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All Natural “Malaysian Viagra” Is Now US Available and Solving Age Induced Erectile Dysfunction.
And YES it works EVEN if you are over 50 Years old.
What you are about to read about will seem nearly too good to be true. It is a safe, natural and a powerful sexual enhancer, with ZERO side effects. 
It has been routinely tested as the most potent male sexual enhancer in the world, yet it does not require needles or dangerous chemicals pills!

If you are ready to learn the secret to the best of sex of your life, keep reading the paragraphs below. 
Natural “Sex Booster”, Finally Revealed to the Public.
For years, the jungles of Malaysia have held a secret in regards to the most potent male sexual enhancer in the world.
In fact, for decades it has been locally referred to as the “Malaysian Viagra”, expect it is 100% natural without ANY side effects.

This sexual “Miracle” Root was discovered by Elder Tribesmen when it gave them tent pole Erections And the Impressive Stamina Of Someone 50 Years Younger…

This rare and hard to find root grows deep inside the Malaysian rainforest. 
And for thousands of years, was only known to the indigenous tribes of the area.
The Malaysian aboriginal men would chew on this root for its energy-boosting properties and to enhance their sexual function. 

It was hidden away from the public with only whispers of its existence talked about until a groundbreaking study.
The Most Sexually Potent City in the World
This is now known as the “sex test” that shocked the world. 
Sure, the Malaysian Viagra had been rumored for years, but no one thought any more of it than a myth until researchers found a shocking truth.
Tribes located in the rainforests of Malaysia reported 0% occurence of sexual dysfunction. Not a single case to evaluate.

You see, statistical researchers were putting together charts of sexual dysfunction city by city, country by country by comparison - and this was shocking.

At first they thought it was wrong, or that the tribes did not know what “dysfunction” was so they commissioned doctors to run tests.
They also found 0%. Not a single case at all. In fact, the tribes had rules about sex after a certain age to protect the women from dangerous “late age” pregnancy.

The men were sexual active and powerfully potent well into their later years.

This set off the most robust “sexual ingredient” clinical trial in human history! All of the conducted research led to ONE final conclusion (Keep Reading)
Sexual dysfunction is one of the biggest issues I see in modern health, although men do not want to discuss.

They go to sleep hoping they wake up “better”.  

Unfortunately, that is not how it works and nature is NOT in your favor. 

If you are a man with any sort of sexual dysfunction, I do not have to explain how embarrassing it can be day to day. 

Your testosterone levels, libido and “function” is very literally what makes you a man. When you can’t perform it nearly ruins your life.
If that sounds like you in any way, please keep reading. 
Dysfunction NO LONGER has to be your fate! You are now reading about the most potent male sexual enhancer I have ever studied and it is 100% natural.

So, If you’re interested in achieving full and sensitive erections again, plus, desire more testosterone, energy, and libido then keep reading. 

This will be the most important information you come across today and it is backed by solid clinical science.

Why? Because breakthrough research is confirming getting older does not have to guarantee a dried up, limp, sex life.  

And today I’ll share with you this exciting secret thousands already are already experiencing. 

A once closely guarded trick that can give you the knock it out of the park libido and erections you remember having 20 or 30+ years ago… 
In Good Health,
Dr. Earl Mindell
Your “Best Sex” is Quickly Slipping Away
As you know, our government has been on a rampage for the last ten years banning any substance in the world that can increase testosterone and sex drive.

Why? Very simply, it competes with the powerful pharmaceutical companies that make billions off “testosterone therapy” and pay millions in drug registration fees.
In fact, “testosterone replacement therapy” is extremely lucrative for Big Pharma - even though it puts you, the end patient, at risk with synthetic testosterone.

What you are about to read is natural, 100% proven safe and will boost your testosterone like you were ingesting synthetics.  
This is WHY it runs the risk of becoming illegal any minute. Do not miss your chance to once again, have the best sex of your life without compromising your health. 
Shh!! You will Want to Surprise Your Wife (Or Girlfriend).
You will not truly understand why I am telling you this until you read further down the page, but you will want to keep this trick a secret (For Now).
You see, you are about to learn ways to take years off of your sexual functions, and truly have the best sexual performance of your life, even if you are over 50.

As men, we always want to please our partners and SURPRISE them in how we are able to perform.

You are going to want to read this sexual secret and use it to perform better than ever. Your partner is going to think they are with someone years younger.
Size, Libido, Semen Volume and Stamina - it is ALL about to increase.

