{Breaking News} Insomnia Breakthrough Identified
The Secret to Perfect Sleep Has Been Hidden in India for 5,000 Years...
The Sleep Cure has been Proven with over 5,000 years of Research and Documentation
The best part is, it naturally relaxes and puts your body to sleep. It does not KNOCK you out like sleep aids, leaving you feeling terrible in the morning. You have never felt naturally great sleep like this before.
Indian "Sleep Miracle" Revealed
Imagine a population without a single sleep issue. 
Residents young and old all sleeping perfectly. 

How could this be possible? Many do not know this but there IS a part of the world where sleep issues are essentially obsolete. Specifically, rural India. 

In fact, medical researchers have spent years studying the culture, climate, traditions and any other “identifying” part of life to understand the reason WHY sleep issues are non existent.

The answer came from a very unlikely discovery. It all had to do with a rare and local herb that had incredible effects on sleep and relaxation.
In fact, the medical scientists have never seen ANYTHING like it. A world without chronic sleep problems is possible.

Keep Reading to learn about the Most Powerful Natural Sleep Aid in the World. 
Imagine Restful Sleep Every Night
It is NO secret, you are probably sleep deprived. As a nation it has turned into an absolute chronic problem affecting all of our lives. In fact, how long has it been since you have had a rejuvenating, full night’s rest? Weeks? Years? Sure, we normally get one or two nights every once in a while, then back to exhaustion.
What if you could change that? What if you could go to sleep every single night KNOWING you would sleep like a baby, for hours. Most of us would give anything for that because it boosts mood, energy and ensures a happy life.

It is no secret that most chronic health problems are accelerated by insomnia and lack of restful sleep.

Close your eyes and imagine how each and every day would go if you got your full “ZZZZ”. I know it almost feels like a fairy tale. However, I have to tell you, there are people living that dream right now.
All they did was read about one very simple and natural sleep discovery.
Sleep Will BOOST Your Health and Performance 
No Matter Your Age - Even if you are 40, 50, 60 or Older
We are human, we are competitive. I can tell you that the quickest way to being healthier and more active than your friends is to get consistently good sleep. Sleep is your body’s way of healing and rebuilding. When you sleep better your brain and essential organs function better, stress levels go down and happiness goes up. The dreaded “mood ruining” cortisol becomes a thing of the past and you can live while feeling YEARS younger.
The rare root is so powerful it was named after a saying, “The Strength of a Horse”. For those who consumed it were able to rest, repair and awake stronger and healthier than ever.

Over 5,000 years of reported science backs up this medical science breakthrough.
Quickest Way to Feel 10 Years Younger
We are all searching for the Fountain of Youth. We all want ways to feel better and younger on a daily basis. It turns out the secret could be as close as our comfy bed. Most of us are sleep deprived and the issue gets worse as we age. However, if we can nourish our bodies with proper sleep we nearly instantly feel years younger. 

You awake energetic, alert and focused, ready to take on the day! Being well rested will allow you to feel 5, 10 or even 20 years younger! 
I’m Dr. Earl Mindell, best known for my award winning book, The Vitamin Bible. One of the top questions I get is simply, How do I Improve My Sleep?
Well, I may just have that answer! 

Getting enough Sleep is SINGLE easiest thing you can do to ensure better health and longevity. Sounds easy right, just get the recommended 8 hours, wake up refreshed and go on with your day. However, this is not the case for a majority of our population.

Sleep is no longer easy - So many things affect it. Our state of pain, other health issues and deteriorating environment filled with toxins. Not to mention “screen lights” from our devices and pending crisis surrounding EMF radiation. All of these factors “Stress” our body.

Well, I have a secret. If your body is stressed, you cannot fall asleep and stay asleep. That is the secret. But the million dollar question is, how do we induce sleep by easing stress.
Honestly, modern medicine does not have the answer. If anything chemical pharmaceuticals put your body at a higher rate of stress.

The answer lies on the other side of the world and it is a sleep breakthrough. It is a rare and special root so powerful it can induce relaxation in ANY state leading to restful sleep.

It literally has the power to reverse the effects of the debilitating stress hormone cortisol WHILE calming you, soothing you and allowing you to fall into a blissful rest.

Do not click away, do not get sidetracked with another article. This is YOUR solution to the best sleep of your life and it is only moments away!

This is truly a sleep and relaxation miracle!
In Good Health,
Dr. Earl Mindell
Beat the Sleep Epidemic!
So you think sleep issues are all in our head? Think again. It has gotten so bad even the CDC has gotten involved. As of 2017 the CDC (Center for Disease Control) raised America’s fight to sleep to EPIDEMIC status. According to their reports:
  • 50 million people can’t concentrate due to lack of sleep. 
  • 24 million people stated lack of sleep has interfered with driving safety
  •  18 million people said sleep interfered with job performance.
All together 93 million people are significantly affected and that number seems to be rising. Along with the rise are the consequences of serious disease.

Here is the bottom line, when you are sleep deprived you feel terrible and function worse BUT that is not the biggest problem. Your sleep time is when your body heals and defends itself. Without that time, you are FAR more susceptible to life changing or life ending disease. 

