than people half my age. 

My heart is improving EVERY single day because of the simple knowledge preserved on this page. 

You deserve to use this information to GAIN cardiac peace of mind. For once in your life, get ahead of the curb and be a part of the group “in the know”

You can start repairing and rebuilding your heart today. In fact, imagine the look on your cardiologist face when your heart tissues APPEAR younger. 

It is your turn to be the smartest guy/gal in the room.  It is your time to outperform everyone physically and mentally because your "energy system" is top notch. 
You Have EXCLUSIVE Access...
You are in the RIGHT place at the RIGHT time to take advantage of this heart rebuilding Super Hormone.
This is not a solution you are going to find on WebMD. It is not something you are going to find on Dr. Mercola.com or at your local Nutrition Shop. 

Today’s information is unique and YOU have exclusive access. You will gain access to this oil suspended hormone for IMMEDIATE consumption. 

You will understand the clinical trial backing that has led us to this innovation, and how we are able to achieve such a medical feat. 
You are fully in the know! Your cardiac life will change as you know. When the rest of the nation is struggling with cardiac events and rising death rates - you know the “medically proven” secret.

This is why Pharm Origins is the greatest medical research company in the world. It takes us a while to release a new formula - But when we do, they are medically backed and life-altering. 
{Unveiled} What is this Heart Building Hormone?
This incredibly important hormone has been linked to tremendous health benefits BEFORE it was linked to REBUILDING Heart Tissue.
This incredible discovery is a natural hormone named Calcifediol. It is also known as Calcidiol or 25-hydroxycholecalciferol.  

Traditionally, levels of Calcifediol have been examined to indicate the level of Calcium absorption in the body. This is extremely helpful for those with bone disease.

However, the hypothesis was it could affect cardiac tissue on a microlevel.
The Initial Hint: Calcifediol Reduces Mortality Rate

A 2012 registry study of the population of Copenhagen, Denmark, found a correlation between both low and high serum levels and increased mortality, with a level of 50–60 nmol/L being associated with the lowest mortality. The study did not show causation.

This study is what tipped off medical researchers. Normally, when a substance INCREASES life span, it positively affects the heart. 

A healthy heart DIRECTLY leads to a longer life.  However, researchers had no idea their hypothesis would lead to a breakthrough of this caliber.
In January 2018 (As Seen Here), a groundbreaking cardiac clinical trial concluded that Calcifediol is the ONLY known substance to REBUILD damaged cardiac tissue, reversing wear and tear from the cardiac muscle.
Clinically Proven Benefits
Please realize that all of these benefits have been proven in medical facilities around the world. The body of research is growing daily based on medical excitement.
  •  Restores Damaged Heart Tissue
  •  Boosts Cardiac Circulation
  •  Stimulates Nitric Oxide Flow normalizing Blood Pressure
  •  Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  •  Reduces Risk of Heart Attack
  •  Reduces risk of Congestive Heart Failure
  •  Regulates and Normalizes Blood Pressure
To say this is scratching the surface is an understatement. We are not even close to understanding the full benefit of Calcifediol and the heart. At this point, the medical possibilities are endless for anything that rebuilds cardiac tissue.
How Does this Hormone Work Inside the Body?
This fast acting hormone is absorbed sublingually, and goes to work restoring cardiac tissue and normalizing Nitric Oxide.
Overall, Hormone’s like hormones are known to be very fast acting and affect the human body almost immediately. 

Just like testosterone builds human muscle tissue QUICKLY, Calcifediol builds cardiac muscle tissue. 
As the breakthrough heart research has shown, once Calcifediol is absorbed in the bloodstream, it has the ability to restore damaged cardiovascular cells while protecting those that are currently healthy.
This “restorative” function of Calcifediol is of major clinical importance Before and even AFTER a major cardiac event, especially a heart attack.
This function is also connected to rebuilding blood vessels after a stroke, diabetes and atherosclerosis. In turn, this breakthrough has a way of quickly normalizing blood pressure.

Normalized circulation is the FASTEST way to normalized blood pressure.

A variation of this hormone is ALREADY being used successfully to treat bone diseases due to its ability to streamline human nutrient absorption and circulation. 
"There are not many, if any, known systems which can be used to restore cardiovascular endothelial cells which are already damaged, and Calcifidiol can do it," Malinski said. "This is a very simple solution to repair the cardiovascular system. We don't have to develop a new drug. We already have it."

How Does it Quickly Normalize Blood Pressure?
Introducing the Miracle Molecule, Backed by a 1998 Nobel Prize in Health
In very recent cardiac tests, calcifediol has become a PROVEN way to dramatically increase the “miracle molecule,” Nitric Oxide.

Nitric Oxide won a Nobel Prize for Medical benefit in 1998 due to it’s cardiac effects.  

You see, high blood pressure is caused when your heart has to beat HARDER to pump blood through the body. Think of it like a hose. The more pressure it has to apply to move the blood, the more pressure builds up in your veins.
When your body releases Nitric Oxide, your veins gently expand, allowing blood to flow easier, taking stress off of your heart. This innovation is able to quickly and easily normalize your blood pressure.

Calcifediol improves Nitric Oxide flow, decreases blood pressure ALL THE WHILE repairing and protecting vital heart tissues.
University Validated in 2018 As the Most Potent Heart Treatment In the World
To Date, There is Nothing Stronger and More Proven.
You are reading cutting edge data. As you have seen over the years, many innovations are based upon age old data. In theory, this is fine, but “late breaking” clinical data normally leads to the most astounding biological breakthroughs.