The look on your partner’s face and your feeling of accomplishment will be priceless!
Extending Sexual Function WAY Past 50 Years Old
I have great news, if you’re a man over 50. Your golden years don’t have to be filled with dull sexual disappointment. This can spell doom for any relationship, no matter how long you’ve been together. 
It is now possible for you to keep going well into your “later life” while most of your friends are lucky to do it once, twice or maybe a few times per month…or per year. 

Now before we keep going. I have a serious question to ask you…

What made you a machine in the bedroom? Think back to when you were younger…. How did you feel? How did you act? You could probably achieve an erection on command without thinking about it. 
Wouldn’t you agree? 

Do you remember when erections came on so often they were considered a “nuisance”?

They happened out of the blue and are now the Holy Grail you are seeking. I know you want to reclaim the vigor and libido they once had.  

I’m sure you would love to have those “nuisance erections” back. Well, keeping ahead as you are about to be shocked!

Millions of desperate American men have resorted to dangerous pills, prescriptions, and surgeries. 

An estimated 30 million now suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction. It’s an epidemic that needs to be stopped. 

Sex is natural. It’s part of everyday life. It shouldn’t be that hard to achieve an erection. Which is why I’m proud to announce this findings in this article. 
Works Very, Very Well!
This product works very, very well! I find it effective for sexual health and my overall well-being! I have suggested this to others and they have had amazing results as well! I'm already on
my third bottle!
Rare, Natural Root Reverses Erectile Dysfunction
No one EVER wants to talk about or admit ED. Erectile Dysfunction is incredibly embarrassing, yet, incredibly prevalent as you get older. 
How prevalent?  
  •    52% of men, increasing with age
According to The Massachusetts Male Aging Study. Look around you, 1 in 2 friends you see has this issue RIGHT NOW
  •    When you turn 40, nearly 40% of men are affected…
  •    This rate increases to 70% when you turn 70
Age was the common denominator!
Yes, these stats are scary and they are real. You are not alone, men just like you are being affected. 

What if you could break out of the mold, and have great sexual function for years to come? 

What if you could maximize your length, girth and stamina appearing like a “new man” to your partner?

Men, just like you, have discovered a rare a safe tree root that quickly enhances free testosterone levels, supercharging function and libido.

Your days of great sex and sensitive, easy to gain erections are NO LONGER over. In fact, your sexual journey is just now beginning!
So, What is the "Malaysian Viagra"?
Very simply, it is the very rare, Malaysian miracle root named Tongkat Ali. It is only found in select rainforests in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

However, the most “sexually potent” strain is centralized in Malaysia. 
It’s scientific name is Eurycoma Longifolia and has been used for sexual enhancement for years amongst native tribes.

As you read above, this rare and powerful plant eliminated 100% of male sexual dysfunction in the select group of tribes that had access. 
Their men had some of the highest natural free testosterone levels ever tested and the only difference was this SINGLE plant. 

This is truly nature’s Viagra, however, it is extremely rare and hard to excavate.

More on that below. Keep Reading
Clinical Science that Will Excite You...
We know this root sounds “too good to be true”, which is why we relied on cutting edge sexual medical science. 

Needless to say, the clinical trial results just kept coming and coming. Each with more and more astounding results. 

Now, there are too many trials to list, but here are a few.

In one study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine in 2014, 26 men with mild erectile dysfunction were given either 200 mg of Tongkat Ali (or a placebo daily for 12 weeks.
The Tongkat Ali group demonstrated statistically significant higher scores than the placebo group in the following points of interest:
  •  There was a 102% increase in men who were able to have successful intercourse due to a full erection…
  •  There was a 162% increase in time between penetration and completion…(going from 7.47 minutes to 19.56 minutes on average)
  •  And a 164% increase in overall satisfaction with their erection…
In another study published in the International Journal of Andrology, volunteers showed a huge improvement in sexual desire and overall performance…

PLUS: they also showed an improvement in HDL cholesterol, an increase in IGF-1 Growth Hormone... AND vital body functions like blood profile, lipid profile (including triglycerides and cholesterol), liver function, renal function, electrolytes, various tumor markers including PSA were all within normal range.

Remember, normal testosterone therapy is supposed to hinder your heart health, so this is a huge breakthrough in male enhancement.

You can actually get healthier WHILE having the best sex of your life.

Yet another study was published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, men saw significant improvements in 
  •    Tension (−11%)
  •    Anger (−12%)
  •    and Confusion (−15%) compared to placebo
  •    Stress hormone profile (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was significantly improved
  •    Reduced cortisol (−16%) and
  •    Increased testosterone (+37%)
To see a summary of all the studies, please feel free to scroll to the bottom of the page where they are all listed.