Give yourself and your body a fighting chance to live a long, healthy life. Getting proper sleep is the first important step in this process.
Great Sleep Equals a Great Life
Ok, enough doom and gloom. Let’s focus on the positive. Great nightly sleep equals a great life. 
Just think about it…

Think back to the days when you got enough sleep. Think about the surge of energy as you rise out of bed ready to start the day. Your energy is better, your mood is better and you can accomplish far more.

No one likes the feeling of being tired and sluggish and wishing for a nap all day. Unfortunately, that is the norm for most of us. But we have ALL had those days where we wake up feeling REFRESHED and GREAT. 
As you keep reading you will discover a way to making FEELING GREAT your new norm and it is easier than you think.

Best of all, it does not involved chemicals that knock you out and make you feel hungover! No, you just naturally drift asleep and awake refreshed and ready to attack your day!

Better sleep is a Life Advantage and NOW the ball is in your court.
Sleeping Pills are Killing You 
(And Here is Why)
There are readers that are reading this article right now that will simply proclaim, “Well, I just take sleeping pills”. 

Hold that thought for one moment and realize sleeping pills are causing serious issues.

First off, they are actually considered “Sedative Hypnotics”. They work by depressing the central nervous system to cause sedation. This in itself seems scary.

These medications come with a huge number of dangerous and harmful side effects, especially for those that have any sort of respiratory or lung disorder.
Common Side Effects Include:
  •   Burning or tingling in the hands, arms, feet, or legs
  •   Changes in appetite
  •    Constipation
  •    Diarrhea
  •    Difficulty keeping balance
  •    Dizziness
  •    Daytime drowsiness
  •    Dry mouth or throat
  •    Gas
  •   Headache
  •   Heartburn
  •   Impairment the next day
  •    Mental slowing or problems with attention or memory
  •    Stomach pain or tenderness
  •    Uncontrollable shaking of a part of the body
  •    Unusual dreams
  •    Weakness
This is a long, terrible list but unfortunately, it only gets worse from here. The more complex side effects are the ones we hear about on the news. They are called Parasomnias. 

This is a terrifying state where you actively sleep walk and are totally unaware of what you are doing. 

Many people communicate to others, talk on the phone and even drive vehicles, totally asleep. This is life threatening for you, your friends and family.
Again, I understand the need to sleep better, so the risk for sleeping pills may seem worth it. However, what if you could have ALL the benefit of better sleep without a single side effect.

I know this sounds too good to be true, but it is NOT and you will understand why very shortly. 
Changes My Life...
It has been two years since I first started consuming Withania Somnifera and it changes my life every single day.
Avoid the Sleeping Pill Hangover
If you have ever taken ANY type of sleep aid, you know exactly what I am talking about. You struggle with sleep, so you take a pill. The pill knocks you out but you wake up feeling sluggish and hung over. Then you wonder…. “Why did I take it in the first place?” The entire point of getting sleep is to wake up REFRESHED and ENERGIZED, not tired and hungover.

Imagine, for one moment, a natural solution that “relaxes” you to sleep so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go. No chemical feel and no hangover, just the daily energy you need to conquer your day.
Stop Paying the Price for Poor Sleep
Do you think lack of sleep has few consequences? Think again! The issue goes much deeper than just feeling a little run down. Here are 10 terrible consequences related to lack of sleep.
1.    It Causes Accidents. Lack of sleep has been linked to some of the worst accidents in human history including the nuclear issue at Three Mile Island, The massive Exxon Valdez spill and of course Chernobyl. These are terrifying but sleepiness also causes over 100,000 auto crashes per year. Lack of sleep is a direct cause of horrific accidents.

2.    It Makes You Less Sharp. As we age, we are already fighting declining mental health. Lack of sleep, just makes it worse. Sleeplessness impedes cognitive functions including attention, alertness, concentration, reasoning and problem solving.

3.    Increased Disease Risk. This one is very to the point. Your lack of sleep hurts your immune system and you are at much higher risk of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, stroke and Diabetes.

4.    Lack of Sex Drive. Lack of sleep lowers libido and sex drive in men and women. Sleep is hurting marriages around the country.

5.    Causes Depression. Feeling tired every single day makes the entire body feel depressed. In many cases this leads to chronic hopelessness and depression.

6.    Ages You Faster. That’s Right. No one wants that! However, lack of sleep leads to lackluster skin, fine lines and dark circles.

7.    Makes you Forgetful. In 2009 a groundbreaking study was able to prove that lack of sleep actually prevents your brain from retaining memories because it never reaches the level of deep sleep it needs to cement those memories.

8.    Weight Gain. That’s right, lack of sleep is NOW linked directly to weight gain. Those who sleep less have a 30% higher risk of NOT just weight gain but full blown obesity.

9.    Directly Increases Death Risk. Yes, point blank if you have trouble sleeping your risk for premature death goes up by 50%. It Doubles.