Best of all, you are getting access before anyone else.

Before this year, Calcifediol was known as a “bone hormone”. Scientists had not yet figured out its relation to overall heart health. 
Once that pivotal clinical trial concluded, they were able to make an affirmative statement about the effects of Calcifediol on the heart. 

“Calcifediol has been fundamentally proven to rebuild damaged cardiac tissue much like it rebuilds bone matter. Nothing else in the world is proven to have this biological benefit”
(Controversial Statement) Prescription Strength Cardiac Treatment
This is a very controversial statement, but the science cannot be disputed. This powerful cardiac hormone has the ability to restore damaged cardiac tissues while normalizing blood pressure.
There is nothing else in the world like it, not even pharmaceuticals.

If you look up the latest, greatest and most expensive heart meds in the world, NONE have anywhere close to this level of proven cardiac benefit.
Calcifediol is NOW known throughout the medical community as the single strongest cardiac ingredient in the world. 
As researchers said, nothing has ever been found to actually rebuild damaged tissue.

Armed with this knowledge you can normalize your blood pressure and begin restoring your damaged heart tissues right away. 

It has changed my life forever...
You Have Access BEFORE Anyone...
You are the very first to gain access to this incredible active ingredient. 
As one of our customers, you are exclusive. You are on the cutting edge of medical science. You will not find this solution at ANY health store, or even online for that matter. 

We are the first in the world to bring this exciting active ingredient to the public, without a need for a prescription. 
You have now seen all of the reports and read the information. You are the first to know about this heart health secret that will change life for millions.
The Innovative Production Process...
The research was apparent, but the production method took MONTHS to decipher
First We Had to Find a Natural Source of Calcifediol…

This trick is how are are able to naturally sell “prescription strength” products, without joining the dark side of Big Pharma. 

Here are Some Key Thoughts
  •  If you find an extract a hormone from a Natural source, it is still 100% natural product.
  •  If you genetically create a synthetic hormone in a lab, it is a pharmaceutical.
Now, here is the intriguing part. A hormone is a hormone, whether it is naturally derived or made in a lab, it does the SAME thing to the human body. 

It is our argument that naturally derived hormones are SAFER because they originated SAFELY in a natural source.
After months of exhausting biological of investigation, we determined organic Cholecalciferol found in sheeps wool had the STRONGEST concentration of Calcifediol.
In fact, this hormone is why Sheeps wool is able to grow to fast. The cells in sheeps wool and the human heart are nearly identical. 
Natural Hormone Extraction and Concentration.
There is a series of TWO extractions that happen before this raw substance becomes the final suspended hormone. 

First all of, the natural wool is broken down and 100% of the Cholecalciferol is naturally extracted. 

Once extracted, it is ready to go through the proprietary “Ethyl Extraction” process to remove the 100% PURE and POTENT Calcifediol. 
This manual process takes between 10 and 14 days where lab assistants have to check nutrient concentrations. The molecular makeup of the hormone dictates how long it takes to fully extract. 

Our FDA registered lab assistants check the hormone concentrations daily until 100% is achieved. 

Please be aware, how we extract and what we use to extract is our proprietary process which is NOW “Process Patent” pending.

This process allows us to extract hormones which are normally highly sensitive.

Once the hormone is fully and safely extracted, it is ready to be liquid suspended for human consumption.
“Oil Transport” Increases Human Absorption by 33%.
Once Extracted, we suspended active Calcifediol in “heart healthy” organic, extra virgin Olive Oil for immediate absorption.

We had the choice to deliver this hormone in a variety of transports, including different variations of water and alcohol solutions. 

After many months of research, our medical research timed decided upon a “heart healthy” fat transport system. During clinical trials, this SPECIFIC transport increased the absorption speed by over 33%. 
This is a MAJOR improvement over the Control. This production decision allows your body to absorb this critical hormone faster so it can get to work IMPROVING your heart health. 
The Result: The Most Potent Heart Sublingual in the World
After that entire process, we are proud to announce that we have created the FIRST ever suspended Calcifediol “cardiac hormone” supplement. This hormone is ready for immediate consumption and absorption. 

This is the FIRST TIME this “heart building” hormone has been released in the United States.
This “Heart Treatment” Boosts Daily Energy
Yes, you can actually feel it! Did you know that when you enhance cardiac function, daily energy comes rushing back?
Did you know that the first sign of a heart condition, is a chronic lack of energy? Your heart muscle powers your functions, and without it working, you will NEVER feel good again!

However, on the positive side, when you NOURISH your heart, you will feel better than ever!
From the moment you ingest PURE Calcifediol, it goes to work nourishing and healing your heart tissues which INSTANTLY gives you a surge of energy!
Seriously, I can’t wait for you to try it! It is actually an amazing feeling of Euphoria.

According to the American Heart Association...

a tired feeling all the time and difficulty with everyday activities, such as shopping, climbing stairs, carrying groceries or walking, are signs of a lack of energy. 

