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Does ONE Rare Nutrient EXIST that Defends Against Disease and Boosts Energy, Whether You are 8 or 80?
The Answer is "YES"! this Information has Been Kept Quiet for Years.
Thomas Edison, The Father of the light bulb, the Modern Movie industry and 1,093 patents is billed as one of the smartest men on earth. His research also spanned into natural health efforts.
His private research led him to make one VERY important quote.
“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease."
WARNING: This Next Section May Upset You
What you will read next references the biggest health cover up in US History
As one of the nation’s leading health experts and best selling author of The Vitamin Bible, I have some vital information WILL save and extend your life.

Just imagine this…

What if I told you I discovered a Bio-Tech company with a new drug that could reduce the number of cancer deaths in the US by 43,000 annually…
  •  Reduce colon cancer by 50%
  •  And reduction in breast and ovarian cancer by 30%
Would you be impressed?
What if I then told you this same drug could safely prevent or alleviate the following medical conditions:
  •  Osteoporosis
  •  Hypertension
  •  Cardiovascular disease
  •  Depression
  •  Epilepsy
  •  Type One Diabetes
  •  Insulin resistance
  •  Autoimmune Diseases
  •  Migraine Headache
  •  Polycystic Ovary Disease (PCOS)
  •  Musculoskeletal and bone pain
  •  Psoriasis, and Rheumatoid Arthritis
  •  Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Cohn’s)
  •  Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
as well as improve calcium absorption and BOOST Your Bone Health
Here is the SHOCKING Truth. All of these benefits are available from a rare substance, that is natural and available – YET, no one actually knows the benefit.

Worst of all, the results have been NOT BEEN MADE PUBLIC

Well, that all changes, RIGHT NOW.
The information on this page will hopefully help you, your family and eventually millions of others.

It is SO important, the multi billion dollar movie industry is getting involved to get this life saving information to the masses. 

Take five minutes and continue to read, it is important for EVERY member of your family.
In Good Health,
Dr. Earl Mindell
Best of All, You are Going to Read About How to Actually FEEL Better
That’s Right, most of us have lost that youthful feel, well, there may be a simple way to restore it. It ALL revolves around giving our body an ESSENTIAL NUTRIENT that is needed in EVERY SINGLE body tissue .
This nutrient is needed by EVERY tissue in the human body
When you restore this ESSENTIAL nutrient, your body turns on! And all of your functions become restored and optimized.

Imagine having the energy and vigor of someone years younger. What you are about to discover will quickly become your “feel good” secret weapon.
Within 2 weeks, I had Relief!
"For years, I’ve dealt with persistent headaches. Nothing was helping. I was introduced to this nutrient, and within 2 weeks, I had relief! "
Did You Know There Was a Single Most Important Nutrient for LIFE?
Probably Not, as Most of us are in the dark about this vital information
This super nutrient is the reason you feel great or low on energy and tired. It is vital in nearly every biological function and crucial for maintaining bone strength.
Clinical study after clinical study has shown how a deficiency can lead to heart disease, diabetes, dementia, AGGRESSIVE Prostate Cancer and even Alzheimers.

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology explored the vast importance of this SUPER Nutrient in relation to overall heart health.
Every Human Needs This Nutrient
...the pain disappeared!
"I live in sunny California, and for years I had been experiencing general body aches and pains. To the point where I could barely walk at night due to pain in both feet, as well as excruciating shoulder pain. I had X-rays taken and it showed calcium deposits in the tissues. Come to find out, my body wasn’t properly absorbing calcium. I started taking cholecalciferol daily and within a week, the pain disappeared! "
This "Secret" Was Killing People...
Why didn’t you know about what you are about to read?

Yes, these are some serious claims, BUT, they are backed by serious research.

The thought of Cancer is terrifying to millions, as it is creeping up as one of our leading killers, even surpassing heart disease.

Millions are Dying Annually

However, there is solid and mounting evidence that this single nutrient benefits cancer treatments against colon, breast, ovarian, prostate and Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

Worst of all, this initial research has been around since the 80s. However, it has been kept silent.
In 1993, another shocking clinical study was released. It again found that it increased calcium absorption by the blood and helped to KILL cancer cells or REDUCED and STOPPED cancer cell growth altogether.

All together there are now YEARS of research resulting in thousands of reports that cite the overwhelming evidence of this nutrient being useful to battle terrible diseases.
In fact, the authors of a 2006 article in The American Journal of Public Health state they reviewed 60 separate studies on This nutrient and Cancer. 

They full believe cancer occurrence and death could be reduced with improved levels in the human body. 

They Found:
  •  50% Reduction in Breast Cancer
  •  80% Reduction in Colon Cancer
Those Results are JUST STAGGERING
Other studies have found it helps fight
  •  Leukemia
  •  Lung Cancer
  •  Kidney Cancer
  •  Thyroid Cancer
  •  Pancreatic Cancer
There are more studies, this is the LIMITED list based on very recent information.
Every Human, No Matter Age, needs adequate levels of what you are about to read about.....
There is MORE, A Lot MORE
Scarily, it involves your heart. The most important muscle in your body. Current research has now shown a DIRECT connection between THIS NUTRIENT and heart disease.

When your body becomes inflamed, your heart is at risk. Researchers at the University of London found that people experiencing inflammation also had low levels of the nutrient in question.