10.   It Chronically Impairs Judgement. Lack of sleep make exceedingly bad decisions based on the ongoing lack of sleep. This can hurt your family, health and career.
Well, this is not a fun list at all. However, it is important to understand what lack of sleep in our population is really causing. What seems like a small issue is huge. Lack of sleep is NOT normal, we were built to rejuvenate properly. 

The best news is, you can avoid ALL of these issues and get the best “youthful” sleep of your life. Just keep reading.
Your Days of Poor Sleep Are Over
The days of falling asleep after hours only to wake up tired. 

No more tossing and turning, feeling fatigued all day. No more lack of cognitive function and increased disease risk. Getting better sleep is the single easiest thing you can do to feel BETTER and YOUNGER.

You are about to read about the most powerful, natural, sleep aid in the world and it works without a single side effect. 
The Most Potent Sleep Root in the World
So what is this incredibly potent, sleep inducing root? It is none of other than rare, Indian Withania Somnifera. It is rare because it only grows in the drier regions of India, and most of India is sticky, hot and wet.
This incredibly potent root has been used for years due to it’s sleep and relaxation benefits. By consuming on a daily basis tribe members were able to get perfect, rehabilitating sleep. This ensured they were energetic and ready to go for the next day of fighting or hunting.

In the Indian culture, this is considered a sleep necessity.
But why? Well, modern scientists have figured out that is normalizes and stabilizes the stress hormone cortisol. This is the hormone that is killing your sleep. When it is heightened, you body is physically unable to fall asleep, without being knocked out.

More on that below…

Withania Somnifera is the absolute solution to “rexlaxing” yourself to sleep without the need harmful and dangerous sleeping pills.
Cortisol is Killing Your Sleep...
The effectiveness of Organic Withania Somnifera all comes down to its natural ability to normalize the Stress hormone Cortisol. This is going to seem like common sense, but in order for you to fall asleep quickly and healthily, you need to be RELAXED.  

When it comes to relaxation Cortisol is your absolute worst enemy. It remains elevated and your body receives an energizing signal, keeping it awake. This leads to tossing, turning… and morning coming quick and complete exhaustion. 
Cortisol is NO easy fix. It appears that everything in our life nowadays puts our body on “high alert” raising cortisol levels. These factors include our American diets, pesticides, pollution, EMF radiation, increasing disease and MANY other serious factors. The way we live our life predisposes us to high cortisol levels ALL day long.

Organic Withania Somnifera is the only medically proven ingredients to quickly and efficiently normalize your Cortisol to so can calm, relax and FINALLY get restful sleep.

This is your escape from the hellacious cycle or poor sleep patterns.
Withania Somnifera “Relaxes” You to Sleep…
This incredible sleep root does more than aid your sleep, it literally “relaxes” you to sleep. This is what makes it so unique and so powerful. As opposed to “knocking you out” like other sleep aids, this miraculous root eases your hormones and allows you to drift into bliss. It does this by normalizing cortisol and allowing your sleep hormones to take effect, night after night. 

This is NOT a sleep chemical, it is a powerful way to naturally optimize your sleep pattern for the rest of your life.
10 Years Healthier
My blood pressure normalized, my cholesterol is down and my doctor says I am at least 10 years healthier. Yes, it is a direct result of better sleep. Sleep is THE WAY our body recuperates and without it, we are far less healthy. 
MIT Made this Discovery Possible
There is a reason why this is the FIRST you are hearing about this super sleep and relaxation ingredient. Organic Withania Somnifera is extremely rare and only found in dry regions of India, during certain parts of the year. Up until now, supply was always extremely small and never yielded enough to make it to the United States.

This is why you have NEVER seen it on store shelves. It is way to rare and powerful.

However, thanks to MIT and their patented small batch extraction method, a conservative amount of bulk supply is now available.
You will read more on this below.
Backed by 5,000 Years of Research (That is NOT a Typo)
Yes, I know these are really big claims but they are backed by extremely robust clinical trials. In fact, there are so many we are only able to highlight a few in this paragraph.
In 2016 Emory Hospital Sleep clinic conducted a 218 clinical survey study that was aimed at measuring the effects of Withania Somnifera and sleep. The participants would consume 1200 mg, twice per day and the results were simply astounding. 
After just a SINGLE month participants noted a 66% improvement in sleep quality. In fact, every single participant saw a dramatic decrease in stress, which made it immediately easier to fall asleep and stay asleep longer. In an unexpected twist, emotional health improved by 42% and overall life quality increased by 45.8%. Overall, the participants were able to participate in activities such as visiting friends and enjoying social activities.

This study proved what we already know, better sleep improves ALL aspects of your life.

As this study progressed, the participants were tested for Focus and Concentration during a double blind battery of tests.

Significant cognitive improvements were seen in reaction-time tests, discrimination tests and card sorting, among others.

Better sleep dramatically improves your brain’s ability to function.

Finally, these same participants were followed for the next year as they continued supplementation. Blood Counts increased, posture improved and increased hair melanin.

Overall, the facts speak for themselves. Withania Somnifera is the strongest sleep ingredient ever identified and helps support better health in ALL aspects of life.