The heart can't pump enough blood to meet the needs of body tissues. The body diverts blood away from less vital organs, particularly muscles in the limbs, and sends it to the heart and brain.
We took all of THIS Valuable Information and We put it to the Test...
You are now reading about our Pharm Origins placebo based clinical trial.  
As you know, Pharm Origins has been around since 2011, and we have built up quite a customer base. 
Many routinely use our heart supplements to protect their cardiac health. 
We selected our longest running customers and offered them a chance to be part of our internal clinical trial.  
Overall, we wanted to test the following over 90 Days 
  •  Does Calcifediol Normalize BP?
  •  Is there a noticeable cardiac improvement (heartbeat strength, rhythm, pulse rate) 
  •  Would anything show on a CT Scan?
  •  Would human performance improve?
Gathering the participants was the easy part, as everyone we contacted was excited to test something “ground breaking”
After we selected our final age and gender split test group, we brought everyone in for their first evaluation. 
Here are the tests we performed. 
  •  We tested current blood pressure.
  •  We tested heartbeat health and pulse. 
  •  We took a current CT scan to view the heart tissue.
  •  We tested heart health after a 400 meter run/walk.
After these tests were documented, we split up the participants into two groups – “placebo” and “non placebo”.  
The placebo group took 2 ml of pure organic olive oil on a daily basis, and the “Non Placebo” group received 2ml of suspended Calcifediol. 
After that, we just waited, anxiously excited. What came next was truly shocking.  
Now, I expected positive results because of the science and how it helped me.  
But again, these results were staggering.   
Here is a summary: 
These results came from the Non Placebo group: 
  •  100% of the group experienced lower blood pressure, with the average reduction being 29.67%. 
  •  100% of the participants saw healthier beat function in regards to their rhythm and pulse rate.  
  •  This is crucial for those with my condition of AFIB.
Now, this was the part that was truly stunning. The CT scan actually showed NEW tissue in areas, and healthier tissue in others.  
Participants could see the tissue regeneration with their own eyes, as could the researchers. 
This was truly fascinating to see, and extremely exciting from a research prospective.  
Finally, we were able to test human performance. Once again, 100% improvement across the board. Every single participant completed their physical activity better than the 90 days prior. 
It should be noted that the participants were not asked to change any other facets including diet or workout protocols.  
This simple hormone addition created a cardiovascular performance benefit. 
As far as the Placebo group, they stayed nearly the same across the board with small improvements. Now, this does lend to the thought that daily healthy fats can boost cardiovascular health. 
In Summary: Clinical Trial participants saw all of the same improvements I saw myself. In fact, many of their improvements were more profound.  
Once the results were in, we moved ahead on producing what we NOW believe is the world’s best heart booster.  
After the clinical concluded, we had a plethora of stories to choose from,  here are just a few...
I Feel Really Dumb for Waiting…
“As I have gotten older I have been worried about my family history in relation to heart health. I honestly thought heart medication was unavoidable, especially as I personally began to have issues. One of my friends writes for a medical journal and she told me about Calcifediol. I went online, registered as a trial participant with NO expectations. All I can say is I feel dumb for waiting! All of my cardiac numbers are now normalized, including my blood pressures. All of this was accomplished without taking a single pill. Cholafarin truly is a natural heart miracle.”
Johanna Parry, Brattleboro, VT
I Seriously Couldn’t Believe it…
“I’ve dealt with high blood pressure for several years of my life. I honestly thought it couldn’t be done unless I made some lifestyle changes. Turns out, I couldn’t be any more wrong, and I couldn’t be any happier. I got to try Calcifediol for free, you know, as a participant, and I was blown away with the results! Truly amazing. My blood pressure tested normal at my last doctor’s appointment! I seriously couldn’t believe it. Thank you thank you thank you guys for getting this information out there! More people like me need to know about this!”
Kaleb Higgins, Lincoln, NE
There’s Nothing Else Like this on the Market…
“For ten years now, I’ve been taking prescription drugs and natural medicine to help balance my heart levels and nothing worked. Ten years, for crying out loud! I stumbled upon this new heart product called Cholafarin, and they actually allowed me to test it out for free. I won’t lie, I was afraid to try this at first. I mean, there’s nothing else like this on the market. After taking it, I now know my fears were misplaced. Nothing I’ve taken has worked as well as Chloafarin. My levels are lower, which shocked even my doctor. Thank you so much. I haven’t felt this good in years!”
Shannon Burke, Garland, TX 
These are Just a FEW of the Many... and MORE and MORE are pouring in daily from our test group!  Their heart health is better than ever.
In Summary
Your Heart is NO LONGER a Ticking Time Bomb  
I started feeling tired one Thursday, and by Sunday my ENTIRE life had changed. It was like a bad dream! All of the sudden, a majority of the things I loved were taken away.  

I now had to “be careful” during activities and strength training was a forbidden distant memory.
I was supposed to take heart drugs starting now and FOREVER after that.  

It was like I was instantly proclaimed “older” with a heart defect, a defect that would eventually kill me.  

However, I DID NOT lie down. I DID NOT accept those terms and I went back to what I knew how to do – research. 

Luckily, my research led me to this incredible breakthrough, and I didn’t have to search the far reaches of the globe. It was right in Ohio! 

Today, I am healthier than ever, living my life on my own terms. I am stronger than ever and constantly perform better than men half my age. 
I have not taken a DAY of medication and my AFIB cardiac signs are a very distant memory.  
I am no different than you. I am not bionic. Regardless if you purchase this hormone or not, remember, you do have a choice. You CAN feel better than ever.

Your heart is NOT a ticking time bomb! 