Clinical Science is Medical Fact! You are reading about the safest and most effective way to boost “Free Testosterone” levels and male sexual performance.
How Does it Work?
For men, ALL sexual function comes down to your male hormone “Free” testosterone. However, there is A LOT more to it than just production...
With lots of “free testosterone”, you are a sexual animal that can please your spouse and build muscle with ease. Without it, you gain body fat and have tough times gaining and KEEPING erections.

In fact, higher levels of free testosterone have been directly linked to women preceiving men as more attractive.

Biologically, women are attracted to men that can “procreate” better than men who cannot perform. 

However, as you age, your “Free” testosterone levels decline and your sexual systems become more and more dysfunctional. 
Here is the key - the issue is not JUST testosterone production, it is biologically deeper than that.
You see, your body produces hormones and sexual function to impregnate, not to give you pleasure.

When your “sexual” clock is up, your “free testosterone” plummets, leaving you and your spouse disappointed. 

Specifically, it makes you feel like less of a man!

However, the “WHY” of it plummeting is what is key. 
You see, as you age your body produces more of a “testosterone grabbing” protein named SHBG. This protein binds to the testosterone you are producing and puts it to work assisting with OTHER functions that also require male hormones - taking it AWAY from your sexual function.

You see, your body literally believes it is finished having to have a sexual function, since you are no longer impregnating. You are left dysfunctional and limp!
The scariest part is that age dictates this function. You can produce a healthy amount of testosterone, only have it reassigned by SHBG proteins, killing your sex life and bringing on ED.

This is information the “testosterone therapy” doctor will NEVER give you!

Well, It is TIME to reverse “father time” and get your sexual function back for the rest of your life.

Tongkat Ali not only promotes increased testosterone production, but it also ensures the testosterone you have is “free”, making it is bioavailable to your sexual systems.

It does this by naturally limiting SHBG, ensuring you get the most out of the testosterone you have.

In fact, internally, your hormones will respond like you are decades younger, creating a copious amount of “sexually stimulating” free testosterone.

It is literally like your testosterone production and sexual systems are younger, allowing you to have the best sex of your life - for the rest of your life. 

With this increase of USABLE and BIOAVAILABLE Free Testosterone, your sexual systems are fully charged and ready to deliver libido and rock hard full erections. 

This means more vigor, effortless erections and the BEST performance you have had in years, all without dangerous shots, chemicals or pills. 
So Safe, Yet So Effective
For many, when they think of “testosterone” they think of dangers of supplements like anabolic steroids and all of the health risks associated. 

How many bodybuilders wind up dead at very young ages? Scary right?

Tongkat Ali does NOT have those risks. In fact, it is 100% safe. You can have the highest levels of free testosterone of your life, without risking your death. 

Tongkat Ali has a superior safety profile. The United Nations Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) has classified Tongkat Ali root extract as Category 5 (extremely safe).

For example, a two-month human trial of 20 healthy males aged 38–58 found high doses of 600 mg per day had no effect on blood profiles hemoglobin, red blood cell count or white blood cell count. Or any toxic effects on measures of liver or kidney function.

In another study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 109 healthy men took either 300 mg or a placebo for 12 weeks. The safety evaluation showed no difference between the test and placebo groups in terms of physical exam, hematological, clinical blood chemistry, fasting blood sugar, liver function, full blood count, PSA or lipid profile.

As you can see, Tongkat Ali is safe, trusted and backed by clinical studies. Proving its efficiency.
In All Seriousness, The Best Sex of Your Life is Here...
Tongkat Ali is the holy grail of sexual enhancement. It literally improves every facet of sex, no matter your current age. 

It begins by boosting your free testosterone levels, which gets you in the mood and immediately fully erect and at attention.

Then, it improves your penis blood flow, allowing it to fill to greater volume’s and enhancing your size. Every guy is worried about their size, so, here is how you can maximize yours!
Finally, during the act it allows you to have more satisfaction while having MUCH improved stamina, allowing you to satisfy your partner.

This means it will allow sex to feel better while you LAST LONGER.

This is your total sexual “rebirth” and it is the very beginning of the best sex of your life. Research shows that this is true no matter your current age.

You are never too old to have great sex!
No More “Coming Up Dry”
It is humiliating to have an orgasm and only produce a small amount of semen. Many times, this leaves your partner wondering if you climaxed…. Embarrassing
Remember, our body was designed based on evolutionary biology, not pleasure. With this said, once we pass our “reproductive prime” our testes shut down and produce less sperm. 