This is the easiest thing you can do to improve your health and life. 
Even FDA Backed Clinical Trials
The sleep and stress reduction benefits of Withania Somnifera are so profound the Department of Neuropsychiatry at the Asha Hospital decided to conduct a FDA commissioned clinic trial. 

The trial itself focused specifically the safety and efficacy of Withania Somnifera as a full spectrum treatment for stress reduction and improved sleep.

For the study, 64 subjects with chronic stress were enrolled after performing relevant clinical examinations.
The results even shocked the researchers. In fact, they cited it was the strongest Cortisol reducing treatment ever examined, even over and above pharmaceuticals.

The treatment group exhibited a significant reduction in scores on all the stress assessment scales in relation to placebo. Serum cortisol levels were substantially reduced, leading to relaxation and blissful sleep.

This study successfully concluded that Withania Somnifera is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE treatment for lowering stress, cortisol levels and boosting REM sleep. 

The results could not be more clear, this single ingredient is a sleep miracle and many “In the know” are already taking advantage.
Your Solution is Staring At You
Maximizing your sleep is the single easiest thing you can to feel more “youthful” and healthy. I do not want to beat a dead horse, but this is a “life changing” solution. Sleep is nature’s way of healing, it is the how body recuperates and defends itself. Without good sleep, your defense systems are at a major disadvantage.
Think about it, most of us are dealing with some sort of ailment that we want conquer from nuisance sicknesses to chronic disease. How can we defend ourselves and feel good without solid sleep. The answer is we can’t.

The moment you start to sleep better you will feel health pulse back through your veins. This is your key to a happy and healthy future.
Energy & Focus Has Never Been Better...
My sleep is how it was when I was much younger and my energy and focus has never been better. Even my health readings cannot be beat.
Lack of Sleep Feels Like Prison
Not being able to sleep feels like a prison sentence that never ends. It literally ruins each and every day due to lack of energy and focus.

And quite honestly, lack of sleep makes you feel old!
When you don’t sleep it can render you useless every single day, this is simply a terrible feeling that borders on hopeless.
If I am being totally honest, I never considered sleep a major medical issue. This was until it started to drastically affect my health.
But, let’s start at the beginning.
If you were to ask me, I always thought I was a great sleeper. I would read stories about people with insomnia and feel terrible for what they were going through. However, I never once thought that I had any sort of sleep disorder.
To me insomniac’s were those red eyed patients that never could get a wink of sleep. I did not now sleep disorders were common and affected humans in many ways.

I guess if I really think about it my sleep slowly but surely got worse as I aged. It really started to decline after I crossed 40, then even worse after 50 years old.

Again, I wasn’t convinced it was sleep issues, I thought maybe it was my overactive bladder (which is common) or maybe my smart phone use late at night which is know is not great.

However, sleep truly started to affect me. It began with my mornings. I used to be a morning person and then all of the sudden I had a lack of energy and a sense of “fogginess”. I had felt like I had gotten my “hours” in, yet, I was still feeling groggy and out of energy.

Let’s be clear, I really needed my sleep to function.
When this happens, my days would truly feel ruined. All I wanted to do was just go back to bed because nothing I was working on felt right. I was like the Walking Dead.
I can’t explain how it was affecting my work, but my overall productivity was totally declining. I mean, I had spent years building my business and now I felt lost. I actually felt nearly useless to myself and my employees.
You see, I did a lot of content writing and feeling tired zapped my ability to focus and write creatively. It was like my own brain was handicapping me.
After a few long months of this continuous issue, good days mixed with a lot of bad, I figured out I needed a sleep supplement or protocol.

I began with the easiest methods, getting to sleep before 10 pm, calming tea, etc. I even put cold compresses on my face to cool my brain. Nothing had the dramatic effect I was banking on. I guess I needed to resort to some sort of nutritional supplement.

So, I went to my local health food store and spoke to the employee working, they pointed me to age old remedies.

The one that I heard about over and over was melatonin, this seemed like a sure thing to me. I had to work as it has been marketed for years as a sleep aid.

So, for one solid week, I took the supposed “wonder substance” and waited. Well, I felt absolutely nothing. I did not fall asleep any faster and I surely did not sleep better. In many aspects I felt like I actually slept worse.
How is this possible? Well, a quick bit of research showed me exactly what was wrong. You see, I have always had an overactive brain, bordering on ADD. However, I did not mind it as I felt like I was able to process thought faster and work faster. 

However, this condition renders Melatonin totally unusable. My brain simply works differently.
This is because my brain chemistry did not work like normal chemistry. For me and millions of others, melatonin is totally ineffective.
Realize, if you are reading this and have tried melatonin, this is most likely why it is not working. You are not broken, but your brain chemistry makes it very tough to sleep.
So, what was my next step? Unfortunately, it was harsher over the counter sleep aids. I honestly did not want to try them, but I felt like I was out of options. So I did, and the results were shocking.
I could not believe it, but they worked, they really did. I took them and soon felt drowsy and passed out. And YES, I stayed asleep for hours, maybe even too long.