When patients received a small amount, their inflammation decreased and terminal symptoms went away.
It was THAT Simple.

Why? It contains proteins called cytokines, which manage inflammatory responses, REDUCING potential health risks.

In the case of congestive heart failure, medical studies have shown an increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines (those which increase inflammation). In a recent clinical trial, people with CHF were given high doses of THIS nutrient.

Within 9 months their bodies had produced a 43% increase in natural anti-inflammatory substances. There was no increase in inflammation-causing cytokines.

The conclusions were obvious:

It plays an important role in reducing inflammation in heart patients.

Studies indicate that it strengthens your body’s anti-inflammatory response by boosting anti-inflammatory cytokines and overpowering the inflammation-causing cytokines.

We already know that one of the major functions of this nutrient is its ability to help your body absorb calcium from the blood to keep bones strong. It is NOW proven to keep your heart strong.

Research continues in the area of heart disease with regard to the role of it plays in its prevention.

There is no doubt about it, it IS a key to extending your life and living healthy.

Not too bad for a 55 year old!
"With an understanding of cholecalciferol, I am now fully recovered from multiple diseases. I’m a mechanical engineer and an avid golfer. I started to receive lower back problems when I was 28 years old, which was thought to be a small muscle strain. However, after years of taking ibuprofen, I discovered I had a bulging disc in my cervical vertebrae. Which caused severe pain and numbness in my back and arm. As a few more years passed, my L4-L5 Lumbar disc ruptured. The surgeon suggested that I could sever my spinal cord by just getting into a car, and that lead me to surgery two days later. Then, another surgery because the same disc ruptured once again. A year later, I started taking cholecalciferol and in just a short amount of time, my joint and muscle pains that plagued me for years was decreasing. Even my height changed, I went from 5’11” to 6’2”. I have also gotten off my CPAP for sleep apnea. As I continue to take cholecalciferol, my PCP now tells me I have the health of a 25 year old. Not too bad for a 55 year old. "
So, What is This SINGLE Miracle Nutrient?
It is a RARE form of Vitamin D called "Cholecalciferol" better known as Vitamin D3.

What is really interesting is that it is SO POWERFUL, it doesn’t fit JUST fit into a vitamin category, it is also an ESSENTIAL hormone.

No other nutrient like this exists
In fact, it is precursor to a vital hormone that is formed when the skin absorbs UV-B rays, primarily from the sun.

When sun light hits the skin, the skin triggers a precholestoerol molecule, which then turns into the “super nutrient” cholecalciferol.
Cholecalciferol is further metabolized by the kidneys, liver and other organs into an EXTREMELY powerful, body boosting hormone.
The Life Saving Hybrid Nutrient
You see cholecalciferol is a “hybrid” nutrient, with VERY UNIQUE health boosting qualities. It can be consumed via nutrition AND produced by your body.

This RARE quality makes cholecalciferol one of the most important nutrients if not THE MOST important nutrient in the human body.
So Rare it ONLY comes from ONE wild form of Salmon
The following information is what most people DON’T know. Yes, you can buy Vitamin D or D3 anywhere, but there is a MAJOR PROBLEM we are about to reveal.
The store bought versions do NOTHING other than waste your time and MONEY.

If this wasn’t the case we wouldn’t be running a 85% deficiency rate in the US alone.

This RARE and PURE form comes directly from a specific fish, and it is changing natural medicine forever.
This Breakthrough Could Help MILLIONS Upon MILLIONS of People
A lot is at risk!

At first, cholecalciferol was linked EXCLUSIVELY to bone health, ensuring strong bones as you age, but recent studies NOW show it is FAR more important.

So important, it could change the life for millions.

Many RECENT and MIRACULOUS Studies cite cholecalciferol as a treatment or EVEN a potential cure for many devastating and debilitating diseases including:

  •  Cancer
  •  Autoimmune Disorders
  •  Cardiovascular Disease
  •  Blood Pressure Issues
  •  High Cholesterol
  •  Neurological disorders
  •  Reproductive system disorders 
  •   Kidney failure
  •  Muscle weakness
  •  Obesity
  •  Disorders of the skin
  •  Even tooth decay

There is more and more research being conducted daily and it’s likely more breakthrough discoveries are coming.

It is time our population KNOWS about this super nutrient and how it can EXTEND and IMPROVE Lives – Regardless of your current age

Millions are Suffering Needlessly, when they have a solution

You and Your Family Can Not Afford to Disregard this Information, it is too important
Finally Feel GREAT, REALLY Great!
Imagine what is it is like when a finely tuned engine is running on all cylinders. Powerful, precise and efficient.
That is exactly how the human body is supposed to operate. At ALL Ages
Much like a vehicle utilizing poor gas, our performance suffers when we are nutrient deficient. Now, when that nutrient is needed by EVERY SINGLE cell in your body the impact is far worse.

But NOW, imagine feeling great again. Imagine waking up with energy, no matter how little sleep and having GREAT mental focus all day long!
This isn’t some brain trick… we are DESIGNED to feel that way!

We are MEANT to operate at our highest capacity, that is how we hunted and survived for hundreds of years.

However, our nutritional deficiencies kill us and they KEEP us from feeling the way we should feel.

Make a CHANGE!