Why? Our bodies do not think we need it since we are no longer plausibly impregnating a spouse. 
However, Tongkat Ali is able to quickly restore all of that! Once consumed it naturally stimulates the production of “free testosterone” and sperm creation. When this happens, your testicles rush back to life, creating the much desired semen volume.

This means when you “finish”, you finish with greater volume than ever before. You finish with the semen volume you had when you were years younger.

Now, here comes the cool part. During this process, your testicles physically get bigger because they are active and full of blood! 

And this not ALL that increases…
My Libido has Increased Tremendously...
In a few years I'll be 70 years old. I've had problems with my testosterone for some years and have been on the hunt to find one that worked. After trying some other products that were ineffective, I tried Tongkat Ali and it wasn't long until I saw results. My testosterone is doing better than it has in years, I'm feeling great and my libido has increased tremendously. 
Clinically Proven Penis Size Enhancement
Now, male “size enhancement” is bogus and you and I both know that. We are born with a certain genetic size. 
However, Tongkat Ali can make sure you achieve the most out of genetic makeup.

You see, the penis is full of blood vessels that expand during the sexual process, giving you your much needed erection.

The more “free testosterone” and libido, the bigger the erection and the higher amount of “blood volume”.
Additionally, when your testicles increase in size and produces your semen, your penis responds be expanding and allowing more blood to enter anticipating the upcoming semen volume.

This ensures you get every inch out of your god given girth. Many times most of us are leaving lots of size “on the table” without this blood flow. 

If you are over 40, your penis size is NOT what it used to be because your “free testosterone” and semen levels are getting lower by the day, killing your size.

Tongkat Ali will boost your hormone levels and semen production while allowing every inch of your penis to fill with blood, giving you the best size of your life.

Your partner will not know what hit them!
Do NOT Miss Out
Let’s speak frankly for a second. Most of us are affected by some sort of sexual dysfunction. This article is really a message of hope. Even if you are over 50 you have the tools necessary to get your sex life back.

Sex is more than pleasure, sex is the crux of most marriages and relationships. What once was amazing, has probably dwindled. There is no reason to allow that to happen any longer.

If you are over 40, your sexual functions are leaving you by the day - directly due to nature.

What you are reading is a natural and safe way to boost your “free testosterone” so you can have sex like a young stud again.

This is not a fairy tale, it is science and it is the most potent “sexual enhancer” in the world. 
I was disappointing my wife...
So, how do I even begin discussing “male” issues, it is just so darn embarrassing.
However, if I don’t go ahead and discuss it, this all important message will never get out.
Ok so, let’s start at the beginning. BEFORE I had ED issues.
There is not much to say really, I was healthy. I ate pretty well and worked out religiously.
Overall, I thought I was in great shape for someone 40 years old. Privately – yes – I had an active sex life with my wife.
A sex life we both REALLY enjoyed.
And then one night the dreaded “IT” happened.
She was dressed, well, you know…. And I thought I was ready for what was about to come and it just didn’t.
Nothing rose to the occasion.
I could not get an erection. I touched her, she touched me and nothing… it just would not come.
I was terrified.
Now, here is the honest true. Erectile Dysfunction (ED) does not just affect you, the male, but it also affects your partner.
No matter how much she tells you otherwise, it affects her.
I did not realize this until my wife seemed down, because she felt like I didn’t find her attractive any longer.
Or that she wasn’t sexy… that obviously just wasn’t the case. My equipment was malfunctioning…
But again, I surely understand where she was coming from.
I wish I could say this was a fluke, a one time occurrence, but it wasn’t. It began to happen more frequently.
It had gotten to the point where I KNEW I had to go see my doctor but honestly, I still thought it was all in my head.
I mean I was young (ish), healthy and feeling good – erectile issues are for old people, not me – RIGHT?
Luckily, I have known my doctor for years and he and I have an open relationship – so I just went in and laid it out.
I have it say, it was still embarrassing, even though he is a medical professional, luckily no nurses were in the room.
After I got done rambling, he suggested I get tested for testosterone levels… I agreed.
What came back was honestly confusing.