With all of that said, let’s summarize the benefits, one last time.  
  •  Restores Damaged Heart Tissue
  •  Boosts Cardiac Circulation
  •  Stimulates Nitric Oxide Flow normalizing Blood Pressure
  •  Reduces Risk of Heart Disease
  •  Reduces Risk of Heart Attack
  •  Reduces risk of Congestive Heart Failure
  •  Regulates and Normalizes Blood Pressure
Attention: You are NOW entering a secure order area. This EXCLUSIVE area is reserved for current customers and subscribers. 
Introducing the First Ever Heart Rebuilding Hormone, for IMMEDIATE US Release.
It is the only active ingredient clinically proven to regenerate damaged heart tissue.
Disclaimer: You are purchasing 100% pure suspended Calcifediol, the heavily researched heart building hormone. 
100% Pure Calcifediol is OFFICIALLY the strongest cardiac ingredient in the world, and the ONLY one proven to rebuild heart tissue after years of damage.

This hormone is so powerful the top cardiac hospitals in the world have declared it a “heart health” miracle.

Thanks to Pharm Origins Ethyl Extraction, you are now one of the first in the world to have access to this “heart building” hormone.
This is not available anywhere else in the world, and you do not need a prescription.

You can NOW try it and experience its “heart building” effects just a few short minutes from now.

Just think, you are taking your first step towards the best heart health of your life.

That’s right, you are moments away from rebuilding crucial heart tissue and wiping away years of damage.

When your heart is functioning TOP NOTCH, your blood pressure will be normalized and you will feel a daily energy boost.

Best of all, you will side step the pitfalls of an aging heart. You can walk tall knowing that you have optimized heart health on your side, once and for all.
Big Pharma Does Not Want You To See These Results (Here is Why)
If you are an American with a heart defect, you are worth $500 or more a month to Big Pharma... AND THEY KNOW IT
To the pharmaceutical industry, you and your heart condition are worth over $500 a month to them. This makes up billions and billions in an ever expanding industry. 

This is why this Ground Breaking Study is a bit scary. It proved this incredible active hormone rebuilds aging heart tissue.

Better than the very expensive and dangerous heart meds, Cholafarin is head and shoulders above the rest.
Please know, we will not lay down to the fight. We have been delivering powerful natural solutions since 2011 that routinely fly in the face of Big Pharma.  We are not stopping now!
Disclaimer: This is a LIVE “heart building” Hormone. 
Technically, live hormones are genetically engineered In labs, thus becoming a formal “biologic” or pharmaceutical.
Our extraction process is 100% natural and extracted from a natural source. By the laws of the land, it is classified as a natural process – But that could change any moment. 

Essentially, this is already on the radar of Big Pharma, so we can’t guarantee On-Going Inventory if we receive a bad ruling.

Again, Big Pharma does not like this type of competition, especially when a natural ingredient out performs a synthetic. It can and will cost them billions.

You will be the first to know if the legality ever changes.
This is Pharmaceutical Grade Cardiac Support…
This naturally extracted and suspended hormone is every bit as strong and effective as any cardiac treatment every developed.
Best of all, it is NOT a chemical and DOES NOT have any known side effects!
Now You Can…
  •  Safely Rebuild Your Cardiac Tissue
  •  Reverse Years of Cardiac Damage
The Cardiac Hormone Has A Production Limit...
We REALLY REALLY don’t want to limit, but our natural extraction process is 100% natural and manual, so we can keep it chemical free. This is the catch 22. If we used “chemical” extraction, we would be no better than a “lab based” pharmaceutical.

Yes, this decision costs us money daily, but we have CHOSEN to stay natural in the face of Big Pharma profits.

I urge you, if you really want to rebuild your heart, keep reading. Units routinely sell out for weeks at a time.
Other Customers Are Anxiously Reading This Right Now..
Our customers have been asking for a great cardiac product for over the past year, and THIS innovation is the greatest heart health discovery in the past decade.
In fact, some doctors argue this may change the face of heart health forever.
This is a big deal. A Heart ingredient of this magnitude has never been released in the United States until now. We ensure you the initial sales volume will be fast and furious.

Do not miss out on this! Start Rebuilding Your Heart Health Right Away.
You are Not Alone, MILLIONS Are In Need of Better Heart Health.
If you are like me, you have felt guilty over the years about not doing all you could to protect your heart.

Maybe it was skipping the gym one too many times, or ordering the burger when you should have ordered the salad.

Hey, we have all been there. Remember, at one point in my life I was well over 300 pounds and my heart was in bad shape.
All I can say is this…Forgive Yourself Today and Improve Yourself Tomorrow.
Today is the day that you TAKE BACK your heart health and REBUILD the critical tissues that will keep you alive.

Now, I am proudly able to work on my heart health daily and I feel the best I have in years and years!

This is your time to ACT! Millions will eventually use this BUT you can be first.
Calcifediol Was the $12,000 A Month Miracle
The cardiac hormone Calcifediol is available from Pharmaceutical companies as they sell it to regenerate bodily tissues and it rapidly sells out.

However, it has a major catch, they charge close to $460 per day for this amazing substance. 

This would cost the average person $12,000 to use daily for an entire month.

How can they charge this much? Because Calcifediol has become known as one of the most “health friendly” hormones in the world and the ELITE have used it for years to evade aging and restore lost tissues.