What you are reading about will make you feel better than you have in years.  Honestly, How you are supposed to feel!
Why are the Drug Companies Silent?
One Dirty Word - MONEY
Big Pharma is supposed to be there to help our families and save our lives. However, they are also publicly traded corporations who are solely concerned with shareholder value. Frankly, drug companies are billion dollar entities concerned with sales and profits.

This has been proven time and time again .

If Cholecalciferol were a drug, it would make billions, but it is not.

And YES, Cholecalciferol is just as powerful and potent as ANY drug, yet it is totally natural so it can not be sold as a lab created drug.  Also, the overall supply is limited.  

That means this life saving information just sits on a shelf, while millions suffer because it is “not profitable”

Very sad, YES, but this is ALL ABOUT TO CHANGE and YOU are now IN THE KNOW.

Imagine How Many Lives Would Improve! Just Imagine!
How is this CRITICAL INFORMATION Not on Every News Source?
This is Literally Life and Death for Millions of People
The “Why” it’s not out there is addressed below, however, this lack of knowledge is about to change thanks to the billion dollar reach of the entertainment industry.

This issue is SO important one major film studio is getting involved along with their Amazon distribution platform.
Entertainment is America’s Past Time. Millions of hours of films and television shows are consumed each and every year.

Bottom line, film has REACH, A LOT OF REACH

And that REACH is now being used to get this dire important information to the masses. Traditional means have not worked, and millions are at risk.
With 100 million Amazon Prime members and Billions of minutes of programming viewed, Amazon Video Direct is the perfect venue to get important information out. Entertainment will soon educate and save millions of lives .

Stay tuned below as you are witnessing the future.

You are “In the Know” about one of the biggest health breakthroughs of our time.
“I went for 14 years with lack of energy, problems sleeping, brain fog and general pain. I caught colds and couldn’t get rid of them, I was sick most of the time. Four years ago, I started having problems with my back and bone loss. I started taking cholecalciferol, and in four weeks, I suddenly started sleeping better, within six weeks, my back pain was completely gone. EVERYTHING HAS GOTTEN BETTER and I’ve never looked back.”
But I Consume Vitamin D? 
WRONG, It is The Deadliest Deficiency in US History
And It ALL Comes Down to Mis Information

This deficiency is no longer just a problem, it is an absolute epidemic effecting 85% of our population, putting hundreds of millions of lives at risk.

Virtually every tissue type in your body has receptors for Vitamin D. Your Body requires Vitamin D to work properly.
Simply put, without it YOU will die faster
This deficiency is DIRECTLY associated with increased risk of numerous chronic disorders.
  •  Type II diabetes
  •  Cancer
  •  Bodily Infections
  •  Cardiovascular Disease
  •  Autoimmune Disorders
  •  Neurological Diseases
Basically, every single important function in your body
This single deficiency is killing people and IT COULD BE PREVENTED
This SINGLE Lie is Killing Us By the Masses
How are we possibly deficient in something as important as Cholecalciferol ?
The SHOCKING Answer comes down to one thing…. Once again MONEY
Do you remember health class? 
They tell you to eat your vegetables every day to get the all the essential nutrients you need
This information has been misleading for decades because foods are not what they used to be.
Why? Our Top Soil is bare due to large scale farming that strips “much needed” nutrients.

This was uncovered by Michael Karr, PhD, ARCPACS Certified Professional Soil Scientist who conducted a multi-year study and initially reported the deficiency.
“Irresponsible, large scale farming methods has left our soil bare while the environment and the consumer pay the price”
He went on to say…
“Enforcement is needed MORE THAN EVER. High crop prices provide a strong incentive to plant and farm as much as possible and take fewer measures like soil buffer strips”
Fact: If the SOIL does not contain nutrients, they NEVER make it into the plants we are told to consume for health – THEY ARE USELESS
And YES this includes organic foods !
If the soil is bare, OUR foods are bare. However, this does not stop the nearly $1,000,000,000,000.00 sold in crops every single year.
GMO’s are making it worse…
Genetically Modified crops are crops grown from seeds that are modified by scientists to grow larger than naturally designed. This modification deletes the nutritional value of the crop in exchange for size and increased crop supply.
93% of our US crops are genetically modified. They are modified to the point where we are not allowed to export to 28 industrialized nations because of their lack of nutrients.

Imagine that, our food is SO malnourished other countries won’t touch it..
Finally pills and CHEAP powders DO NOT WORK
Even though billions of dollars worth are sold each year .

Our body does NOT absorb cheap pilled nutrients. In fact, during a robust study conducted by the Live Strong Foundation, they found that our body ONLY processed between 8 and 20% of the pilled nutrients we consume, leaving us VERY deficient even though we are spending dollar after dollar on these publicly available nutrients.
AND They are Potentially VERY Dangerous
Do you know where pills come from? Do you know how they are packed or stored? You are not alone, most people don't.

Here is the dirty truth…

Over 90% come from filth infested foreign factories, which supply on low cost and not quality.

Urine and rat feces, saw dust and dead insects are just a few things found in these unregulated powders.

The major problem is there is no mandatory oversight, so the FTC and FDA cannot dictate where and how ingredients are produced. You have NO way of telling what your pills actually contain.

It is NOW clear as day why over 90% of our population lack the proper nutrient support needed from Cholecalciferol. This simple deficiency is putting millions of lives at risk, including YOURS.