He started out… “Well, your body thinks you are done”
“Done with what?” I said.
“Children”, “Once it thinks you are done having kids, everything changes”
He went on to explain that much more of your body needs testosterone than just your sexual functions.
Mostly, it begins to work on muscle and bone preservation, bypassing your outdated sex needs.
At a certain age, your body produces more “sticky” proteins that bind to testosterone and put them to work elsewhere.
This means, less boosting your penis and MORE boosting other bodily functions.
You see, your body does not understand that sex is important for relationships and pleasure, it simply views it for procreation.
So once procreation is finished, it efficiently moves it’s focus to other functions that will be needed for the duration of life.
This was interesting, but also left me feeling helpless. If I wasn’t suffering from low testosterone, than what was I supposed to do? Was there no hope?
Especially since he described this as natural and explained that year after year it only gets worse…. Great!
Shockingly, this type of “ED” or Erectile Dysfunction affects nearly 50% of men over 40 and goes up to 70% at 70 years old.
We are talking about millions of men, healthy or not. It is like there is no escaping it.
1. It has been proven toxic to the body since it a synthetic chemical.
2. It can make your breath and skin smell bad, which is not pleasant and HEY, I was taking this to have more sex, right.
3. And this is the biggest risk – synthetic testosterone shuts down your natural functions meaning I would stop producing testosterone forever.
After all of this, and I was at my lowest, he began explaining the options.
I’m sure you can guess, but my “pharmaceutical” option was testosterone replacement therapy, basically “steroids”.
You see when you inject synthetic testosterone, it is by nature “free” and boosts muscle building and sex drive.
Now, this sounds awesome, but the side effects are not, and those side effects worried me.
I have to say, I love my doctor, but this option sucked. I know you see all of the commercials on TV where the man who is 70 is ripped like a 20 year old, but they don’t show the down side.
They don’t show the side effects and the hormonal issues. It is all peaches and cream until you STOP and your body is totally screwed.
I was worried and anxious and my doctor knew it. Then he finally looked at me and said “Come outside for a moment”.
I did and what he told me would change my life.
He said, “Listen, you didn’t hear this from me… but research a root, it is called Tongkat Ali.
I read an entire article in a medical journal and the results are very promising for cases such as yours. They are calling it the “Malaysian Viagra”.
It is natural and it essentially “unbinds” your testosterone allowing it to work freely again and power your penis.
I could barely wait to get home!
I did just as he said and jumped on Google. The research nearly immediately blew me away.
As it turns out, this rare root is a natural testosterone booster BUT most importantly it keeps your testosterone “Free”.
That way the testosterone you are creating and boosting actually goes to your sexual systems.
This was a Brilliant way to boost sexual function!
I have to be honest, I was very excited to try it and so was my wife J
I searched for a while and found a Malaysian supplier. I pulled the trigger and ordered a sample batch.
After two LONG and arduous weeks, it finally arrived in international shipment packaging.
I remember taking my first dose around 3pm, and I just waited…

I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I was actually disappointed that I didn’t feel much.
I went to sleep feeling defeated… and THEN
I woke up the next morning and I was stunned. I was actually at “full attention”.
Yes, I had a full and hard erection which I had not woken up with in a while…. Nearly a year a year actually.
I know this was a small victory, but it was still exciting.
From that moment, my sex life with my wife was different. It’s like we finally had it back!!
You better believe we tried out my “new manhood” right away that morning!
My libido literally felt like I was 20 again and I never had any erection issues… those days were over.
I honestly felt like a new man! I knew all of the research said I would, but still… it was exciting.
It was exciting to actually have it work as expected. Sex was literally better than it ever had been.
My penis, full of blood, seemed larger than ever and more sensitive.
I’m not ashamed to say, I felt like an animal ravaging my wife! She did not know what hit her.
Plus, my gym performance was better and I seemed to put on a bit of muscle.
Now, all of this is attributed to more and optimized testosterone, but still, it felt amazing!
I even called my doctor to thank him… I was that impressed.
Best of all, I avoided having to take dangerous testosterone shots. I was literally on cloud nine.
Now, the tough part…. Do I tell my friends? If I did, how do I even bring it up. NO man wants to ever admit that his penis did not work at one point.
On the other hand, wow, this could help so many of my friends.
After two weeks of thinking and lying to my friends about my new found gym performance, I did it.
Was it embarrassing… Um, YES
But, was I surprised by their reaction… a BIGGER Yes!
It turns out my battle, was their battle too. They just didn’t know how to tell me.
 I also, had one friend how actually tried synthetic testosterone and the mood swings were unbearable.
Overall, it was an incredible male bonding experience and I laid out my secret. Boy, were they excited!
The next day I ordered more Tongkat and the rest is history. 
Now, due to their privacy, I will not get into their intimate lives, but here are some statements from them.
Needless to say, it worked and some of their sexual stories were unreal, even if your were 20.
Now, the story should just end here, right! Nothing else to say, everyone’s sex issues were fixed.
Men are men again, the women are satisfied, and all is right in the world.
But, I had ONE huge and GLARING issue!
Tongkat Ali just made it on the endangered botanical species list and most ALL vendors were limited if not banned.
I found this out when trying to order a fresh batch, my vendor lost his rights..
Now, what the hell am I going to do?
I would be lying if I did not begin to feel hopeless again… How was I going to get around a botanical extinction?
In all honesty, I wasn’t and I knew it.
However, one company and their excavation rights would once again, add fire to my life!
HUGE Difference!
This is, by far, the best testosterone booster I've found. When I first started taking this, I noticed a huge difference in my libido in two weeks!
Tongkat Ali does wonders for me! Previous testosterone medications gave bad headaches or indigestion, but after taking these, I feel incredible! I had some blood work done and all my levels came out perfectly. So happy that I've finally found something that works!
Made a Difference in our Sex Lives!
Due to certain medications I have to take daily, I didn't believe anything would help. But after a few days of taking this, I was feeling more desire. My wife even agrees that it has made a difference in both of our sex lives! 
Tongkat Ali has been AMAZING! I have much more energy throughout the day, I'm able to get through work and a workout, and I still feel great! I'm only a couple weeks in and my sex life has improved tremendously. I've already ordered three more bottles!!
The Most Potent Tongkat Ali In the World
All Tongkat Ali is Not Created equal, as you will clearly see.