It has been deemed a very expensive shortcut to side step biological aging. However, there is never a shortage of patients looking to buy as much as they can.
Current Online Pricing
However, You Will Pay Far Less Than $12,000 For Cholafarin
The Average “Heart Patient” Pays Over $500 Per Month for Dangerous Heart Medications
And they come with horrible side effects and very few are actually effective.
All of these patients are driven by a simple idea: They want to live a life without worrying about their cardiac health.
Unfortunately, this is nothing but a fantasy for most people.
Patients line up and pay HUNDREDS for heart prescriptions every day in the hopes that they can ease their worries and not live even a SINGLE day with the possibility of a cardiac attack.
Most are willing to risk their health with these prescriptions.
They want to feel the way they did years ago, when they could wake up every morning and NOT worry about their heart health.
However, these prescriptions are NOT cheap and they can be downright DEADLY.
And once you start taking them, Big Pharma does not want you to stop.
To them, you are worth MILLIONS.
It is far more profitable for Big Pharma to give you a pill than to cure your disease.
These heart pills are heavily synthetic and riddled with side effects.
Just look at the commercials on TV for these medications… the side effects are downright terrifying.
Patients take these pills day after day, looking for some peace of mind.
The heart health market is worth 149 billion dollars to Big Pharma.
All of those little pills they hand out are helping doctors and big businesses line their pockets.
Here is the sad part: the average patient pays over $500 per month on these prescriptions, but they don’t fix the problem.
Each and EVERY patient would agree that $500 per month is completely worth it… IF the pills actually did their job.
How much is a worry-free life worth to you?
Here is the fact that NOBODY wants to read: even though heart med prescriptions are being written left and right, and more drugs are released every week…
Cardiac disease is still the NUMBER ONE KILLER in the United States.
More and more of patient’s money is being spent on drugs but the problem is only getting worse.
Right now, you have a chance to do something different and WIN against cardiac disease.
We have a secret! If you are reading this, you are reading about the only known natural hormone that can rebuild damaged cardiac tissue with no side effects.
It is clinically proven to be SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE than any other heart medication on the market.
And I have even BETTER news…
Cholafarin will not cost you $500 Per Month.
Here is Your Very Limited EXCLUSIVE Pricing (This Page Only)
If you leave this page, this offer will EXPIRE and you cannot find it anywhere else.
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As you can see above, the market price for cutting edge heart medication is hundreds per month.
As an EXCLUSIVE customer, You Can Buy NEW Pharm Origins Cholafarin for…
ONLY $67
This LIMITED TIME Price is Exclusively For You (On This Page ONLY)
When you act right now, you can get your hands on a full bottle of Cholafarin for the special EXCLUSIVE price of ONLY $67.
Seriously, how cool is that?
(SHHHH - Some might get pissed about this who are NOT considered exclusive, we have customers right now who are GLADLY paying $199 per container) 
And if by some small chance that it is not everything you thought it was, you are protected by my Iron Clad 90 Day Risk Free Guarantee! 
$199 $67 (Over 50% Off) is a Complete Bargain When You Consider... 
The MSRP for Cholafarin is $199 per bottle - which is considered low if you look at the clinical success and what other similar heart medications cost.

1. The active ingredient has been clinically proven as the only known substance to NATURALLY rebuild cardiac tissue and protect it for LIFE.
2. Every single bottle is manufactured in the USA and goes through strict purification procedures, as well as being manufactured in an FDA registered facility under GMP Practices- the gold standard in manufacturing. 
Remember, this formulation is MORE EFFECTIVE and MORE PROVEN than the pharmaceutical heart pills that cost $500 per month or MORE.
3. Cholafarin is VERY LIMITED and NOT available by other retailers due to scarcity of the hormone.
Then, it goes through a long process of purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA. 

Even at $199, Cholafarin is worth every last penny.
Our Average Customer Saves Over $500 when taking Cholafarin Compared to Dangerous and Less Effective Pharmaceuticals.
But, What If You Could Try Cholafarin TODAY for Even Less, Would You IMMEDIATELY Want to Try It?
Well, I have Great News!!
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Your Net Price Per Unit is ONLY $33.50
We Did This Because Every Person Around You Needs Cholafarin.
Can you imagine living your life “worry-free” from heart disease for LESS than your average prescription?

This extra bottle is another 30 days 100% Free
At $33.50, you are only paying $1.08 per day, that is FAR less than a cup of coffee.
And remember, at one point this exact hormone was priced at $460 per day (and it flew off the shelves).
Plus, we know that once you try Cholafarin, you will tell everyone you know.
Frankly, there is not a single “heart patient” walking around that does not need the relief of Cholafarin.
Plus, they will know something has drastically changed when you are more active than ever! 
This is a change to try a rare and proven heart health solution for just pennies on the dollar. Do not pass this up.
We are in the middle of a cardiac epidemic and NOW you have the key to beat it.
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This incredible special pricing ONLY LASTS FOR 24 HOURS. As soon as the clock runs out, pricing will revert back to normal. 
At this point, we can offer no exceptions, I’m sorry! 
It would not be fair to the other customers who purchased during the allotted time, so please place your order as soon as you are ready.
Don't Miss This Incredible Savings!
Was $199 Now ONLY $33.50
Plus, Your ENTIRE ORDER Ships 100% Free
And when you order in the next 24 Hours...
You Get a 100% Free Fusion IONZ Medical Device at No Charge
We are INCLUDING One “Circulation Boosting
Fusion IONZ Medical Device 100% FREE
Boosted Circulation is the KEY to maximum nutrient delivery.

The Fusion IONZ Non-Thermal FAR Infrared device is a groundbreaking, circulation boosting discovery. The technology is based on a 2012 Harvard clinical study that proved the circulation boostingpower behind FAR Infrared technology.