Here is the Good News – This CAN BE Fixed, almost instantly. It is JUST AS EASY to be “Efficient” and look and feel better than Ever.
A SYSTEM in Crisis
AND Cholecalciferol Could Provide Substantial Relief
Diseases are UP, deaths are UP and costs are UP. Our American healthcare system is in crisis due to the overall health of the average American.
Directly from the CDC
A report released in 2016 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, showed that heart disease deaths increased by 3 percent between 2011 and 2014, and that cancer deaths rose by 2.6 percent during that time.

This is the first time the CDC has published a report looking specifically at the number of deaths from heart disease and cancer.
The recent rise in heart disease and cancer deaths is “something to be concerned about and to encourage us to continue our efforts” to live a healthier life style.

We are facing a major issue in the billions of dollars and it is only getting worse as our population gets sicker and sicker.

Here is the Shocking Fact – The Use of Cholecalciferol is tied to a 39% decrease in healthcare costs based on a recent study with the VA .
Here are the Astounding Facts
Cholecalciferol deficiency is often unrecognized and has been linked to many chronic diseases. Vitamin D3 supplementation has been shown to ameliorate these chronic diseases and may reduce the prevalence of some cancers. 

One study analyzed the health care costs associated with vitamin D deficiency in Veterans reporting to the VA.

When patients consumed the proper amount of daily Cholecalciferol their healthcare costs were 39% lower.


Two Biggest Risk Factors
It is NO Hidden Fact that the lack of the rare form of Vitamin D, Cholecalciferol, Is DIRECTLY linked to many chronic diseases including dementia, erectile dysfunction, schizophrenia, and many many other illnesses.

But these next two Risk Factors are Scary and Killing People Daily
#1 Huge Increased Risk of Cancer
Cancer is KILLING and on the rise globally. As the problem worsens, more and more researchers are looking for possible links.

A study published in May of 2014 in the journal of Clinical Cancer Research found a significant link between low blood levels of Vitamin D and aggressive Prostate Cancer.

This is just ONE of many research studies which have proven that our globally deficiency of this all important nutrient is causing SERIOUS concern.

DO NOT roll the dice, do the simple things you can to lower your chances of a life ending cancer.
#2 Increased Risk of Heart Disease
Heart Disease is the number one killer in the United States. If you pass away, it is a 1 and 3 chance it was from this deadly disease.

There has not been ONE, not TWO, but NUMEROUS validated clinical studies that have linked Vitamin D deficiency to heart disease and conditions related to heart disease. Including, atherosclerosis, hypertension, diabetes and stroke.

One major review was conducted in Circulation Research in 2014 and the results COULD NOT BE CLEARER !

If you deficient, in this special form of Vitamin D, your heart disease RISK FACTORS sky Rocket.
Just Imagine…
You have the ability to do a SINGLE THING and CHANGE your health life FOREVER. The research does not lie, it is EXTREMELY clear.
Bring up your values of Vitamin D3, your life Improves:
  •  Decreased risk of Terminal Disease
  •  Increased Energy and Focus
  •  Better Sleep and Well Being
Just to Scratch the surface!
Every Cell IN your Body REFRESHES and JUMPS Back to Life
It Works for ME!
"I suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Over the past 10 years, I have spent ungodly amounts of money trying to find a solution for my never-ending fatigue and sluggish brain. Soon after taking cholecalciferol, I finally found something that works for me! Cholecalciferol has been a near life-saver.  "
This Isn’t Just Marketing, THIS Changed My Life
I love my life today, but all of that was nearly gone. Yes, since 2012 I have been a national TV personality, appearing on hours of national television in various health expert roles and hosting roles.
I successfully authored and published a book in 2014

As of recent, I have also written and produced feature length films while performing as a SAG actor. 

For most, these would be dream jobs and a DREAM life, However…
Year ago I found myself sick, fat and nearly DEAD. I was living a health nightmare, I had let myself get to over 300 pounds and I felt terrible. Not to mention I was on the verge of Type 2 Diabetes and many other serious health problems.

I was WAY too young to be THIS sick and diminished.
Now, this is not a story about MY weight loss or trek back to health, it is a story about what I wish I had known all of those years ago. It is a story about how this COULD HAVE been avoided if simple information was delivered to me. 
I Fought For Years and Years To Get Healthy
The road was tough and ugly with lots of ups and downs but after about five years of hard word I had the body I wanted, I felt great and the opportunities came rolling in.

Let’s be brutally honest, none of the “TV stuff” would have happened if I wasn’t healthy or in shape.
But, I Had a Secret, Health was STILL a struggle
Yes, I looked great and Yes, I was known and getting television opportunities but I still didn’t always feel great and my cravings would attack me on a daily basis. 

I knew this wasn’t normal, and one day, I asked about it.

I was on the phone with a friend of mine from high school as we were discussing health related issues as he works for one of the largest clinical trial databases in the country and he had seen a very interesting trend.

“Have you ever heard of Cholecalciferol”, he asked

“Well, No” I said

He went on to explain how this rare form of Vitamin D3 was being tested extensively for links to a variety of health concerns. The results he as seeing were BEYOND positive and it was absolutely a nutrient that I should be consuming.

As most of the population, I thought I was getting enough from sunlight, I was NOT, I was very deficient. I had NO idea how bad it was effecting me . 
However, he was right, reversing that deficiency CHANGED MY LIFE.
I found a sampling of the super nutrient and took it, without a lot of expectations.