But, then I woke up…

Now, I am not a big drinker and I don’t remember the feel of a hang over, but THIS was a hang over. Sure I had slept for hours, but the purpose of sleep was to wake up feeling energetic. I woke up feeling tired, with a mild headache. I thought night one was a fluke, nope! Night after night for a week I would easily fall asleep and wake up feeling terrible.

I mean, what a sick joke right, I was falling asleep so easily and so long BUT it didn’t make a difference, I still felt terrible.

And I was back to square one again. I knew what my last option was and it was a no go – Prescription sleeping pills.

For me, I simply couldn’t. I had a friend who died tragically after driving on Ambien. He literally got up out of bed, got in his car and crashed. Doctors said he was fully asleep, while acting awake and driving.

This was not an isolated incident, it was totally terrifying and I swore I would never risk it.
So, I guess that mean’s I simply had to suck it up and deal with not getting much rest. This really did not sit well with me, I felt like there had to be a solution.

Overall, here is what happens. Cortisol levels tend to get worse as we age. Our immunity, inherent sickness, affect from foods and pollution all lead to increasing levels.

When this happens our Cortisol levels STAY high, even into the resting hours. Our bodies are on high alert, but we want to sleep, it simply does not work.
We either toss and turn, stare at the ceiling or fall asleep in a less than restful sleep.
You see Cortisol also keeps us from our REM sleep, which is rebuilding and rejuvenating. Without REM sleep, you wake up feeling groggy and energy less.

And just like that, this science explained why I could get sleep, but still felt tired and groggy. I was NOT getting into the REM repair state.

Now that I knew the exact issue, I had to figure out how to fix it.

Well, the sleep clinic had an extremely tried and true method for reducing cortisol, and it surrounded a highly effective Indian root.

This root was named Withania Somnifera and it was found in very obscure areas of India.
This is why I never heard of it during my search in health food stores – this was not something that major vendors carried. It was simply too obscure.

So, without further ado, I decided to try this incredible sleep aide, but I have to be honest, my hopes were not high.

Yes, I read the clinical trials and all of the sleep clinic testimonials, but I had been excited about other solutions as well. As you know, those did not plan out.
So, I sat back, took this supposedly powerful root and waited. Now, here is what is funny, it worked so well I did not know it was working.

What I mean is, I didn’t instantly get knocked out like a sleep drug, but I felt myself falling asleep.

The difference came in the morning. First off, I woke up without my alarm clock, I just naturally rose. Plus, I felt something I hadn’t felt in years, focused and clean energy. I actually felt rested from the night before.
As simple as this sounds, it truly felt like a miracle. I had spent so many days in a row tired, I was beside myself. Everything they had told me was truly coming to fruition. I wish I had known sooner, but I understood why the ingredient was so under wraps.

As the days and nights wore on I realized my body was “relaxing” itself to sleep. My stress levels declined and I was able to let go and just regenerate my body like I had needed to for years.

But now, here was the elephant in the room. This organic ingredient is highly rare and short on supply. However, I needed to know if I was fluke or it was REALLY this effective. If it was I wanted to ensure that my friends and family could be helped as well.
With that said, I gathered those that are close to me and began telling them my new breakthrough.

Before I could finish they were all telling me how they had seen a change. They said my mood was better, I seemed happier and even looked younger.
And you know, I hadn’t thought about it, but my health as a whole improved dramatically. In fact, I realized I was feeling younger and more energetic than ever.
Everyone anxiously awaited the big news and what I had done to change my health and sleep better than I had in years.
When I went over everything, every single one of my friends and family wanted to try. If it was limited, there was almost a fight over who got to try first.

However, I was able to get everyone their own supply and I anxiously awaited their results.

Well, the results could not be predicted. 100% success rate, not a single person was disappointed and not a single one ever wanted to sleep without it again.

It is hard for me to do it justice, so here is what they had to say.
There is a Reason This is Not Discussed.
After all of this data, why is this incredible ingredient not on the shelves of every health store, being consumed for better sleep. Very simple, it is very rare and very difficult to extract. Therefore, it is not overly profitable to sell, therefore the health behemoth’s do not sell it for profit. This is SAD but TRUE. 

But then again, when was the last time a store bought product ACTUALLY worked for you? That is what I thought.
You are in luck, you are about to learn how to gain access to PURE, RARE and ORGANIC Withania Somnifera. You are on the path to the greatest sleep of your life. 
Pharm Origins Specializes in Rare Ingredients.
Pharm Origins is known for sourcing the most powerful, natural and effective ingredients in the world. In the case of Withania Somnifera, the purest comes for very specific regions of India utilizing MIT’s patented small batch extraction method.

This extraction method was invented for ingredients that have a finite yearly yield. This ensures that every microcell of active ingredient can be extracted and used. In fact, small batch extraction yields 10x as much active ingredient as normal nutrient extraction.
Based on an exclusive agreement with North Shore health, Pharm Origins has direct extraction rights for the purest, organic Withania Somnifera in the world.
Organic and the PUREST in the World
As powerful as Withania Somnifera is, it is ONLY effective if the raw nutrient is untampered and organic. You see, the active ingredients themselves are very susceptible to chemicals, being rendered ineffective. Unfortunately, chemical extraction is cost effective so many companies use this method.