This Fusion IONZ device improves blood circulation, which boosts energy, relieves chronic joint pain, and increases flexibility.
This is a Value of $100 - You Pay Nothing
In TOTAL you will EXCLUSIVELY save $382
What you are reading about RIGHT NOW is an incredibly valuable package that OTHER customers all around the world are paying $449 for on a daily basis!
They gladly do this because of how GREAT they feel when they consume Cholafarin and their heart is performing like never before.
You are getting all of this for ONLY $449 $67! Do not blow this chance to relieve your heart worries while ONLY paying pennies on the dollar.
In Summary, Here is What You Are Getting:
  •  1 Bottle of Pharm Origins Cholafarin ($199 Value)
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  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
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Do You Need Additional Assistance?
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Total Value of $449
If you were to buy this separately, you would pay $449!
Today you are ONLY going to pay $67 (For the Next 24 Hours/While Inventory Lasts)
Act right now and find out why Doctors are calling Cholafarin...
"The Most Advanced Heart Health Formulation Ever Released In the United States”
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You are Exclusive! This Incredible Pricing is NOT For Everyone
You qualify for this AMAZING pricing on this very private page because you are a valued and exclusive customer or subscriber.
Other customers DO NOT Have access to this pricing, they are paying up to $199 per bottle!
However, We Do Need Your Help!
Very simply put, giving your loyal customers INCREDIBLE pricing is our marketing strategy that has worked since 2011.
We invest in YOU instead of high dollar, over paid endorsers or millions in TV advertising.
We know, from vast experience that once YOU begin and keep using Cholafarin you will never want to stop. 
You will have day after day and night after night of “youthful” success, it will change your life!
You will look younger and healthier and you will have a “pep in your step” as you accomplish things and activities you have not done in years.
When you are boosted with this live cardiac hormone you are SET FREE from a prison of inactivity.
You can once again, get out and enjoy the world.
When this happens, your friends will notice. They will want to know your secret and THIS is the secret behind our “word of mouth” marketing strategy.
When you tell them what you are doing, they will ALSO go and buy Cholafarin, but at full price (Because they Don’t Have This Link).
By giving you a discount and allowing you to use Cholafarin over weeks, months and years we have developed exponential growth in new customers and full priced orders.
We are investing in you, our loyal customer instead of a multi-million-dollar marketing campaign.
This is TRULY and “WIN” “WIN” Situation!
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
You Have Absolutely NO RISK with Our 90 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
I’m so confident that Cholafarin will work for you, that I’m willing to put my butt and money on the line no matter how many bottles you order!
Every SINGLE bottle is backed by my iron clad 90 Day Guarantee.
Here’s what you have to do:
Just order the amount that you’d like below by clicking the big button that says “Add To Cart".
You will come to the order page where you can choose 1 bottle, 2 bottles or 3 Bottles.
Most people choose “3 Bottles” due to the incredible savings
Be sure that you do not miss a single day of this cardiac boosting sublingual support, especially the first week so you give your body a chance to circulate this super hormone and rebuild healthy heart tissue.
Many customers “feel the difference” rather quickly as the heart tissue rebuilds itself and their circulation is boosted.
As you continue to use Cholafarin, you will notice some BIG changes…
1. If you don’t notice normalized blood pressure, an increase in daily energy, or an overall improvement in cardiac health, just simply send back the bottle following our Easy return process and you will get an immediate refund.
2. Or if you simply have 2nd thoughts and you have decided Cholafarin is not for you, send it back!
3. Or, if you do not like the label or the way I look, send it back!
ANY and ALL reasons are accepted during the return process.
That’s it and I’ll IMMEDIATELY refund your purchase price.
Absolutely No Questions asked! Zero!
And remember, we are not like most companies who only give you 1 or 2 weeks to try and make up your mind - we give you a FULL 90 days and you can return at any time for any reason within 90 days and you will get a no questions asked refund!
I don’t believe you should pay for something if it doesn’t work. Although I highly doubt that will happen based on our raving customer reviews.
Fact: Cholafarin currently has less than 1% return rate due to the extraordinary effectiveness of our products.
As you can see, you truly have nothing to lose at all. I’ve removed all the risk off your shoulders and placed them directly on mine.
Take Advantage and place your “worry free” order of Cholafarin and take advantage of these MASSIVE savings!
Inventory is Getting VERY Limited
Once It is Gone, 
It is Gone!
We do not want to a repeat of the past, so we need to be as upfront as possible about this. Once these initial units are SOLD OUT, there WILL be a delay until the next batch.

If you have invested this much time reading about this incredible nutrient, don’t get caught without a supply.

Sure, it will eventually be back on sale, but don’t you want to start today?

Don’t you want to go to sleep tonight KNOWING you took a positive step towards a better heart?

This is a big moment for you and your family.
Remember, we have two ongoing concerns:
1. Our manual Ethyl Extraction process limits our production ability (which will sell very quickly)

2. If we get a notice from the FDA, we would have to discontinue production until it is worked out.
Powerful Cholafarin Always sells out very, very quickly. 
Just Do Me A Favor, And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Product.
I am really serious about this, as we have had customers waiting for weeks to get in line for this amazing offering.
With a growing customer base of over 200,000 customers, these units will surely sell out quickly.

Please ensure you will begin to use the product, right away, rebuilding your heart tissue.

Remember, this is SPECIFICALLY important for those with past damage. So we have customers with heart disease, cardiac failure and past heart attacks that NEED Cholafarin, every single day.

If you buy a unit and let it collect dust, you are putting their life at risk.

So please, ONLY purchase if you are willing to invest the seconds per day you need to properly ingest this heart building hormone.