What happened next was unbelievable… Honestly, it was shocking, I felt great, my eye sight felt better and my cravings were totally gone. Overall, I felt so much healthier and focused. It was easy to admit that I had never felt healthier in my entire life.

Was it REALLY this simple?, Had this one nutrient been keeping me down all of these years?
I had to know more for myself, so I did further research. Report after report, after report all said the same thing.
  •  Increased Energy
  •  Increased Immunity
  •  Lower Death Risk
My head was spinning, how was this information not on every billboard in every city? Imagine the lives that would improve!

And THEN, a morbid thought entered my mind…

I had lost a parent to cancer. What if she knew? Would it have changed her odds? This was enough to drive me crazy. I can’t dwell on this much because it is such a sad thought, but once you know this information, you are obligated to share.

I would have done ANYTHING to improve her chances of survival, YET, I didn’t know the research.
Helped with Depression and Anxiety
“After being hospitalized, my gastroenterologist felt my vitamin D was lower than normal. I had mind fog, aches and pains, also depression and anxiety. After gaining more knowledge about cholecalciferol, I decided to give it a try. In a short amount of time, I found that my aches and pains started to diminish, as did my mind fog. Even helped with my depression and anxiety problems! Today, people who know me can tell how much better I look.  ”
{Harvard Confirmed} Wild Caught Salmon is the PUREST Source of Cholecalciferol on the planet.
The search for the most potent and absorbable Cholecalciferol has become vitally important in recent years and months because of the mounting medical implications.

It has been cited over and over, when humans do not get enough Cholecalciferol they run a MUCH higher chance of cancer and osteoporosis.

So, the Harvard Medical Team put several sources of Cholecalciferol to the test.

The researchers already know that there are big differences in the Cholecalciferol content of different fish species, and fairly substantial seasonal and geographic variations within fish of the same species.

Additionally, the USDA nutrient database doesn't provide Cholecalciferol figures for most fish, and we've known even less about the effect of cooking on the Cholecalciferol content of fish.
So, the results were highly anticipated.

To redress this data gap, Harvard medical partnered with researchers at Boston University (BU) Medical Center evaluated the Cholecalciferol content in several species of fish, and the effect of baking and frying on their Cholecalciferol content.
Wild salmon beat other fatty fish, and EVEN farmed salmon
The Boston University team found that Wild Salmon (unspecified species) had 988 IU of Cholecalciferol per 3.5 oz. serving, which is almost two-thirds (65 percent) more than the US RDA (600 IU) set in 2010.
This is simply astonishing
And Farmed Salmon had only 25 percent of the Cholecalciferol content of Wild Salmon (245 IU).

More surprisingly, they found that other fatty fish—species thought to be high in Cholecalciferol —fell far short of expectations and Wild Salmon.

Wild Salmon REIGNED Supreme which is good and bad news.

This answer was GREAT for researchers, but bad for consumers because wild caught salmon is becoming more and more scarce and the supply is limited.
Here is the ONLY Problem – Scarcity
As we have learned, the STRONGEST, most ABSORBABLE Cholecalciferol In the world comes from fresh caught wild salmon. They must be fresh and wild as the procedures used in “farm raised” salmon kill off these VITAL nutrients.

But this is the scary part – Wild Salmon are becoming more and more scarce.
Four years of bruising drought in the West has strained inland rivers where salmon spawn, putting the fish in sharp decline.

It has gotten so bad, the government has had to impose fishing restrictions and manage the dwindling population.

The salmon survival rate keeps falling and falling – this is bad news for Cholecalciferol
You are going to want to take advantage of this super nutrient, while it is still around. The supply seems to be getting smaller and smaller.
Honestly, I almost Lost Hope
Imagine having information THIS important, yet knowing there was NOT enough to go around, if any at all.
Sure, I could get my hands on Vitamin D3, anyone can, but that has proven to be useless. What I really needed was pure Cholecalciferol, directly from wild salmon. That was the proven form that absorbed and provided life saving qualities.
How in the world was I going to find This? Then the phone rang….
On the other end was a friend who had just started taking a line of supplements from Pharm Origins, and he called raving…. Finally, something different.

He told me how the company used minimal, yet effective ingredients, sourced naturally and only delivered in a raw, powder delivery form – so you KNOW what you were taking.
It was worth a Shot… So I called them
This was the absolute best call of my life. It turns out they already extract nutrients from wild salmon due to their wildly popular Astaxanthin product.


Their patented extraction method is based on MIT Research and involves extracting in small batch quantities, that allow A LITTLE to do A LOT.  

With their method 50mg works like 500mg – clinically proven and tested.

It was official, they could provide the Cholecalciferol I needed, and the rest is history.

UNTIL, They Made One Suggestion THAT Changed Everything…
They Said They Could Make It Even Better....
So I listened, Can Anything else Make this MORE effective?
And the Answer was YES. It even won a Nobel Prize

We didn’t just want to aim for the most advanced nutrient blend in the world, we wanted to guarantee it was more bio-available than anything ever developed, ensuring "life boosting" results.

Pharm Origins spent an entire two years on this mission and they identified an ingredient blend which is naturally ionized Magnesio (Magnesium) with a nitric oxide booster, which happens to be the rarest and purest magnesium in the world.

This element absorbs into the human body at a rate of 99% and immediately boosts hundreds of your biological functions.

Your body and especially YOUR IMMUNITY and VITAL ORGANS thrive with this substance coursing through your veins.