It is primarily found in the jungles of Malaysia, but Indonesia has also reported a crop. 

One would think a plant root is a plant root, right? Wrong

As in all plant species, there are minor differences in plant chemistry as a result of differences in soil composition, weather and so on. 
Thus plants collected from areas that are just a few kilometers away can have subtle differences when tested for sexual enhancement. 

There is a reason why the sexual benefits are only reported in Malaysia and not Indonesia. The Indonesian Tongkat is not “sexually” potent, thus nearly unusable.

The sad part is, Indonesian Tongkat is MUCH more available. 

In fact, the roots of Tongkat Ali were used in Traditional Malay herbal medicine and NEVER used in Indonesia. 

The knowledge and experience of using Tongkat Ali for male sexual function comes from centuries of experience from Malay herbalists. 

Multiple pharmacological studies on the phytochemical differences between Tongkat Ali plants have been performed in Malaysia and these studies have shown that the Eurycomanone content is relatively stable between all plant samples studied.

Report after report proves this. The Malaysian rainforests contain the RAREST and most sexually potent form of Tongkat Ali in the world. 
Rarity is a Real Issue
Now, here is the bad news! Tongkat Ali is extremely rare for the following reasons...
  •  It is incredibly hard to excavate deep within the rainforest
  •  Tongkat Ali is NOW officially classified as endangered by the Malaysian government
These are two major issues which speak to the rarity of this powerful ingredient. As the “sexual” news spreads, more and more companies are attempting to excavate.

The sad fact is, the supply may be limited. However MIT has been tremendously helping the situation with their patented extraction system. 
Pharm Origins and MIT
MIT has gained fame recently from their “rare ingredient” extraction system. Some of the most potent natural ingredients in the world are rare in nature and EVERY gram needs to be maximized to ensure ongoing supply.
The brilliant scientists at MIT has figured out how to do this with natural plant ingredients. Their process extracts and refines the raw ingredient, naturally. This process ensures that every bit of active ingredient is extracted.

Imagine squeezing every possible bit of moisture out of a sponge, until it is dry. That is a “very layman” way to look at what they do. Every gram of “sex boosting” nutrient is extracted from the rare root, boosting the nutrient yield.
This process is so rare, the yielded nutrient is now under patent.

The process ensures Pharm Origins is the largest Tongkat Ali excavator in the world!

As you may know from the press, Pharm Origins has become the largest “rare nutrient” excavator in the world, boasting this MIT created excavation process.

This simple and ingenious process ensures the purest Tongkat Ali in the world is accessible for those looking for “sexual enhancement”
You are now reading about the strongest sexual formulation ever developed. 
It is Your Birthright As a Male
You owe it to yourself to have the best sex of your life!

Tongkat Ali is the only libido enhancer with the proof to back up the promises. It’s been used by thousands of years in Asia and is revered for its effects on your sexual health.
There is nothing else in the world that can get you these types of enhancement results. The only other way is resorting to more dangerous erection-inducing pills or testosterone replacement therapy… Costing you thousands of dollars over the course of a year and something you have to prescribe to for a lifetime.