Does this make sense? Great, because NOW I have some exciting news.
Could we justify higher price points? Absolutely! But then, we are no better than the pharmaceutical companies you are trying to avoid, right?

Remember, Calcifediol is the first hormone EVER proven to rebuild damaged and aged heart tissue. 

This is YOUR path of regenerating a younger, healthier heart so you can live a longer and fuller life.

Imagine waking up with optimal heart health, not worrying about your next doctors visit or if your night will end in the back of an Ambulance.

Others, just like you are using Cholafarin daily to achieve heart health they have never had in years.  

If you could take 5, 10 or even 15 years off of your heart, would it be worth $150 per 30 Day Supply?

Most would say YES in a heart beat
This gives you the opportunity to save hundreds on your monthly cardiac treatment
And YES, all of our products are BACKED by our IRON CLAD 90 Day Guarantee. If you don’t like the results or ANYTHING about the Product, you can return for a FULL Refund.
There is TRULY no risk in trying a Pharm Origins product, which is why we have been thriving since 2011, with ZERO marketing.

Yes, our ascent as one of the largest natural health companies in the world has come strictly from WORD of MOUTH advertising

Invest a Small Amount in Your Heart Health Now, Before You have a Life Long Cardiac Bill Later
Do NOT live in regret. This is a simple investment to make in your On Going Cardiac Health. Science says $67 today will save you hundreds a month down the road WHEN you are diagnosed with a heart condition.

Remember, millions are diagnosed annually, so there is no reason to believe you will escape that fate.
Rebuild past damaged tissue and KEEP your heart strong well into the future, avoiding terrible medical bills.. and even worse… sudden death.
Do You Think We are Crazy For Doing This?
I’m serious! I am actually asking that question. I have had vendors legitimately call me crazy for only charging $67 for arguably the best cardiac treatment in the world.

I mean we are offering a cutting edge hormone with incredible clinical backed research.

Most notably, the ONLY one in the world to regenerate aged and damaged cardia tissue.

However, what they DON’T understand is the loyalty I have for my customers. They mean the world.

My current customers have been with us for YEARS, some of them since we first began.

I am ALWAYS going to do what I can to ENSURE the best possible pricing so ALL of my customers have access.

Honestly, yes, I may be crazy, and I’m sure this is costing us money daily, but I would rather HELP than PROFIT.

Take advantage of this and RESERVE Your Supply Before They Run Out.
This Page Expires In:
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  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
According to our stats, this page will be viewed by 200,000 private customers today.  The INITIAL allotted Inventory will sell out quickly - Other offers have sold out in seconds.
Is This Too Good To Be True?
In many ways, I can see how it would feel like that. We are introducing the TOP heart health ingredient and treatment in the world for pennies on the dollar.
However, the research is top notch (as you have read). The manufacturing process is proprietary and US based, and our pricing is based on care of our customers.

Realize, the excitement you are feeling right now is being felt by our entire customer base so PLEASE take advantage of this current offering before it expires .

One I would hate in the world is drafting emails saying I’m sorry – We are Sold Out.

That is probably unavoidable, but I don’t want you as a recipient.

I know that if you have read this far you know exactly what Cholafarin means to you and your family.
Again, This is a NO RISK, Situation.
Since 2011, there has never been any risk in buying from Pharm Origins. We offer a FULL 90 Days to return any of our products for a FULL REFUND.

If you do not feel the incredible heart boosting effects of Cholafarin, return for a FULL refund. It is as simple as that.

However, our return rate is astonishing low for a reason, our technology works. You will soon understand.
However, I do ask ONE thing from You
We thrive on word of mouth advertising. When you place your order and being getting incredible results (like we know you will), please tell your friends and family. In fact, feel free to post this link on social media. In exchange, for the big discount, all we ask is that your share our research and technologies with those you love!
Are You Ready To Rebuild Your Heart?
At this point, you have invested A LOT in reading about this exciting technology and learning about Pharm Origins.
Are you ready to rebuild your damaged and declining heart tissue?

From the moment you get your package, you will feel a surge of excitement rush through your veins.
When you take your daily dose, it very quickly absorbs under your tongue and into your bloodstream.

This incredible heart building hormone will begin restoring your cardiac tissues, normalizing your blood pressure and allowing you to feel great again.

Yes, you have 90 days to try it, but most customers feel like a new person, within days.

Again, Here is What You Can Expect from Your Very First Dose
  •  Cholafarin goes to work restoring past cardiac tissue damage and PROTECTING your healthy tissue.
  •  Your blood pressure will begin to normalize
  •  Your daily energy will increase as your cardiac function is more effective.
But Remember, we Cannot Control the FDA

In this world, we can control our ingredients and processes, but we cannot control legal rulings. 

Again, Cholafarin is 100% pure Calcifediol (naturally extracted). If the FDA feels we are competing with Big Pharma, they many outlaw the natural extraction process.

This would be TOTALLY unfair, but sadly, it happens daily.

We have NO idea if this will ever happen, but it is something we need to discuss.

If that ruling were to come we would have to discontinue production, and you will be left paying $500 per month for this same hormone.

You have a chance to buy some now and SAVE money, and I would take that opportunity before it is gone.
When They’re Gone...
They’re Gone.
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
So, Right Now You have TWO Options

Option 1…

You can KEEP spending hundreds on dangerous meds or try store bought supplements with no backing


Option 2…

You can reserve your bottle of Cholafarin and get “pharmaceutical grade” treatment for pennies on the dollar.