In fact, MG2110 plays an important part in….

  • Creation of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of your body
  •  Relaxation of blood vessels
  •  Muscle and nerve function, including the action of your heart muscle
  •  Proper formation of bones and teeth
  •  Regulation of blood sugar and insulin sensitivity, which is important for the prevention of type 2 diabetes.

Here is where the PATENT and NOBEL PRIZE comes in..

There was ONE LAST addition that needed to be added, and it involves activating the "miracle molecule" nitric oxide. This is the KEY to nutrient bioavailability as it gently expands your blood vessels allowing nutrients to flow faster and be absorbed in additional tissue areas.

Nutrient Absorption Increases to 99% - Nearly 100%

This is achieved by adding pure beet root, no sugars, no additives, just pure nitric oxide enhancing beet root. 

Pure and simple, scientific studies have proven pure beet root ENHANCES nitric oxide flow and allows the smooth muscle wall of the arteries to relax. This allows the heart to pump blood better, delivering vital nutrients to the human body.

This Powerful Breakthrough won a Nobel Prize in 1998 for it's Significant Effects on Heart Health
It Cut Sudden Cardiac Death by 70% (Let that Sink In)

This year, after 12 years of ongoing trials, one of the largest heart studies in the world concluded and results were tallied.

  • MG2110 Can Literally Save Your Life…
  • This study included the nations leading heart hospitals, including….
  •  Division of Epidemiology & Community Health, School of Public Health, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN
  •  Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD
  •  Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD
  •  Cardiovascular Health Research Unit, Division of Cardiology, Department of Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
  •  Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 

Their Results…

Individuals in the highest quartile of serum MG2110 were at significantly lower risk of SCD in all models. This association persisted after adjustment for potential confounding variables, with an almost 70% reduced risk of SCD (HR=0.62, 95% CI=0.42–0.93) in quartile 4 vs. 1 of serum Mg observed in the fully-adjusted model.

Powerful Nutrient Booster
Two “Life Saving” Ingredients NOW Combined
Patented MG 2110 has NEVER been combined with pure, salmon extracted Cholecalciferol. This historic combination is a powerful, immunity boosting SUPER FORMULA
In Summary They…
  •  Improve Chances of Beating Cancer
  •  Improve Heart Health
  •  Fights Against Auto Immune Disorders
  •  Improves Blood Pressure Issues
  •  Lowers High Cholesterol
  •  Improves Neuro Function
  •  Helps the Kidneys
  •  Lowers Chance of Obesity
  •  And MUCH MORE
These two POWERFUL nutrients supercharge every single tissue in the human body
Simply Incredible!
I will continue to take this stuff until I die.
"Eighteen years ago, I was diagnosed with bad cholesterol, chronic major depression, and a few other health issues. I’ve tried several prescriptions over the years, but have never felt 100%. I heard about cholecalciferol, and decided to give it a shot. Since introducing this into my life, my mood has dramatically improved – to the point I am NOT taking any pharmaceuticals for depression for the first time in 18 years! I am truly amazed. My overall health has improved, lost 25 pounds, no more “bad” cholesterol, no colds, not even any sniffling. I will continue to take this stuff until I die. "
Introducing the Most POWERFUL “Life Boosting” Nutrient Combination EVER Manufactured.
So Exclusive it is Covered by a Worldwide Patent

For the first time, all of the purest form of Cholecalciferol has been combined with MG2110 to form a super nutrient powder that every human on earth needs.

Best of all, MG2110 is a supercharged, nitric oxide boosting additive. This innovation allows the nutrients to travel the body and absorb up to 2x times faster - getting your body the support it desperately needs.

This coupled with our powdered delivery allows it to take an instant effect.

You are on the way to supercharging over 300 biological functions and guarding against some of the worst terminal diseases that wreak havoc on the human population.

Why Combine These Super Ingredients?
They Boost Each Other Perfectly Creating What Many Medical Scientists Call the “Perfect Formula”
To Give Your Body Intense Rejuvenation & Repairing POWER while supercharging your immune system.

Research shows that these life-saving nutrients plays a key role in maintaining health in nearly every major system in the body...especially your heart and brain.

Remember, one long-term study conducted by leading heart hospitals showed a 70% decreased risk in sudden cardiac failure and a greater chance of having healthy arteries.
70%! That’s an overwhelming majority.
No Wasted Ingredients. Ever. 
With Pharm Origins EVERY ingredient in our health boosters is dosed to an amount that ACTUALLY benefits the human body. They are all 100% active. We do not add ingredients just for “label marketing”.

Additionally, we do not believe in preservatives, fillers or artificial flavoring. Every milligram of every ingredient is ABSOLUTELY needed or we don’t add it.