Do you feel that’s worth it? To be poked by a needle every week by your doctor? Or what about the potential side effects from those pricey prescription drugs?
Some men have reported blindness, chronic flushing of their skin, severe muscle cramps, low blood pressure, nausea, dizziness and a host of other symptoms. 

That is NOT what I want for you! 

Sex is great, but it’s not worth having to pop a pill and risk going blind.

Especially when a natural compound exists, created by Mother Nature and used for thousands of years with extreme safety and efficiency.

With this secret, you can be on your way to a stronger sex life, harder erections, and more vitality. 

You’ll feel stronger with more energy. Like you turned back the hands of time and became a younger you.

So if you’re ready to experience what other men are calling their natural and secret weapon for 

More sex... Better sex... More energy, Longer endurance, Faster recovery times and More desire...

PLUS: On-Command Performances With Fully Hard, Spontaneous Erections Capable Of Multiple Orgasms...
Introducing The Most Powerful Sexual Enhancer in the World - Libidon™
Libidon™ is a pure form of the patented extract Tongkat Ali. (exactly the same extract that was used in the clinical studies). When you look on the back of the label, you’ll only notice one ingredient. 
That’s it.
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Your sexual dysfunction is a HUGE business for Big Pharma and they profiting on the “hope” that your sex will once again improve.
How Huge? Sexual Dysfunction meds alone create nearly 3.2 billion in annual revenue.
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Sexual Dysfunction is on the rise, even amongst younger men.
Even with new sex pills popping up yearly and new procedures rolled out in hospitals across the US, the epidemic is getting worse and worse.
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Libidon™ helps to nourish your body with a proven testosterone boosting clinically studied root extract from Malaysia known as Tongkat Ali that comes from Tongkat Ali:
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Tongkat Ali® as a Potential Natural Energizer for Healthy Aging in Men.
M.I.M. Tambi, S. Othman AND J.M. Saad. 

Published: First Asian Andrology 2002

Analysis of DHEA showed gradual increase in the level to 47% after 3 weeks, suggesting Tongkat Ali may influence DHEA production, which would in turn be aromatized to testosterone. SHBG analysis reduced in 66% of subjects after 3 weeks. Consequently, when SHBG declines, free testosterone index (FTI) goes up in 73% of the subjects.

The Ergogenic Effects of Tongkat Ali®
Hamzah, S and Yusuf, A. 

Published: British Journal of Sports Medicine (2003).BASEM Abstract 37:465-466.

Results suggest that Tongkat Ali increased fat free mass, reduced body fat, increased muscle strength and size and thus may have an ergogenic effect.

Tongkat Ali, a Potent Adaptogen, Maintains Healthy Aging in Men
Tambi, M.I. Kadir, A.B.

Published: International Journal of Andrology (2005). Vol. 28(Suppl 1):25-44. Published: Asian Journal of Andrology, Oct 2006, 0154 (448)
Published: The Aging Male (2007). F11-Pg 92
  •    Majority of volunteers showed improvement in sexual desires and performance.
  •    Testosterone and DHEAS levels showed high normal levels when compared to baseline.
  •    Improvement in HDL Cholesterol.
  •    Tongkat Ali® group were found to have high normal level of IGF-1 which is found in Deer Antler.
  •    Profiles of vital body functions: blood profile, lipid profile (including triglycerides and cholesterol), liver function, renal function, electrolytes, various tumor markers including PSA were all within normal range.
Effect of Tongkat Ali on Anabolic Balance During Endurance Exercise
Talbott S, Talbott J, Negrete J, Jones M, Nichols M, and RozaJ. 

Published: Journal of International Society of Sport Medicine 3 (1): S32 2006

30 male subjects (N=30) were recruited from a 24-hour mountain biking event. This further supports the benefits for the younger population
  •    Tongkat Ali group showed significant body weight loss -2.7kg with 87% body fat loss, vs 0.78kg in body weight loss in the placebo group.
  •    The Cortisol Testosterone ratio decrease significantly by 15% for the Tongkat Ali group vs a 7% increased for the placebo group, suggesting that Tongkat Ali may help promote “anabolic” hormonal state.
  •    Tongkat Ali group showed significant reduction of total cholesterol by 17% and LDL by 15%. No change in placebo group.
  •    Tongkat Ali group showed improvement in global mood profile .
Tongkat Ali as a Potential Herbal Supplement for Physically Active Male 
Ralf R. Henkel, Ruxiang Wang, Susan Bassett, Tao Chen, Na Liu, Ying Zhu, and Mohd Ismail Tambi