However, Pharm Origins ONLY uses organic extraction methods, ensuring the bioavailability of the extracted active ingredients.
We can state with 100% certainty that Pharm Origins extracts the most potent Withania Somnifera in the world. 
Strongest Sleep Aid in Human History....
Well, the research has now been shown. For over 5,000 years Withania Somnifera has been tested and confirmed as the most powerful, natural sleep discovery ever made. Best of all, it does not “knock out” your body to sleep, it induces sleep via relaxation.

Scientifically, it normalizes cortisol levels so you can drift off to sleep and wake up refreshed. 
In Summary
You are now “In the Know” about the most powerful sleep aid in the world. Thousands of others are using this right now to “feel younger” and more refreshed daily.
  •  Clinically Proven
  •  Feel 10 Years Younger with Proper Sleep
  •  Reduced Daily Stress
  •  Normal Cortisol Levels
  •  Relax Your Wake to Blissful Sleep
  •  Wake Up Feeling Refreshed
  •  Zero Sleeping Pill Hangover
One Word of Caution
As you now realize, Withania Somnifera is an incredible sleep solution and it is already being coveted by huge pharmaceutical companies. If a patent is achieved it could be a billion dollar product, which is good for them, but bad for you.

You see, it would be available, but the cost would skyrocket, leaving it unaffordable for most reading this right now. 

If you have sleep issues, take 5 minutes and finish reading below. Your life changing solution is right in front of your eyes. 
Introducing the Most Potent "Sleep Inducing" Formula in History.
The most powerful sleep formula in the world is called Ashtivia™
So powerful, medical scientists all around the world have proven that this specialized root has the ability to relax your mind and allow you to drift off to peaceful sleep.
Now is your chance to live WITHOUT sleep deprivation.
For the first time, a specialized extract brand named Ashtivia™  is available to you from the rarest areas of India.  
Our worlds best scientists have cracked the code on the extraction process, making it available FOR A LIMITED TIME in small batch quantities. But your supply is RARE and LIMITED as discussed above, so take advantage quickly.
You are on the way to naturally sleeping better than you have in years without terrible pills and chemicals.
You will feel DECADES younger (simply by sleeping better)
All without taking any perspiration pills or TOXIC, ADDICTIVE pills or chemicals.
Why did we choose this specific Sleep Inducing extract?

After countless worldwide tests, it is the only ingredient in the world proven to promote relaxation and sleep WITHOUT any sort of hangover or toxic reaction.
Once consumed, it immediately goes to work relaxing your entire body, inducing restful sleep so you can look and feel years younger.

It is EVEN more powerful once you cross 40 and begin to have diminished sleep.

Research shows that as you age your sleep functions begins to wear down as your stress hormones rise. They rise from pain, disease and other factors affecting the aging body. Getting better sleep is the single easiest thing you can do to feel younger and healthier.
Be advised, this could be a target for Big Pharma
The medical science world has never seen a natural sleep aid as strong as Ashtivia™. Due to this, Big Pharma is coordinating their own testing to see if they can “patent” any aspects of this super root.

It is really and TRULY that powerful. 
Take Back Control...
If you are aging and you feel like you could sleep better, now is the time to take back control of your sleep.  
SAFE is Not Enough For You! This is the Purest Withania Somnifera Extract to Ever be Sold in the United States. (Certifications to Back it)
It is a well known fact that, natural and safe, non pharmaceutical products are not regulated by the FDA, which can be downright scary.
We did the unthinkable and self regulated for the benefit of our loyal customers.
Even The Extraction Process is 100% Natural!
We take pride in the fact that our licensed extraction process does not involve any chemicals, it is 100% natural.
That is why if you want to Beat Sleep Deprivation and Feel Years Younger…
  •  Relax Into Sleep Nightly
  •  Avoid Toxic Sleeping Pills
  •  Or even have the ability to sleep without terrible chemical induced hangovers.
Then you are reading the right information. You are discovering the most advanced natural sleep solution in the world. So advanced, that doctors from all over the world are racing to figure out it’s full use and turn it into a prescription drug.

That research is ON GOING and it could take away your ability to restore your sleep and daily energy. So please keep reading quickly.
Time is Not on Your Side, it is THAT Powerful!
You are about to learn how to sleep better than you have in years.

All this is possible because you will beat the stress hormone Cortisol that is keeping you up at night, sleepless.
We Are Doing All We Can to Restore Your Sleep and Optimize Your Energy.
We are not lying down to this fight. We do NOT want to see the greatest sleep formula of our time, go the way of Big Pharma.

If that happens, it will turn synthetic, become patented and most of the United States will lose access due to the all mighty dollar of the Pharmaceutical companies - YES - it is THAT strong.