Yes, this costs more to produce, but you are left with health boosters that contain everything needed to benefit human health.
That is the Pharm Origins difference.
Proprietary Raw Powder Delivery – The ONLY Way
Pharm Origins utilizes a proprietary raw powder delivery system in order to provide our health enhancers in the most bio available state possible.
This delivery method is scientifically proven to absorb faster and fuller, giving your body the benefit it needs
Your body has to absorb them to benefit
When your powdered supplement is mixed with water or any other liquid, it already starts in an absorbable state.
Your body DOES NOT Absorb Pills as Well as Powders
Remember? Pills have a hard coating, which the stomach will have to break down and separate the ingredients into smaller pieces before anything can be absorbed.
Powders = Immediate Absorption for Immediate Benefit
With no extra work required from the stomach, the powder mixture can immediately start its way through the intestine. Our small intestines are lined with villi, which absorb nutrients for our bloodstream.
It takes LONGER With Pills
With the pills being in smaller pieces, the intestine is not fully coated with the supplements. Therefore, not many supplements are absorbed and takes a longer amount of time to reach the bloodstream.
Get the Nutrients You Need.. In Your blood… Fast
Whereas the powder mixture, can easily coat the villi and be quickly absorbed. As a result, more supplements from the powder mixture will make it to the bloodstream.
Best of ALL – Total Nutrient Transparency
Pharm Origins is proud to offer health enhancers with 100% active and needed ingredients. No fillers and no under dosed nutrients that do not enhance the body. With our powder delivery, you see EXACTLY what you are consuming – Nothing hidden.
So, If You Are Aging…
And want to maximize your immunity ...
  •  Or Have Endless Energy and Mental Focus
  •  Or Even body functions like you were 20 again

Then you are reading the right information. You are discovering the most advanced mineral supplement created in the last 100 years. So advanced, it's boosted by a Nobel Prize winning molecule, and it has been proven over and over in its human clinical trial results.

You are about to experience health like you have never experienced in your life.

Naturally relaxed blood vessels that move blood and nutrients to where it needs to go and over 300 biological functions operating with perfection.

Experience Health Like Your Maker Designed for You.

This formula is so proprietary and unique it is covered by a worldwide patent.

Luckily for me and for you, you’ll have this formula in your possession in about 1 minute and 30 seconds from now... and you will once again experience waking up in the morning with the best health of your life and an immune system ready to fight off terminal disease. Everyone needs this information.

We Urge You to Act Quickly Because the Supply of this Special Formulation is Extremely Limited and RARE…
Once It Is Gone, It Is Gone
And I won’t know how long I’ll be able to resupply with a fresh order.
Just Do Me A Favor And Please Don’t Place An Order If You’re Not Going To Do Anything With The Product
Changed MY Life!
“I am 40 years old and live in Arizona. After two years of bone pain and low energy, I started taking cholesterol for eight weeks. By the seventh week, I was off the pain meds I was on previously! My mood has even changed drastically, all with no negative side effects! I haven’t looked back ever since. ”

Many People Consider This a Life Saving Solution and They need it for themselves and their families.

Like I said, this super nutrient is RARE, yet IMPORTANT for every single person reading this page. So please only order if you’re deadly serious about restoring your health and reversing your deficiencies.

It wouldn’t be fair to others if you order 1, 3 or more bottles and never do anything with the product.

Are we clear? If so, great because I have some exciting news.

The regular price for CORE is $100 per container - which is a complete bargain if you take into consideration: 

1. The 100% active ingredients have been proven as the most effective mineral formulation in the world with patents, clinical trials and a Nobel Prize.

2. Every single container is manufactured in the USA and goes through strict purification procedures, as well as being manufactured gold standard manufacturing practices.

3. CORE is VERY LIMITED and may never be available in stores due to the scarcity of pure Cholecalciferol. 

Then, it goes through a long process of purification, concentration and production in order to be considered safe by the FDA.
Be a Part of Our Exclusive Group !
But You Will Not Pay 
You Won't Even Pay

When you act right now, you can get your hands on a full container of CORE for this special VIP price... of only $47.

How cool is that?

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And if by some small chance that it is not everything you thought it was, you are protected by my triple guarantee!

ONLY $47
That's a Savings of Over $50
And if you act right now and find out why Doctors are calling CORE - “The most complete, potent and important immunity supplement in human history”
You are entitled to become part of our VIP Group and reserve 3 containers of CORE at special VIP Pricing of only  $39 Per Bottle!
If you truly want to commit to stocking up, then you can get 6 bottles at only $29 each
You are Probably Wondering Why I Would Give you Such a Drastic Price Break?

Even given the fact that hundreds of human clinical trials have been performed - the science community wants more and more research. That way we can add to the impressive body of clinical studies that already exist. It will help us to bring the product price down and make it more affordable for every man and woman who may be struggling with their health.

In the meantime, I have instructed the lab to set aside additional raw material so we are able to grow the already vast body of evidence to show the long term “life saving” advantages of CORE.


For only $1.52 cents per day - way less than you pay for a coffee- you can enjoy the best health of your life, better immunity, and more energy so you can enjoy friends and loved ones.

On average, we spend over $200 a month on individual supplements and chemicals that don’t work. Pills, potions, chemicals, Antibiotics, You name it! The CORE powder blend contains exactly what you need to ward off disease and feel great.

Supercharge your health and save money
Are You Ready To Experience The Power of CORE?

You do not even have to make a decision today.

And what do I mean by that?

I am so confident that CORE is going to change life for you, I am going to do something that goes against the normal rules of business.

Our risk managers DO NOT LIKE THIS, but we don’t care, because you come first!

You can try CORE - for a FULL MONTH and if, for any reason at all you are not thrilled with the results, simply return the bottles, even if they are empty and I will buy them back. 

My intuition tells me that you really need and use this formulat. And, if don't feel years younger (which is highly unlikely), we want to hear from you immediately so we can refund your money. 

So let’s summarize one more time...