Again, this is assuming they are some “Left In Stock” when you go to order.
There are thousands of customers with heart concerns reading this page…. And they may take your bottle.

Please, if you want to improve your heart health, it is time to act and MAKE the first important step of ordering.
This is the best opportunity to rebuild your heart you have seen in your lifetime.
That is a bold statement, but I say it with confidence based on current medical science.
Here is what I know about you…

1. You don’t want to suffer from a cardiac event.
2. You probably know someone, right now, who has suffered and that fate scares you to your core.
If you have continued reading, and you have read the research, you know you are on the brink of changing your heart health forever.
You pride yourself on being the “first to know”.

I mean, who doesn’t like to be the guy that knows about the great restaurant before the crowd?
Or make the good stock investment before everyone catches on.

It feels GREAT to be exclusive and on to something before it is mainstream.

This is YOUR chance to be the smartest guy/gal in the room when it comes to cardiac health.

Click “Add To Cart” and get your first unit on the way. The product will do the rest.

However, if the next page says “SOLD OUT,” I apologize in advance, but…someone else has already taken your spot and, for now, you’ve missed out on this fantastic opportunity.

Before it is too late and the spot is taken up by someone else…
Cholfarin is Completely Different Than The Low Quality Supplements You See on Store Shelves

Most of these other companies pack in fillers and low doses of the active ingredients to save on cost - that’s why they can sell these supplements for $29 or $39. 

And I ask you... 

Did they work?  Of course not. 

Cholafarin Works!

This Page Expires In:
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
This Is Why You MUST Act Now!!

Here’s the situation though. You’re really going to need to Act Right Now. We’ve only set aside a certain number of bottles for our Exclusive Customers and THOSE ARE GOING FAST!

One More Thing

Do you ever look around at people your same age that are seemingly MORE active and happier. They are able to go and go, without slowing down.

Well, they most likely have stellar cardiac health and a CONSTANT flow of energy.

This is YOUR chance to be the person other's Envy. This is YOUR chance to regain limitless energy.
Click on the Green button below to get your own personal supply of Cholafarin Today! Do not give Father Time a chance to tighten his grip on your heart.
This Page Expires In:
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Your special discount will be automatically applied and you’ll be taken to our safe and secure checkout page.
Input your credit card details and where you’d like us to ship your bottles.

Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process is simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.

Plus, shipping and handling is FREE on every purchase.

Your order will show up on your doorstep quickly, so you can begin experiencing relief .
This Page Expires In:
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Can you imagine REVERSING Cardiac Damage and Making your Heart Younger?
I know, this is so hard to conceive, right? It sounds like it is impossible, but science makes breakthroughs daily.
Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you begin taking Cholafarin… You start noticing normal blood pressure, increased daily energy and better cardiac health.

Why? You’ll be able to experience having normal health and energy like you were 25 years old again, without the fear of your heart keeping you up at night.

You’ll have more drive, life passion and well-being with your “life blood” fully operational.

Plus, your energy levels could skyrocket in a matter of days or weeks as your cardiac muscle works more efficiently.

DO NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die.

You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years.

All without expensive heart meds that zap your health and put OTHER health concerns in full focus.

You also do not have to wait for your “cardiac event”. Declining heart health does not have to be in your cards.

You can make a choice, right now, to change your future.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with your friends and family if you aren’t going to risking your cardiac health.

The good news is with Cholafarin, you can reclaim this ability you once thought was a distant memory.

It’s not out of the question and you NOW know a secret. A secret which has just been revealed in 2018.
With just one small dose per day, you can take back your heart health and ability to participate when your friends and family want you to be active.

With one simple daily dose, you can begin rebuilding the very thing that can kill you (if not nourish)

Never Miss Fun or Life Again!!

Simply click the “Add To Cart” button below and CLAIM YOUR SPOT to be able to get your personal supply of Cholafarin.

You may also want to forward this secret page to friends and family you love the most. Especially the ones that struggle with pain.
This Page Expires In:
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Finally, Remember We Have Your Back for 90 Days
Proudly Offered and Backed Since 2011
No Questions Asked
We have your back for 90 Days, so you have No Risk.
If during this test period, your heart does not beat better than you dreamed possible — or if you feel tired or fatigued for a single minute…

If within just the first 30 days you not only feel and act like you’re 20 to 30 years younger... and also start to have a whole new confidence and swagger…

then please send back the empty bottle, and we will send you an immediate refund of the product price.
If you want to experience increased heart health and permanent reversal of deficiencies...

 If you want to experience for yourself the wonders of Cholafarin… and feel with your own body why scientists say:

“The SINGLE proven way to Rebuild Cardiac Tissue”

And why, when it comes to the ability to perform, the continuation of more youthful years, the quality of your life and the newfound confidence…

then click on the link below to try this new wonder cardiac formula and prove to your own satisfaction and why top Cardiac Doctors are Calling This a “Heart Miracle”
This Page Expires In:
  •  FREE Expedited Shipping ($12 Value)
  •  FREE Fusion IONZ Medical Device ($100 Value)
If the NEXT PAGE does NOT load, the INITIAL inventory has already SOLD OUT for this EXCLUSIVE RELEASE
Do You Need Additional Assistance?
Call Toll Free:  1 (888) 964 - 5327
We have LIVE phone reps standing by from 9am to 5pm EST (Monday thru Friday).
Please Note: Poor health can be the result of an unhealthy diet, being stressed or overweight, taking certain prescription drugs, bad blood flow and brain health issues. So everyone needs to check with their doctor before they try any supplement program
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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