The only substance in human history that has the capability of restoring sleep without inducing hangovers.
Better Sleep Will Change Your Life…
Experience Mother Nature’s “Sleep Solution"
Our natural extract is so proprietary and unique it is covered by several world wide patents.
Luckily for me and for you, you’ll have this in your possession in about 1 minute and 30 seconds from now... and you will once again experience waking up in the morning refreshed!
I urge you to act quickly because the supply of this special formulation is extremely limited and it could be turned into a pharmaceutical at any moment.
Once It Is Gone, It Is Gone
And I won’t know how long I’ll be able to resupply with a fresh order as this extract is very limited and once the FDA delivers a legal order - We may be finished with distribution forever.
Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Product, Many are counting on this to Sleep Better.
People suffering with poor sleep feel like they have a lifetime prison sentence.

Many sleep sufferers are in need and they consider this a Life Changing Solution that they need for themselves and their families.

Like I said, there’s not enough containers to go around for every single person reading this page. So please only order if you’re deadly serious about restoring your sleep to optimal health.

It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order 1, 3 or more bottles and never do anything with the product.

People call begging for a continued supply - they really really need this as it is allowing them to live with perfect sleep.

Are we clear? If so, great because I have some exciting news.

The regular price for Ashtivia™ is $100 per 30 day supply - which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration:
1. It has been proven in world wide clinical trials as the most potent sleep solution in the world.
2. Every single container is manufactured in the USA and goes through strict purification procedures, as well as being manufactured under the strict manufacturing processes- the gold standard in manufacturing. This is the purest Withania somnifera extract known in the world.
3. Ashtivia™ is VERY LIMITED and NOT available in any stores until later in 2018 due to the difficulty of extracting this root from the rarest parts of India. Then, it goes through a YEAR LONG process of purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA.
Please! Remember - It May NOT be Around For You Forever.
But You Will Not Pay 
You Won't Even Pay
When you act right now, you can get your hands on a full bottle of Ashtivia™ for this special VIP price... of only $47 . 

How cool is that?

(SHHHH- Some guys might get pissed about this who didn’t act fast enough to qualify. And I do NOT want that for you! Act quickly, you have nothing to lose.)

And if by some small chance that it is not everything you thought it was, you are protected by my triple guarantee!
ONLY $47
That's Savings of Over $50
And if you act right now and find out why Doctors are calling Ashtivia™-“The most important cellular rejuvenating nutrient for a healthy sexual response available in the world today!”
You are entitled to become part of our VIP Group and reserve 3 bottles of Ashtivia™ and at special VIP Pricing at only $39 Per Bottle!
If you truly want to commit to stocking up, then you can get 6 bottles at only $29 each
You are Probably Wondering Why I Would Give you Such a Drastic Price Break?
Even given the fact that hundreds of human clinical trials have been performed - the science community wants more and more research. That way we can add to the impressive body of clinical studies that already exist. This research will help us keep this powerful “sleep restoring” formula legal and bring the product price down so it is more affordable for you and every man and woman who may be struggling with poor sleep.
In the meantime, I have instructed the lab to set aside additional raw material so we are able to grow the already vast body of evidence to show the long term “sleep” advantages of Ashtivia™.
We Are trying to save Ashtivia!
For only $1.52 cents per day - way less than you pay for a coffee - you can enjoy the most potent natural sleep rebuilding formula in the world and ONCE Again live a life of perfect sleep.
Are You Ready To Experience The Power of Ashtivia™?
You do not even have to make a decision today.
What do I mean by that?
I am so confident that Ashtivia™ is going to fix your sleep and change your life, I am going to do something that goes against the normal rules of business.

Our risk managers DO NOT LIKE THIS, but we don’t care.
You can try Ashtivia™ - for a FULL MONTH and if, for any reason at all you are not thrilled with the results, simply return the bottles,  and I will buy them back.
My intuition tells me that you really need and use this extract to heal your sleep. And, if your sleep doesn’t Improve (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money.
So let’s summarize one more time...
Ashtivia™ naturally goes to work repairing your sleep functions and allowing you to live full of energy so you feel years younger.
Ashtivia™ is Completely Different Than The Low Quality Supplements You See on Store Shelves.

Most of these other companies pack in fillers and low doses of the active ingredients to save on cost - that’s why they can sell these supplements for $29 or $39. And I ask you, how did they work for you?
Plus, only one ingredient in the world has ever been proven to repair sleep – Ashtivia™

And I ask you?

How did they work for you? Did you look and feel younger than ever…
I Thought So!
Ashtivia™ is a 100% pure and natural extract and uses "gold standard" manufacturing processes. I know that may not mean anything to you…yet it means that you can have the added protection that all Ashtivia™ is made in the USA and FREE of All Contaminants.
That literally limits the supply of this amazing Indian extract, because the supply of raw material is so limited on a yearly basis. We only use the purest supply for each container we provide you.

PLUS: the production process used to extract the active ingredient and then purify and certify it takes several months, up to a year before it reaches you.


Yet, I am about to show you how you can reserve your own personal supply today (as long as you act quickly)

Which Is Why You Must Act Now!!