CORE naturally goes to work boosting over 300 biological functions, allowing you to feel GREAT again, all while drastically reducing your risk of terminal disease
But you must remember - It is getting more scarce by the day
CORE is Completely Different Than The Low Quality Supplements You See on Store Shelves

Most of these other companies pack in fillers and low doses of the active ingredients to save on cost- that’s why they can sell these supplements for $29 or $39. And I ask you?

How did they work for you? Did You Feel Better?

I Thought So!
CORE is a 100% pure and natural extract and uses an "gold standard" manufacturing processes. I know that may not mean anything to you…yet it means that you can have the added protection that all CORE is made in the USA and FREE of All Contaminants with the purest ingredients available.

That literally limits the supply of this amazing salmon extract, because the purity process can be limiting.

PLUS: the production process used to extract the active ingredient and then purify and certify it takes several months.


Yet, I am about to show you how you can reserve your own personal supply today (as long as you act quickly)

Which Is Why You Must Act Now!!

Imagine waking up with renewed energy and less fear knowing you ARE PROTECTING YOUR LIFE. Then imagine not worrying about illness - knowing you are flooding your cells with nutrients it needs to help you to maintain youth and perfect “immune boosting” health

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BUT, with millions of Amazon viewers being exposed to CORE, the supply will go REALLY fast.
When They’re Gone... They’re Gone.

So Right NOW You Have Two Options, As I See It…

Option 1…

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There are two things that I think you believe at this point…

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Your credit card information is completely safe and your information is kept private. We’ve taken the necessary steps to make sure the checkout process is simple and even more safe than using your card at your favorite restaurant.

Plus, shipping and handling is free when you choose the 3 bottle VIP special. Your order will show up on your doorstep in an un-marked box to protect your privacy, and will be going out right away when we receive your order.
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I’m so confident that CORE will work for you that I’m willing to put my butt on the line whether you order 1 bottle, or the most popular 3 bottles. It doesn’t matter.

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As you continue to use CORE, you will notice some changes…

1. If you don’t notice a heightened sense of health, less pain and more energy, just simply send back the bottle following our return process and you will get an immediate refund.

2. Or if you simply have 2nd thoughts and you have decided it is not for you, send it back!

3. Or, if you do not like the label or the way it looks, send it back!

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And remember, we are not like most companies - we give you a full 30 days and you can return at any time for any reason within 30 days and you will get a no questions asked refund!

I don’t believe you should pay for something if it doesn’t work. Although I highly doubt that will happen.

As you can see, you truly have nothing to lose at all. I’ve removed all the risk off your shoulders and placed them on mine.


You Are Part Of An Exclusive Group

Not everybody has access to CORE.

When I say that the supplies are limited, I am not just saying that - supplies are truly limited - It is very difficult to extract this special nutrient because wild salmon populations are dwindling... and the population is fixed.

The extraction process that has been created, is effective, but it takes time and only allows for small batch quantities.

We are very likely to be able to offer you up to 1500 bottles at this time!

You can choose the 1, 3 or 6 - bottle option on the next page. Most people choose the 3 - bottle option, because they are afraid of running out.

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Start Seeing Results TODAY!
And Remember Our Triple Guarantee!
If during this test period you do not feel better than ever dreamed possible — or if you feel tired or fatigued for a single minute…

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then please send back the empty bottle and we will send you an immediate refund of the product price. If you want to experience reduced pain and permanent reversal of deficiencies If you want to experience for yourself the wonders of CORE… and feel with your own body why scientists say. 

“The Most Complete and Potent nutrient powder in the world”

And why, when it comes to the ability to perform, the continuation of more youthful years, the quality of your life and the newfound confidence… then click on the link below to try this new wonder nutrient and prove to your own satisfaction why Doctor Mindell hails CORE as the most powerful nutrient supplement in the world.
Frequently Asked Questions...
Please Note: Disease can be the result of the unhealthy diet, being stressed or overweight, taking certain prescription drugs, bad blood flow and brain health issues. So everyone needs to check with their doctor before they try any supplement program.
What is cholecalciferol exactly?
Cholecalciferol, also known as vitamin D3, is made by the body naturally when our skin is exposed to the sun. It manages our bodies calcium absorption, which is great for our intestines and will help our bones grow stronger. Cholecalciferol will also encourage the kidneys to recycle phosphate back into the blood. This will help our blood to remain at the right pH. 
How is ours made for supplementation?
Other than cholecalciferol being formed in the skin from sunlight, it is derived from fish oil. Ours comes from the skin of salmon, which is a fatty fish that naturally contains cholecalciferol.
What are some other benefits I can receive from cholecalciferol?
The vitamin will help control blood pressure and blood sugar levels. It is also involved in regulating hormones that are related to stress, even depression and anxiety.
How do I take CORE?
The recommended dosage of CORE is half a gram (one scoop), once a day. It can be taken raw, if followed with a liquid, and may be taken with or without food. We always advise speaking to a healthcare professional before starting any supplement diet
What studies have been done?
A four-year study, done by Creighton University, found that the 1,200 women taking vitamin D3 had around a 60% reduction in cancer incidence, compared the those who did not take the vitamin.
Another study: 2686 people, aged between 65 - 85 years old, took a daily dosage of cholecalciferol. The dosage was taken every four months for five years. The conclusion found: the daily dosage was acceptable, safe, and effective in reducing the incidence of fracture in the men and women over 65.
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