In men, treatment with Tongkat Ali for 5 weeks resulted in the significant increases in Total Testosterone by 15.1%, Free Testosterone increase by 61.1% and muscular force increase by 16.6%
Eurycomalongifolia Jack in Managing Idiopathic Male Infertility
Mohd Ismail Bin Mohd Tambi1, M. KamarulImran 

Published: Asian Journal of Andrology (2010) 12: 376–380

Tongkat Ali significantly improved the sperm quality in these patients, sperm concentration increase 65.5% (10.59 ± 2.06 to 17.53 ± 5.04), percentage of sperm with normal morphology increased 94.9% (5.28 ± 0.66 to 10.29 ± 2.52). Spontaneous pregnancies were achieved in 14.7% (11 cases) of couples in our study suggesting that Tongkat Ali might be an option in the management of male infertility.
Tongkat Ali as testosterone booster for managing men with late-onsethypogonadism
M. I. B. M. Tambi1,2, M. K. Imran2 & R. R. Henkel3 

Published: First International Journal of Angrologia 2011

Improved the Aging Male Symptom (AMS) score as well as the serum testosterone concentration. Before treatment only 10.5% of the patients did not show any complaint according to the AMS scale and 35.5% had normal testosterone levels, after the completed treatment 71.7% and 90.8% of the patients showed normal values, respectively.

Serum testosterone raise from 5.66 nm to 8.31 nm (46.82% increase).
Randomized Clinical Trial on the Use of Tongkat Ali for the Improvement of Quality of Life and Sexual Well-Being in Men
Shaiful Bahari Ismail, 1WanMohd Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad,1 Annie George,2 Nik Hazlina Nik Hussain,1 Zatul Mufiza Musthapa Kamal,2 and Eckehard Liske3 

Published: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2012

The Tongkat Ali group showed higher scores in the overall Erectile Function domain in IIEF (P < 0.001), sexual libido (14% by week 12).

Sperm Fluid Analysis showed that sperm motility increase 44% (from 33.8% to 48.8%), and semen volume increase 18.2% in Tongkat Ali group (from 2.54ml to 3.00ml).
Effect of Tongkat Ali on Stress Hormones and Psychological Mood State in Moderately Stressed Subjects 
Shawn M Talbott, Julie A Talbott, Annie George, Mike Pugh

Published: Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition 2013, 10:28

Significant improvements for Tension (−11%), Anger (−12%), and Confusion (−15%) compared to placebo. Stress hormone profile (salivary cortisol and testosterone) was significantly improved by Tongkat Ali, with reduced cortisol (−16%) and increased testosterone (+37%).

Improving psychological mood state in humans exposed to various modern stress, including aging, dieting, and exercise stress.
Effects of Tongkat Ali on Sexual Performance & Well-being in Men withReduced Sexual Potency
Udani J, Gruenwald J, Miller M, George A, Mufiza M, Abas A,

Published: Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Volume 2014, Article ID: 179529
Tongkat Ali significantly improves sexual performance and satisfaction across several clinically important parameters when compared to placebo.

The Sexual Intercourse Assessment (SIA) measured several parameters which were specific to each intercourse attempt.
  •  Overall were you satisfied
  •  Were you satisfied with the hardness
  •  Did your erection last long enough for you to have successful intercourse?
Phytoandrogenic Properties of EurycomaLongifolia as NaturalAlternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy
George A, Henkel R

Published: Andrologia. Jan 2014

The testosterone deficiency syndrome (TDS) is characterized by numerous symptoms, including low libido, increased fat mass, fatigue, erectile dysfunction or osteoporosis, and up to 80% of men will experience some kind of ageing males' symptoms. This is caused by the age-depending decline in serum testosterone levels with concentrations being about 40-50% lower in men older than 60 years compared with young men. This significant decline in testosterone levels is further closely linked with medical conditions such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, diabetes or hypertension.

The conventional way of treating TDS is the testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), for which preparations are on the market. Apart from the beneficial effects of TRT, significant adverse side effects have been described, and prostate cancer (PCa) as absolute contraindication is debated. Eurycoma longifolia (Tongkat Ali; TA) is natural alternative to TRT and has been shown to restore serum testosterone levels, thus significantly improving sexual health.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
This product contains 10mg of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) to help with healthy blood circulation to your penis. Federal law mandates that we tell you that Niacin taken in increments of 50mg or more can result in “flushing” with is potentially harmful to the heart. Please use the powerful supplement as safely instructed.
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