Imagine waking up with renewed energy of someone younger and knowing you are getting the best sleep of your life. Then imagine not worrying about cells - knowing you are flooding them with nutrients it needs to relax you and put you to sleep, without chemicals.

Here’s the situation though. You’re really going to need to Act Right Now. We’ve only set aside a certain number of bottles for our VIP Membership and THOSE ARE GOING FAST
When They’re Gone... 
They’re Gone!

So Right NOW You Have Two Options, As I See It…

Option 1…

You can keep wasting hundreds of dollars on the latest store bought sleeping pills or expensive, addictive, toxic pharmaceuticals  


Option 2…

(If we still have stock left and are not sold out…)

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Assuming it is not outlawed for it’s potency.

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There are two things that I think you believe at this point…

1. You’re serious about getting better sleep and feeling better than you have in years.

2. You KNOW that you’re looking for something that finally has some real science behind it- because you are sick and tired of remedies that do not work! You understand that you need to normalize Cortisol in order to fall asleep easier.

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Do you look at other people enjoying life and staying active with their spouse and holding hands wishing…"I wish I could be that person again!"
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Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process is simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.

Plus, shipping and handling is free when you choose the 3 bottle VIP special. Your order will show up on your doorstep in an un-marked box to protect your privacy and will be going out right away when we receive your order.
You Have Absolutely No Risk With Our Triple Guarantee!
I’m so confident that Ashtivia will work for you that I’m willing to put my butt on the line whether you order 1 bottle, or the most popular 3 bottles. It doesn’t matter.

Here’s what you have to do.

Just order the amount that you’d like below by clicking the big button that says “Add To Cart".

You will come to the order page where you can choose 1 bottle of the VIP 3 Bottles special.

Be sure that you do not miss a single day of sleep boosting supplementation…especially the first week so you give your circulation a chance to build up again and allow the nutrients to flood your cellular system.

As you continue to use Ashtivia, you will notice some changes…

1. If you don’t notice immediate better sleep with youthful energy and a youthful glow, just simply send back the bottle following our return process and you will get an immediate refund.

2. Or if you simply have 2nd thoughts and you have decided it is not for you, send it back!

3. Or, if you do not like the label or the way it looks, send it back!

That’s it and I’ll immediately refund your purchase price.

No Questions asked!

And remember, we are not like most companies - we give you a full 90 days and you can return at any time for any reason within 90 days and you will get a no questions asked refund!

I don’t believe you should pay for something if it doesn’t work. Although I highly doubt that will happen.

As you can see, you truly have nothing to lose at all. I’ve removed all the risk off your shoulders and placed them on mine.

You Are Part Of An Exclusive Group
Not everybody has access to Ashtivia™ 

This is NOT Available in Stores

When I say that the supplies are limited, I am not just saying that - supplies are truly limited - It is very difficult to extract this special root because they reside in a very specific part of India which is very difficult to get to.

The extraction process that has been created, is effective, but it takes time and only allows for small batch quantities.

And, it may not be legal forever - It is undergoing pharmaceutical trials now because of the sleep inducing capabilities .

We are very likely to be able to offer you up to 1500 containers at this time!

You can choose the 1, 3 or 6 - container option on the next page. Most people choose the 3 - container option, because they are afraid of running out.

Also with the 3 container option, you’ll instantly be upgraded to FREE and FAST shipping. It’s the best deal I can offer you today.

Your package will arrive within quick, safe and secure.

Like I said before, most people consider this their secret weapon for sleeping better. If you lead an active life, this may be your secret boost for looking and feeling younger.

And if you’re not comfortable with ordering over the computer, feel free to call in at (888) 964-5327 to place an order right away.
Can You Imagine Sleeping Like you Did 10-20 years Ago - with the daily energy to match.
Just imagine how it’s going to feel once your package arrives and you begin taking Ashtivia™… You will start noticing the difference in how you feel… restoring your life and memories – even looking younger.

You’ll be able to experience having normal sleep health and energy like you were 25 years old again.

You’ll have more drive, life passion and well-being.

Plus, your energy levels could skyrocket in a matter of days or weeks.

DO NOT Believe Anyone Who Says You Are Past Your Prime

Just because conventional wisdom might say you’re past your prime, doesn’t mean you have to lay down and die. You can still have an active, amazing and fun life well into your elder years.

All with great sleep and outside of the world of prescription pills.

And when you can finally perform and be active again like you did when you were 10-20 years younger, you truly will feel like a young stud again… full of confidence and excitement.

It’s entirely possible and achievable. Just imagine how much more fun you’re going to have with your friends and family, living outside of age decline.

The good news is with Ashtivia™, you can reclaim this ability you once thought was a distant memory. It’s not out of the question to look and feel younger.

With just one small dose per day, you can take back your sleep health and ability to participate when your friends and family want you to be active.

Never Miss Fun Again!!

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And remember, you can also place an order over the phone at (888) 964 5327. If you call and the line is busy, that means our operators are busy accepting the final few orders.
Start FeeLing Results TODAY!
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